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Perfection Is Not Required To Be A Christian… Nor A Republican

Perfection Is Not Required To Be A Christian… Nor A Republican
By: J. D. Longstreet

The Mainstream Media’s attempt to assault and erode evangelical Christian support of Sarah Palin, the GOP Vice Presidential candidate is going to backfire on them.

Since last weekend there has been a “media frenzy” over the admission of the McCain Campaign that Gov. Palin has a seventeen year old, unmarried daughter, five months pregnant.

First of all, it is wise to understand that the mainstream media in the US is the voice of the Democratic Party. You have to keep that in mind to be able to interpret what they disseminate as “news”… especially during a campaign season. Of course, their leftist bias is quite obvious at any other season as well.

The MSM is so out of touch with real Americans, especially real Americans who subscribe to the Christian faith… and to parse it even more… real Americans who subscribe to the evangelical brand of the Christian faith, that they haven’t a clue that their attack on Sarah Palin and her family is actually solidifying Christian support of the Palins, not eroding it.

If the MsM had even the least understanding of the Christian faith, especially the Evangelical Christian faith, they would know that perfection is not required to be a Christian. Making the attempt IS required, however.

The one tenant of the evangelical Christian faith that runs through their faith, as a binding thread, is that piece of scripture that says: “For ALL have sinned and fallen short …”. It is the commonality of ALL Christians. All Christians were sinners before becoming Christians and, guess what… they remain sinners afterwards! The difference is “forgiveness” of those sins, AND, the sinner’s never-ending quest to live a life as nearly in accordance to the teachings of Christ as a human being, with all the frailties of humanity can ever hope for.

The hallmark of the evangelical Christian is their ability to instantly forgive the transgressions of others upon the transgressor recognizing his/her sins, confessing them, and seeking forgiveness. The arms of the evangelical church are flung wide open to accept, support, and even nurture those fellow “imperfect” Christians who have “fallen short”. It is a hallmark of the faith. To condemn the transgressor as somehow, worse than the rest of us Christians, is nothing short of hypocrisy… and hypocrisy is frowned upon as an arch sin, if there were, indeed, such a thing.

But you see, the Leftists and the MsM, which of course, is one and the same thing, have bought into their Hollywood version of Evangelical Christianity and they have come to actually believe their version is the true version. It, apparently, has never crossed their minds that they could be wrong! On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the worse degree of “wrongness”, then the MsM and the Democratic Party would be stuck on ten!

There is nothing quite so amusing as to watch the finger pointing of the left as it tries, vainly, to justify it’s own short comings by pointing to the short comings of others. They have made it into a fine art. Having done so, they are totally unaware that it portrays them as kindergarten children seeking the acceptance of the adult in charge. But, finding an adult amongst the leftists is a near impossible task. They are few and far between. The end result is the increasing degree of pathos on the left. They have become, absolutely, pathetic.

How long will it take for the Leftists to recognize their attack on the Palin family is actually helping the McCain camp? Well, that is open to question. As long as their vicious attacks continue, though, support for Gov. Palin will continue to grow and solidify among evangelical Christians, religious conservatives, and even the social conservatives of the Republican Party.

The Left, meaning the Democratic Party, and, of course, the Mainstream Media, have all made a devastating error in judgment by assaulting the Palins. For in doing so, they have assured their own elitism, locked-in their self-perceived perfection, and validated what all us “bumpkins” out here in flyover country already knew… and that is… there is none quite so fallible as those who perceive themselves infallible.

So, while the evangelical community enfolds the Palins in their loving, forgiving, and supporting arms, we leave the MSM on the sidelines of this life to sneer and point fingers and catcall in the vain hope of drawing our attention away from their mistake riddled, pitiful existence, as morality judges. They have become so captivated by their passion, that in their zeal they have forgotten their very own mantra: Do Not Judge”!

The scriptures teach us to “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. The Great Teacher, Himself, the Rabbi, the Christ, also told us “Ye shall know a tree by the fruit it bares.” In other words, “recognizing by simple observation” is NOT judging. Therefore, this humble scribe, in order to cover his bases, asks your forgiveness for observing that the MsM is, once again, acting as the elitist hypocrites we already know them to be. That is, of course, a simple observation on my part. That said… alas, we must forgive them, too.

J. D. Longstreet

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Frank said...

Relax; the MSM is playing the hand the GOP wants them to. This is all a stunt, to build support and sympathy for the republicans. The MSM in this country is the lap dog of the GOP. The only issue here in this whole mess is that it shows that abstinence only does not work.... But to attack the kids is off limits. Shoot Sarah Palin was 1 month pregnant when she eloped, and I only mention that because it is fact, I myself had a couple of boys before I got married and my ex wife bore me no children..... So to me this is not a reason to vote for or against anyone. I am an issues voter, and in my view McCain gets ALL those wrong. The issues is where we need to focus as a nation if we really want to solve them, name calling and fear mongering have no place in an intellectual society. I for one just want a debate on the issues and well frankly if we stick to that and I loose so be it, but if all this other garbage is used (from either side) and I loose I will not take part in the election process ever again. No one's patriotism or love of country or family issues should be under scrutiny, even if they happened to belong to a fringe group who wants to secede from the nation.

Paul said...

I agree with the gist of your blog entry, and appreciate your post. To attack the Palin family regarding her daughter's pregnancy is completely wrong. HOWEVER, since God's grace extends to "leftists" too, then perhaps the Christians in the Republican camp missed an opportunity to demonstrate God's forgiveness when President Clinton stumbled so badly. A lot of people got caught up in finger pointing then as well. Christians have to lead in these situations, and not let politics get them off the true message of the Gospel. Thank God mercy and forgiveness doesn't just belong to one party or people.
Thanks for reading.