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Iran Still in the US Crosshairs

Iran still in the US Crosshairs.
By: J. D. Longstreet

How much more diplomacy with Iran before the Mad Mullahs slam Israel with a nuclear tipped missile?

Western European nations including Great Britain, France, and Germany, are once again trying to “talk” Iran out of continuing to enrich uranium to weapons grade. Once they have accomplished that, would anyone care to hazard a guess as to how long until they choose Israel as a target for a “test” fired missile?

The Mullahs are rather enjoying the “Jaw-Jaw” of the westerners. It makes them feel important. Much the same reason they feel it necessary to build nuclear weapons. That appear to have a gigantic inferiority complex and all the attention from the west strokes their HUGE egos into believing they are something more modern than a backwards 13th century, third-world nation state.

Once Iran has mounted those nuclear warheads on the missiles they already have, they can strike far outside the Middle East and deep into Europe. I still feel their first target will be Israel, simply because they know the minute they light up the first nuclear missile, the US will blast them back into the Stone Age. So they have to make that first shot count. It may be their last. Their deep-seated hatred for Israel will not allow them to chance losing an opportunity to visit death and destruction upon the Israelis.

Even more worrisome behavior by Iran is their rumored support of Hamas and Hezbollah in South America. If true, that puts them clearly inside the US sphere of influence. The presence of Hamas and Hezbollah in the “tri-border area” of South America (Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay) and, recently, in Venezuela have not gone unnoticed by US intelligence agencies. The US may find it necessary to clean up around it’s own doorstep in the near future. It is, indeed, an area that needs intense scrutiny.

Meanwhile, the Europeans seem to have learned nothing from two world wars, nothing. They are still, to this day, attempting to placate their adversaries by bowing and scraping and diplomatically “kissing-up”. They had better wake up and get a grasp on the situation. You see, their perennial protector is sorta busy. The US has its hands full, right now. The US is, as they say, otherwise occupied.

The point of all this rambling is to say simply, it’s time to stop talking with Iran and start doing. Take out a few of their nuclear installations, their enrichment plants, and such. That will get their attention. They do not believe the West has “the stones” for it, so they simply disregard all the diplomatic blather and continue their menacing ways. The quickest way to get them to the negotiating table is to slap them around a little.

It is trite to say, I know, but the Iranians understand power and the application of power. Sad to say, our European cousins, apparently, do not.

We have said for a very long time now that the US is in Iraq to stay. They have constructed permanent military installations there and I do not see the US giving up this “forward” position for US ground troops in the Middle East. Besides, with our continued presence in Iraq, we have or friend (Israel) close… and our enemy (Iran) even closer!

J. D. Longstreet

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Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

The UK, France and Germany do not have the influence on international affairs that the US has, and therefore have to act either through the UN (a waste of time) or through the EU (a waste of space.)

The problem with going through the EU is as there is no overall President; the task is undertaken by an entire government. This then allows that national government to decide the direction of EU policy. According to the EU, the main priorities are defence integration, Europe with barriers, Kosovo and Union for the Mediterranean. France is running the show until Christmas. Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Denmark and Cyprus will take us through to December 2012.

Not being an authority on the foreign policy of the above nations, but I would hazard a guess that Iran is not particularly high. To be honest I am more concerned about Russia.