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America's Socialist President? ... J. D. Longstreet

America's Socialist President?
Obama Offers Enslavement. Romney offers Freedom
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

In my opinion -- yes, Obama is a socialist as well as a Marxist, a Leninist, and a statist.
Depending on who answers the question above, you are likely to get a host of different answers with a string of caveats a mile long. But the plain fact is -- that at the very least -- Obama IS a socialist.

Our friends on the left will preface their answers with "Well, if you are asking if ... ." and then they reword the question you just asked, create their own question, and answer it with a profound "NO." All the while they are hoping against hope that the listener will not notice that they simply leapt right over the original question and answered something that had not been asked in the first place. It is a political trick as old as politicians -- redirect the conversation away from touchy subjects
Oh, let us not forget that anyone with the temerity to even consider aloud that Obama MIGHT be a socialist is frowned upon as someone who is insane or, at best, a "NUT."
So, is he, or isn't he. Most assuredly, he IS a socialist.

Now, I know my friends on the left are going to have a seizure but, hey, the truth can be uncomfortable at times. This may be one of those times for the political left.

It does not take a degree in political science to figure it out. Even a casual observer of Obama, with just a tiny bit of knowledge concerning political philosophy, can see Obama's socialism shining like a neon sign over the door of a bar on a dark and rainy night. It flashes brightly, continuously, and in RED. Heck. It won't allow you to miss it or overlook it. Only those with self imposed blindness -- or those who wish to cover it up -- can, or will, deny it.

Look. It matters not whether Obama is a "European-style socialist or a Soviet Union-style socialist, he's still a SOCIALIST -- and a Marxist to boot. Socialism is socialism and Marxism is Marxism no matter the geography upon which it is practiced!

In an article entitled: "Is It Within Bounds To Ask: Is Obama A Socialist?" at, Paul Roderick Gregory says the following: "Democrat strategists know that the American electorate reacts strongly negative to “socialism” and are doing their best to discredit any and all who call Obama a socialist. There can be no doubt that Obama is a socialist in the European reform-Marxism tradition. In France, Obama would be the candidate of the French socialist party. In Spain, he would be at home in the Socialist Worker’s Party. In Germany, Obama would be torn between the Social Democrats and Die Linke. In “Old Europe,” the welfare state is well entrenched. Elections are about tinkering at the margin. The United States has still to decide whether it wants the European welfare state or not. Obama does. Romney does not."

Now, that is about as clear-cut a vision of what the up-coming election in November is about as anything I have heard to date. Obama's vision for a socialist America -- or Romney's vision for a free America. Depending upon how America chooses, we will either stand on our own two feet as free man -- or die on our knees as slaves to the state. It could not be more simple.

Socialism is worse that cancer. Socialism enslaves entire nations and then -- murders their country. God-fearing people have no place in a socialist state. Within a socialist state the government -- the state -- is god. If you wish to survive, your fealty must be to the state from which your sustenance comes.

We learned just days a go that half of all American households are receiving government sustenance, of some kind, even today. That is HALF! I mention this because, already, we have evidence, un-refutable, that America is, at the very least, partially committed to socialism.

As far back as FDR the US government placed the US on the slippery slope to COMMUNISM -- and make no mistake about it -- socialism is the last step in the process of moving a free people from liberty to communism.

The much vaunted Obama Campaign Machine seems, also, to be slipping a cog or two as we wind down to the last few extremely important months of the presidential campaign. We hear stories of near panic in their ranks with physical confrontations between department heads and political advisers in the White House.

At the risk of offering aid to my political enemies, I must tell you -- whoever chose the Obama campaign slogan of "FORWARD" did more to aid the republican cause and endorse the Romney campaign than most hard working republican activists. You see, "FORWARD" has been the slogan for Socialists, Marxists, and Communists for nigh onto a hundred years. It was either a humongous mistake or an overt attempt to bring Obama out of the Socialist /Marxist closet. In any event, it was much appreciated by those of us on the right.

How DID America wind up with a Socialist/Marxist/Leninist President? The apathy of Americans towards politics has swung the door to the nation's government wide open for those who have schemed for many years to undermine America's constitutional republic and the capitalist society America's forefathers so lovingly and tirelessly created on these shores.

It now seems clear that the Obama campaign will use "fairness," in conjunction with their campaign slogan of "Forward," over the next few months as their message to the many special interest and minority groups that make up, by far, the vast majority of the Democratic Party. And yes, "fairness" IS a code word for socialism. The subliminal message is: "Redistribution of the nations wealth" meaning -- YOUR wealth. We will also hear of "Common Prosperity" much as we did in the 2008 campaign.

It is very telling that the two candidates for President are as close in the polls as they seem to be currently. It is extremely worrisome that these poll results can be interpreted to reveal just how little Americans really know about their own form of constitutional republic and even less about capitalism, how it works, and how it has built the greatest, wealthiest, most charitable society on the face of the planet -- EVER.

It is equally frightening to understand just how close Americans are to binding themselves with the chains of socialist slavery -- chains they/we, themselves/ourselves, forged in the infamous foundry of "ignorance and apathy."

It is heart-breaking for many Americans to recognize that many of our fellow Americans have chosen the route of least resistance . They have decided that rather than pitching in and working to keep America prosperous and to keep the doors to opportunity open, they have decided it is a better idea to complain, make fools of themselves in America's streets, and do everything within their power to drag America down to a level where all her citizens live in misery, envy, and jealousy. THAT'S WHAT SOCIALISM DOES!

If that is your goal, then Obama should be your candidate for President. If you still believe in freedom, in liberty, in goodness, in kindness, and yes, in God, then Romney should be your candidate.

The election in November is truly between the "Takers" and the "Makers." The Takers will line up behind Obama and the Makers will line up behind Romney. If the Takers win, it will be a temporary victory. Their society can only last as long as other peoples money lasts. Once the Makers (and their money) leave America, then America will quickly become what we know today as a "Third-World" country. Such a sad ending for a nation with so much promise -- and, yes, REAL hope for all the people of earth.

But, what the heck! Freedom is just too much work. It requires entirely too much responsibility for one's self. Slavery is more to be desired.

In November we will make that choice: Freedom or slavery. May God help us if we choose the slavery of Socialism/Marxism/Leninism offered by Obama and the political left in America.

J. D. Longstreet

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