Thursday, August 26, 2010

Has Mexico Become Somalia?

Has Mexico Become Somalia?
The Coming Invasion of Mexico
A commentary by J. D. Longstreet

If Republicans recapture the US Congress this November, one of the first orders of business should be to fence off our southern neighbor, Mexico.

For generations of Americans an old adage “Good fences make good neighbors” was repeated and passed on to following generations Americans. Somehow, the common sense of that old pearl of wisdom has been lost. But, I hasten to add that Americans living along the southern US border with Mexico have not forgotten it.

There is an full blown “insurgency” in our southern border states as Mexican dope terrorists engage in gun battles flinging rounds from their weapons across the border into American homes and schools and even public buildings as they wage war with their local and state police and among themselves.

The Mexican government is unable to bring anything approaching order to much of Mexico. Those willing to murder and maim hold the real power in Mexico and it will only grow worse – unless the US military steps in.

There is something wrong when America can send its military to the far corners of the world to restore order and safety to citizens in war torn nations but cannot bring itself to do the same to one of its closest neighbors, especially when the violence there has resulted in the deaths of so many Americans even on the US side of the border.

So, now that a good portion of our military is being brought home from the Middle East, we propose that the Commander-in-Chief direct the war planners at the Pentagon to draw up immediate plans for an invasion and occupation of Mexico. Once the violence there is brought to heel, the ‘feel good” democrats can begin their beloved program of nation building in a nation that needs it as badly as Iraq or Afghanistan.

Look, common sense says an invasion of Mexico is, for all practical purposes, a fait accompli. It is going to happen. We have been forced to do it a number of times in the past and the problems with Mexico today are every bit as serious, if not more, so than they were then.

In the meantime, we must, I repeat, we MUST build an effective barrier between the two nations. It must be a serious barrier, one that will incorporate lethality as a final result for anyone attempting to defeat it by climbing over it or tunneling under it.

The time is far past for the Border Patrol. We live in a period of history in which a government law enforcement agency cannot maintain the integrity of the border. We propose relegating the Border Patrol to processing anyone caught, alive, who may have managed to negotiate the fence and enter the country illegally.

We also propose the “Catch and Release” program be ended, forthwith, and all persons caught in the country illegally be placed in interment camps where they will be detailed to work on road projects and public works projects until the country they came from can be pacified and brought back into the family of civilized nations. They should be released with the warning that should they be caught a second time entering the US illegally, the sentence will be death.

Once the Border Patrol is pulled back and relieved of their duties of patrolling the border, THAT job should be handed over to the regular military forces with orders to seal the border with whatever means necessary -- including the use of deadly force.

Enough is enough. It is time the US brings to bear the full weight of its military force on Mexico. We have tolerated the thumbing of their noses at the sovereignty of our country for far too long. Mexico is now a threat to our national security as surely as al Qaida and should be treated as such.

We have warned numerous times that if the US government does not act to bring order to the border with Mexico, American civilians, fed up with living where their lives and the lives of their families are in constant danger, will take up arms and do what Americans have always done, protect themselves.

The war being waged on our southern border is not going to get any better until the US military is ordered into to Mexico to quell the violence and force order at the point of a military weapon.

Yes, the whole thing IS disagreeable and one I don’t like contemplating. But the “can’t we all just get along" diplomacy of the Obama Regime is obviously not working and has, in fact, led us to this untenable situation where only military force can bring order.

We will soon have battle-hardened troops returning from Iraq. These are ideal troops to send into Mexico after a few weeks of rest and relaxation.

The longer the US dithers and waits, the mess is only going to get worse and more lives, both Mexican and American are going to be lost.

It is time, once again, to invade Mexico.

J. D. Longstreet

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