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"King" Obama Announces Another Decree! ... J. D. Longstreet

"King" Obama Announces Another Decree!
America's King/Dictator Strikes Fear In The Hearts of Congress
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

"KING" Obama has struck again!  His Royal Majesty will grant immunity for up to as many as 800,000 illegal aliens already inside the US.
According to an Associated Press story entitled  AP sources: Immunity offered to certain immigrants  Obama will achieve  part of his DREAM ACT without  having to go through Congress.  We strongly suggest you read this story at: 

If you are a tax paying American citizen you REALLY need to read this story and you need to get mad as hell! 

America, under the Obama Administration, no -- make that "reign" -- is no longer a country.  It is now an economic refugee camp! 

In my lifetime, spanning more than seven decades, I have NEVER experienced a US  President who so defies the will of the people, defies the US Constitution, defies the will of the people's legislature (the Congress), and takes unto himself the powers of a tin pot dictator -- like Barack Hussein Obama! 

If there is to be any AMERICA left the people of America must remove this man from office in November.  Even then, it will take generations to undo the damage Obama's single term in office has done to America.
The Founders of America must be spinning in their graves.  It is inconceivable that the citizens of the United States could ever elect such a man to the presidency, and it is even more inconceivable -- incredulous, even -- that they will allow him to remain in that office when he threatens everything America was founded upon and USED to stand for -- things like freedom, liberty, and the rule of law.

ALL of that has been tossed out the window by Obama, his minions, and his Czars.  Obama appears to be nothing more than a Vladimir Putin "wanna-be!"

Allow me, please, to ask -- what kind of people put up with the heavy hand of a tin pot socialist dictator at the helm of a formerly free country?  C O W A R D S!   People who have been "cowed!"  In the America of yesteryear,  powerful politicians with dictatorial tendencies,  like Obama, would have been run out of town on a rail!  

Not today.  We Americans have become sophisticated.  Now we just GIVE AWAY our freedom, our liberty, and our country.  Just like that.  Not even a fight.  Not even a peep.  We might dirty our hands or chip a nail, perhaps.  Today, we just take a deep breath, snuggle down deeper into our recliner, and think to ourselves "this slavery thing is SO much easier than freedom.  I don't have to do a darned thing.  Just give up my freedom -- that's all."

Does it not bother you that over three quarters of a million illegal aliens are to be granted immunity from deportation at the stroke of Obama's pen? They have broken federal law just by being present within the borders of the United States ILLEGALLY.  By the very definition of the law -- they are criminals. 

Where it the outcry?  Where is the OUTRAGE???  Where the heck are America's champions of the rule of law?  For the answer, I refer you to the paragraph above and the word in large letters: C O W A R D S!

There can be no question Obama has abused the power of the Office of President.  NO American President should have the power Obama has wielded since arriving at the White House.  If it requires a constitutional amendment to see that no future president even has the possibility of abusing the power of the office, then let's get it in the legislative pipeline - and the sooner the better.

Considering what Obama has done, thus far, in this campaign, I shudder to think what he will pull out of his bag of dirty tricks for the October Surprise.  Suspend the election, perhaps?  Oh, why not declare a national emergency, impose martial law, and THEN suspend the elections?  How about THAT?   (There was a time when I could say that with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek.  But no longer.  Not with Obama at the helm.)
Obama is drunk on power.  That is clear.  And it is frightening for any freedom loving Americans left in what used to be a great country -- a FREE country -- before the cancerous rot of Obama's socialism began ripping the steal out of the spines of America's patriots.

So -- this is how freedom dies. huh?  With a whimper, a whine, a mueling tail-between-our-legs retreat? 

It is just unbelievable.  Incredible.  It strains the senses.  The America I used to know, the America I grew up in,  would give a collective cry of rage -- and run Obama out of Washington in November in a landslide election for his opponent!
And a look at the polls today shows Obama running neck and neck with his opponent! I must tell you -- there is something very wrong with that.  It speaks of an America having passed over the bar -- with no chance of rescue. Utterly frightening.

Obama's America is an America headed as straight for the bottom as a 150 lb anvil tossed off an Atlantic ocean fishing pier. 

Look. If Obama isn't removed in November, and an all out drive to restore America begun  immediately, then the Fates had better clear out a space in the Dustbin of History for America -- because it will be OVER.

J. D. Longstreet

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