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America's Two State Policy with Israel and the so-called Palestinians Means More War -- Not Less

Editor's note: The war between Israel and the Arabs (including today's so-called Palestinians) began the day Sarah, Abraham's wife, insisted that Abraham toss Hagar and Ishmael (Hagar's son by Abraham) out of their camp -- and -- that Abraham's blessing was bestowed upon Isaac alone. There has been no peace between the off-spring of those two half-brothers since. It happened long, long, before Christ was born. It was God who insisted that Abraham's blessing be passed to Isaac and not to Ishmael, the eldest son of Abraham. The hatred between the two peoples began that day and continues today.

Attempts to reconcile these "half-brothers" has failed down through the centuries and continues, even today, with same result.

As the argument rages among Americans today as to whether our Presiident, Barack Hussein Obama, is a Christian or a muslim, I am reminded of the biblical truth spoken by Christ, Himself: "Ye shall know a tree by the fruit it bears." An observer of Mr. Obama would have to conclude the fruit he bears, itself, bears a striking resemblence to that of a Muslim.

Below is an article written in 2007. It has been updated from time to time but upon review, seems as applicable today as it was 3 years ago.

With arrangements for a conference between the leadership of Israel and the so-called Palestinians in the formative stages today, careful consideratioin must be given to the cosequences of the meeting itself. As we have seen in the past, these conferences have, more often than not, resulted in more bloodshed on both sides. Bringing these two warring peoples to a conference table in Washington, DC is playing with dynamite and is subject to blow up in the faces of Obama and the US State Department.

We all know Obama and his party, the democrats, are facing a political massacre in the Mid-Term Election in just a few weeks. It does not take a great deal of imagination to conclude that this meeting between the Israeli leadership and the Palestinian leadership is nothing more than political theatre. Considering that the American President has a remarkable record of failure in foreign policy, there is no reason to believe he will fair any better this time -- and, frankly, is more likely to make matters worse -- much worse.

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A State Named Palestine Means More War, not less!
a Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
The Obama Administration is hell-bent on a “Two-State” answer to the Israeli/”so-called” Palestinian conflict. So was the Bush Administration. Bush was wrong and so is Mr. Obama.

Israel’s new Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the Likud Party, has been a hardliner in the past on the question of a Palestinian state. We urge him to hold to that position.

Netanyahu’s foreign minister is Avigdon Lieberman. Lieberman leads the Yisrael Beitenu Party. It is said to be, by the MsM, a “far-right” party. He, too, is against any establishment of a Palestinian state. Lieberman wants to expel all “ethnic” Arabs, which means, simply, the “so-called” Palestinians, already living in the state of Israel, FROM Israel!

Hopefully, these two men can save Israel by refusing to even discuss the possibility of a Palestinian state next door to Israel.

As we observe the Middle East today, It has come down to the world versus Israel. But, then again, hasn’t it always been? Well, it sure seems like it!

It is impossible for the UN, for Europe, or for the US, to understand having to withstand almost daily attacks, of some kind, somewhere, in Israel by the Islamic terrorists who go by many names, such as Hamas.

Now many of the world’s governments are demanding that Israel, recognize and accept, Hamas because the “so-called” Palestinians elected Hamas to run what passes for a government in the spot they happen to be squatting upon today. Much of the world says Israel has no choice, but to accept Hamas. Maybe not.

George Mitchell, Obama’s man in the Middle East, says a “Two-State” Policy is the only answer to the conflict. Mr. Mitchell is wrong. Mitchell has made three trips to the Middle East in the few weeks Obama has been President of the US. Obama is desperately seeking a solution that will bring peace to the region. Actually, what they really mean when they say “Peace in the Region” is peace between Israel and the so-called Palestinians. Again, we hold the opinion that Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Obama, Mr. Bush, Mrs. Clinton, and Ms. Rice are ALL WRONG!

On his most recent trip to the Middle East, Mr. Mitchell spent three days in talks with the Israeli leaders and the “so-called” Palestinian leaders. It is reported that Mitchell said the conflict had gone on too long and the people of that region should not have to wait any longer for a “just” peace that would guarantee security for all of them. That is a wonderful sentiment… but not much else.

Maybe I should explain my frequent use of the term “so-called Palestinians.” See, there have never been a people known as Palestinians. Never. Look it up. You will probably be surprised.

Now, I tend to associate much of what is happening in that region today as being directly connected to bible prophecy.

I don’t consider myself a “Bible-Thumper” but I do have a background in the evangelical, fundamentalist, Christian religion. One simply cannot be born, and reared, in the Southern part of the United States, without having a passing acquaintance with Protestant fundamentalism. It is impossible to do. In I adulthood, switched to a mainstream protestant faith and associated myself with the Evangelical Lutherans.
The point is that during my formative years I was a sponge soaking up all the preaching, and teaching, and just plain “talking” from the adults about Israel and it’s place in history, in our faith, and in the world. As I grew older, and “the news” became my business, my profession, if you please, I could not avoid noticing so much of what happened in the Middle East came as no surprise to me … but it certainly did to my colleagues in the broadcasting and news business. See, I had being paying attention, as a lad, and now all those pieces of “the puzzle,” that is the Middle East, began falling into place. I had been around for quite some time BEFORE the modern state of Israel was founded. It was hailed, at the time, as the beginning of the end. That is to say the beginning of the “end-times.” Such an event was, and is, met with great joy by many Christians, especially those with whom I was reared.

So based on what I know, from what I learned as a youngster, and in early adulthood, about Israel and her place in the world, I offer you my answer to the Israeli/”So-called” Palestinian question.

There is no answer.

At least, humankind does not have it. People of faith will know exactly what I am saying. You see, the answer is in the hands of Providence, or God, if you choose. All the wheeling and dealing and pleading and begging will bring no peace between those two people who sprang from two half brothers with the same father and different mothers. I know, I know. I’m getting dangerously close to buttoning on my clerical collar here, and I don’t intend to do so.

Hopefully this piece will give you some insight into why so many Americans find it pure folly for diplomats to run themselves ragged trying to bring peace to that region. They know there will be no peace until the Almighty, Himself, deigns it is time. When that time arrives, believe me when I tell you… you will know it and you will not need the Mainstream Media to tell you about it.

Until that day, count me among those who count it folly for Mr. Obama, Mr. Mitchell, and Mrs. Clinton to run to and fro on the earth seeking peace between the children of Abraham.

J. D. Longstreet

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