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Israel Our Only Hope To Stop Iran's Quest For The Bomb

Israel Our Only Hope To Stop Iran's Quest For The  Bomb
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I am more than a little troubled these days as I observe Iran making fools of my government.  I don't like it one bit.  I am equally amazed, embarrassed, and angered by the ease with which western negotiators are taken in, swindled, and (in general) made fools of by Iran.

Iran's talks with the US (and other countries) concerning opening up their nuclear facilities to inspections, etc, is all a sham.  

And this is not the first time I have seen this movie.  We saw it with North Korea and their bid for nuclear weapons. and we saw it when Iran played the Carter Administration for a fool and rubbed America's nose in its own waste for years.

Iran is playing for time and they are flat-out enjoying making America look like a impotent giant.  They LOVE IT!

America and Europe are so entangled in the political correctness garbage they fear to sneeze less they offend someone and, therefore, have gelded themselves in the eyes of our mutual enemies.  How utterly pathetic!

Let's be clear.  Iran IS going to have a nuclear bomb and they WILL have nuclear missiles -- and -- they ARE going to blow the hell out of Israel and as many American installations as their missiles can reach.

Iran is going to do this as quickly as they possibly can.  They could not care less whether we like it -- or not.  All the posturing and kow-towing by the US is seen as pitiful weakness in their eyes, and they loathe us for it. 
On top of their driving ambition to acquire a bomb, they have absolutely no respect and certainly no fear of the American President Obama, who has shown multiple times in his presidency that he is unwilling to confront them.  The Mullahs of Iran see that as a sign of fear on the part of the American President.

Americans have become so insular that we have come to believe that everyone, the world over, thinks as we do.  Not so.

For instance:  We place sanctions on countries that are only one or two generations from the stone age.  In our minds, making them uncomfortable will force them to bend, or acquiesce, to our demands. REALLY?

We are so far out of touch with Middle Eastern tribal countries that we actually think placing their native son terrorists in cells at Gitmo is punishment.  Heck, for most of them, they are living better in that military prison than they have ever lived in their entire lives.  So much for punishing terrorists.

America needs to get real about foreign policy.  I am sick and tired of our "bowing and scraping" foreign policy under Obama.  I am sick and tired of America leading from the rear like some parade ground general.   That whole posture is, well,  un-American.

We Americans don't dip our flag, we don't bow to kings and/or monarchs, and we don't kiss the posteriors of rag-tag, sand dune, megalomaniacs who threaten to turn off the oil spigot.  At least, we didn't -- until Barack Obama picked up Jimmy Carter's mantel and proceeded to become the worst president the United States has had in it's entire history -- bar NONE!    Heck, I hold the Lincoln Administration in higher regard than the Obama Administration -- and I'm a southerner and the direct descendant of a slew of Confederate soldiers!

Now here is the bottom line, as I see it.  If Israel doesn't take the reins in her teeth and take out Iran's nuclear facilities -- and thereby save the world -- It won't be done.  Obama doesn't have it in him to pull the trigger.

Iran's first target will be Tel Aviv, then they'll strike every American facility and installation their missiles can reach.  Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, will die.  As soon as they are able, Iran will launch a nuclear missile, from a rusty tramp freighter a couple or three hundred miles off America's Atlantic coast, and take out New York and/or Washington, DC.  Millions of Americans will die-- either directly from the blasts for from the radiation-- months and years later.

The states of Eastern Europe are toast -- literally!

The fact that Russia is an ally of Iran explains Russia's insistence that the US/NATO not build the missile shield in Eastern European countries.  Russia KNOWS those missiles are defensive and no threat to them -- unless "Tsar" Putin decides to go all expansionist again, which, by the way, has been the path taken by Russia throughout its history.   

These are the stakes.  Its cold.  Its brutal. Its stark. Its stunning. Its the truth.

Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of believing that no peoples could be so unfeeling, so cold, so conniving, so hateful of their fellowman, to do such a thing.

Remember the Nazis?
Look. The advancement of Islam toward the return of the "Twelfth Imam" depends upon the world being in "end-times" turmoil.   The scenario described above would perfectly set the stage for the return of the Twelfth Imam who will then lead the Islamic peoples to conquer the entire globe and set-up a world-wide Islamic Caliphate (kingdom).

That's one view.  But what if Iran builds "The Bomb," but doesn't use it immediately on Israel and America?  Then Iran's influence, through-out the Middle East, expands and strengthens exponentially.  Almost overnight the world will see a Middle East under the  rule of the Persians (Iran).  There will be a new Persian Empire -- far more powerful than any of the old ones.

Just think.  Iran -- Persia -- will control the world's flow of oil, and they can (and will) bring the industrialized nations of the world to their knees.   They will control the world's energy and they will have a nuclear arsenal to back up their control.

Every month, every week, every day, hour, minute, and second that passes draws the scenario described above closer to reality.

But what is equally clear is this:  There is not enough collective testosterone amongst the leaders of the West to do what they all know, beyond doubt, MUST be done.  Save for ONE -- Israel.

It appears that now is the time for both Israel and the US to harken back to Joel,  the ancient prophet of the Southern Kingdom -- Judah -- who said:  "Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong." (Joel 3:10) 

It would seem that nothing much has changed in thousands of years. Even in Joel's day, there were times when the tribe of Judah just had to suck it up, use whatever they could lay their hands on, and strike the enemy.  Seems to me, there is a lesson for the US -- as well as Israel - today in that verse from the old Hebrew Bible.

There comes a time when, despite everything, a nation is left with but one option:  to strike.  That time has arrived.

J. D. Longstreet

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