Tuesday, August 17, 2010

“Useful Idiots” Used By Muslims To Locate Mosque At Ground Zero.

“Useful Idiots” used by Muslims to Locate Mosque at Ground Zero.
A commentary by J. D. Longstreet

"This naivety and ignorance on the part of the Left is like Christmas in July for Muslim leaders. The Islamists and Jihadists are laughing in their sleeves at such stupidity, but they will soon laugh aloud if Muslims become the majority in these countries. Ironically, the Jihadists first victims will be the leftists, the socialists and the godless," warned Michael Youssef, founder of Evangelical Anglican Church of the Apostles and Leading the Way ministry. He goes on to say that the Ground Zero Mosque is part of Islam's overall goal to dominate the world. (SOURCE)

In an article at “The Christian Post” Mr. Youssef is quoted as saying: "Most Westerners do not understand that Islam is not a religion in their true understanding of what the word means," he argued Tuesday. "Islam is a political and social ideology that will never submit to a secular form of government. Islamists will wait until such time as they are able to transform societies into Sharia-dominated ones, giving citizens a Taliban-type government." Mr. Youssef continued: "Islamic and Arabic media outlets are triumphantly, if not blatantly, saying that Islam is a superior religion, therefore it can build a mosque anywhere in the world, and the infidels need to shut up and accept it… "

Youssef has lived in Egypt and Lebanon. According to the article in The Christian Post he warns the public to be wary of the language that Muslim leaders behind the Ground Zero Mosque are using, such as "tolerance" and "freedom of religion," to gain approval. (The entire article can be read

In the same article, the Rev. Peg Chemberlin, president of the National Council of Churches is quoted thusly. "This center will reflect not only the best of Islam, but the enduring hope that Christians, Jews and Muslims can together find common ground in addressing the most urgent challenges of our time."

(In the spirit of full disclosure allow me to say that one of the reasons -- among many -- that I left my church was their support of the National Council of Churches.)

I agree with Mr. Youssef on this. The left is being used by the Muslims behind the Ground Zero Mosque to get what they want -- and that is nothing more than a celebratory edifice of triumphalism near a spot where Muslims murdered nearly 3,000 Americans -- men, women and children.

American religious leftists are throwing their support to the GZM. It is not at all unexpected. As a part of the “Blame America First” crowd, they never miss a chance to do just that. Their own naiveté does more damage to America than many of America’s more overt enemies. They bring shame of “The Faith of our Fathers” and America’s religious community still striving to live up to, and into, the Judeo-Christian faith upon which this nation was founded.

Even the President of the United States, who has been slowly shedding his façade as a Christian and allowing his Muslim roots to show, had to take a step back from his public support for placing a Mosque so close to that hallowed ground.

Americans know a desecration when they see one and most of us recognize an abomination as well. Placing a mosque anywhere near that spot is BOTH!

The truth is – this is one of those times when our constitutional right to freedom of religion is coming back to bite us. The practice of Islam in America, in my opinion, is such a threat to the survival of this country as a free constitutional republic that it ought not be allowed. But – the constitution, as written, says we must. And it will remain that way until Americans become angry enough to change it.

The attack on America continues from without and from within. She has entered her own dark ages now and whether she will survive is anyone’s guess.

If you want to see what America will look like in another hundred years just drive across our southern border into Mexico. Add only a Taliban-like government and you will have America one hundred years into the future.

Thank God, I won’t be here to see it!

J. D. Longstreet

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trencherbone said...

I wonder if the Russians would allow the Muslims to build a mosque to celebrate their other great victory of recent years, the child-rape razzia and massacre at Beslan?

They could even have especially phallic minarets on the site of the school to symbolize the Muslims' favorite weapon of Jihad.