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Enforcing Silence Is The Key ... J. D. Longstreet

Enforcing Silence Is The Key
A Briton in the Oval Office?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

In my opinion, the reason the US government has not pursued, with any "obvious" vigor, determining where, exactly, Obama was born, is the fact that a looming constitutional crisis stands waiting in the wings should it be determined, beyond any question, that Obama is not a natural born citizen.

Can you imagine the utter confusion the government would find itself enmeshed in?  If you think it is confused today, in the words of Al Jolson:  "You ain't seen nothin yet!"

Think about it for a moment.

Every law Obama has signed would be null and void.  Every executive order he has signed would be null and void.  Every cabinet secretary and every Czar would be instantly without power and every order they have given since their swearing in would be useless or at the very least drawn into question in the courts.  Every international treaty, every international agreement, every order to the armed forces, all of this would be null and void.  It would be as if someone pushed a button and, WALLAH, we are back-dated to January 20th 2009 in the twinkling of an eye.

While, I , personally, wished that someone other than Obama had been sworn in that day, to wipe every thing out -- back to noon of that date -- would be a disaster to the United States government.

And THAT is why, no matter what investigators find, it ain't gonna happen!

Look.  If you are a regular follower of my scribblings then you know I am not one who advocates for more laws, period.  We have too many as it is.  But -- the American people need to be able to guarantee that a candidate for President of the United States is, in fact, a natural born citizen of the US.  As it stands today, there is no such law on the books that insists that a candidate PROVE his place and circumstances of birth. Surprised?  So was I.

There has been action in the courts almost since election day in 2008 attempting to force Obama to prove his citizenship at birth.  So far, none have prevailed.  There is on-going court action even today.

There are claims that Obama was born a citizen of Kenya, of Indonesia, and even of Great Britain.  (John Jay's worse nightmare -- A British citizen as President of the US.) As crazy as it sounds this is how "messed-up" the electoral process can (and maybe has) become when a candidate is not forced, by law, to declare with proof positive their true birthplace and whether or not they are a natural born citizen of the United States.

This must not be allowed to happen again.

 This scribe, along with millions of other Americans,  doesn't know WHAT to believe!  It seems such a simple thing -- to clarify where, exactly, one was born -- that I have difficulty understanding why all this wasn't settled long, long, ago.  The delaying tactics, the behind the scenes maneuvering, all lend fodder to the engine of disbelief and further cloud the issue.

There is an article entitled: "Shocker! Obama was still 'Kenyan-born' in 2007," written by Drew Zahn, which you can find at: 

In the article Mr. Zahn says: "While some quickly dismissed as an anomaly yesterday’s explosive revelation that Barack Obama’s former literary agency billed him as “born in Kenya” back in 1991 in connection with a book he never wrote, WND has discovered much later published references – some dated as recently as 2007 – used to promote his highly touted book “Dreams from My Father.”  SOURCE:  (We recommend you read both the articles about this issue we have linked in this commentary.)

I have made no secret that I would have been happier had Mr. Obama not won the election in 2008.  But he did.  If, however, he won without being legally qualified for the office, then we have big trouble.

It is mind-boggling in this day and age when so much is known and so much is public about each of us to consider that we can't trace the background of the most publicly known man on the face of the planet to his place of birth.  Enter your own name in an online search engine and you will be bowled-over at the knowledge publicly available about you for anyone anywhere to see.  But we Americans don't know, for sure, where our President was born?  Can you see how difficult this is for an ole country boy like me to believe?

Look.  When a man, for whatever reason, will not WILLINGLY bring forth proof of the location and circumstances of his birth, red flags go up automatically.   If Americans have learned anything since 1776, it is that to take everything a politician tells us at face value is simply asking for major trouble. 

As sick as I am of the whole birth certificate thing, I am left with the nagging question of whether a British subject is sitting today in the Oval Office of the President of the United States.  I am unable to get past the feeling that I and millions of Americans have been played.  By whom, and for what -- frankly, I don't know.   The "for what" of the previous sentence is really quite disturbing. One must wonder what's the end-game?  What's it all about?  These are all serious questions and we are over four years late in asking them as a nation.   In fact -- we are TOO late.  

The Congress has been derelict in its duty by not holding hearings in the early days of the Obama Administration to determine -- once and for all -- the answers to the questions above.  Why?  Because the truth MIGHT bring down the government. 

Unquestionably,  there IS something wrong here.  I'm not intelligent enough to figure our what, exactly, it is, but for three and a half years now we have been trying to force a square peg into a round hole -- and it doesn't fit. 

It is said that one can fool some of the people some of the time but one cannot fool all the people all the time.  That much is true.  But in modern American presidential politics, one actually doesn't have to fool anyone.  One only has to have a single person, or group of people, powerful enough to field enough  enforcers to intimidate the remainder of us into silence and inaction.  That's how dictatorships work.  And now -- we see it at work in America. 

Someone, somewhere, knows the truth and eventually they WILL step forward with the truth.  My guess is -- it will be AFTER Obama's time in office, which, I suspect, will be in January of 2017.   If they come forward now with proof that Mr. Obama is not a natural born citizen, the country will be thrown into a constitutional crisis the likes of which we have never seen.   It could bring our government to the brink of total collapse.  

Somehow, I don't see the puppet masters allowing that to happen.

J. D. Longstreet

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