Monday, November 20, 2006

The Dark Forces of the Left Insistent on a National Healthcare System!

Back in March of 2005, I wrote the following: “National Health Care is a Socialist dream. It is also a Conservative’s worst nightmare.” Americans are about to wake up “to”, not “from”, that nightmare!

Already the Socialist Forces of the Democrat Majority are gathering to foist this “socialist dream” on the American public. The really scary thing is… the American public actually thinks it wants a national healthcare program… of some sort.

Now, if you really want the government to have control of your life, I mean every facet of your life, then a National Healthcare program is EXACTLY what you want! If, on the other hand, you want to preserve your freedom, then a national healthcare program is the last thing on this earth you want.

Look, “womb to tomb healthcare” has so many strings attached that it isn’t worth the hassle , the increase in taxes, and the decrease in the quality of health care that is sure to come as a result of the most intrusive government program ever devised by the mind of man.

Already, the damage done to the world’s premier healthcare system has been devastating. The money saving schemes sold to corporations to reduce that corporation’s expenditure on it’s employees group healthcare programs, of many varieties, has devastated healthcare in the US. Once, just a few short years ago, the US healthcare system was the envy of the world. No nation on this planet enjoyed the quality of healthcare as did Americans. That is no longer the case. The US healthcare system has fallen far down the list from the number one position it held a decade, or two, ago.

But, if you happen to suffer from a chronic disease and require frequent medical attention, you already know that. In my case, I have required 70 some odd hospitalizations since 1965. Doctor’s office visits for me run about one or more a month or six weeks. Now, during all those years of experience with doctors and hospitals I have been in an unenviable position, which enabled me to observe the decline of healthcare in this country.

These days hospitals and doctor’s offices run patients through the system at a rate, which approximates that of a downhill bobsled run! You wait in the doctor’s waiting room for an hour to have the privilege of spending 5 minutes with your doctor. Does anyone actually expect even the country’s best doctors to be able to accurately diagnose an illness in five minutes? Sure, things like a cold, the flue, etc, but a serious illness is going to be missed. If the patient insists there is something seriously wrong, then the patient is hit with a battery of tests that cost in the thousands of dollars and yet depend upon the trained eye of the specialist to interpret. It becomes a circus.

Hospitals are sending patients home “sicker and quicker” than ever before. In my case the same illness used to require ten days to two weeks of hospital time plus 30 days of recovery at home before I could return to work. In the last decade, or so, the same illness requires a hospital stay of three days, four days tops! What has changed? The way, in which, the insurance companies, and the government, pay the hospitals. These days a hospital is forced to move patients through their system and continuously bring new patients in, and through, the system, at as fast a pace as is possible... in order to stay profitable. Non-profits have to do it to remain open.

As a result, the emphasis in the American healthcare system today, has shifted from the care of the patient… to the viability of the practice as a business, or the hospital as a business. The quality of care, for the patient, is no where near what it was just 20 years ago.

Now, the dark forces of the American Left want the government to deliver your healthcare. That sound you hear is the “death knell” of the American healthcare system.

Back in March of 2005, I wrote the following:

“National Health Insurance” is one of the primary tools used by a government to control her people. That alone is enough for me to be whole-heartedly against it.

Now, lets get something straight… I believe the Health Insurance Companies, in America, deserve what they get. They have been, in my opinion, abusing their subscribers for entirely too long. Rates have risen thru the roof at an undeservedly fast pace. Sure medical costs have gone up, but not at the percentages your insurance premiums have gone up. This has to stop. But National Health Care is a cure worse than the disease.

More government in our lives is more than just a little bit scary. Once National Healthcare is implemented, and don’t get me wrong, I believe some form will be, your life will be under the control of the administrators of that insurance.

For Instance, lets say you have an obesity problem. You have developed a heart problem as a result of the obesity. You need treatment for your heart. National Health Care says: “OK, we will not pay for the heart treatment until you lose weight”. Or, they provide all citizens with a chart, approved by the FDA, of the “Approved Foods” all citizens should eat. They make it clear that if you cannot show proof of having ingested those “approved” foods, on a regular basis, also decided by them, you Health Insurance is no good. You will not receive treatment.

Or, another example, you may be allowed to have one child only. It must be a boy. (See China.) If you choose to have another baby, after the approved ONE, the costs will come out of your pocket. Get the picture?

Now, this does not take into account the reduced quality of care we will receive from the medical community. Their hearts will not be it. After 8 years. or so, in school, to learn their profession and they will become “salaried government employees”. Need I say more?

The left is hell-bent on imposing such a system on the citizens of this country. That is another reason we must refuse them power, ever again, in the Congress. At least in numbers large enough to affect legislation.

National Health Care is a Socialist dream. It is also a Conservative’s worst nightmare.

We must be on our guard, for some form of National Health Care is about to raise its ugly head in the Nation’s legislature. It is time for conservatives to exercise their power and stop it in its tracks as we did the “Clinton Care” attempt in the ‘90s.

Lets get it done."

That was 18 months ago. Now we have a democrat socialist majority in both houses of the Congress. Their goal is to bring socialist change to this country. They will do that as quickly as they can... before the American electorate has recovered from the shock of the election.

Let’s face it. The America my generation grew up with, a global super power, a nation that could not fail… because it did not believe in failure, a nation that had a vision unlimited even by the sky, is gone. What we are left with is a defeated, deflated, depressed, democrat socialist country, with its core slowly rotting away.

A national Healthcare System will be the last nail in the coffin of a proud independent, and free, America.

Those Americans among us, who still value freedom, must fight any attempt at a National Healthcare program with everything we have.



Ashley said...

Great blog, keep up the good work

Frank said...

How dare we have health coverage for everyone of our citizens! If the republicans are against it, why not just insure the Dems.? I am tired of the hypocrasy in the GOP. They will partake of social security, if you are opposed to it, mail your check back every month. Get off of Medicare and take care of it yourself. working republicans should never accept over-time pay, a paid holiday, vacation, sick or personal time since these are benefits gotten by unions. If republicans have any character (yeah ok) they will stop using all the peograms that were set up by democrats. That excuse "well I paid into" doesn't cut it either. If you use those services you are a hypocrite.

Longstreet said...

Allow those who wish to privatize SS and make National Healthcare optional.

Healthcare will fail utterly if it is not made mandatory and the Dems claim SS will fail if those, who wish, are allowed to privatize.

See the problem?

Frank said...

Privatization would be a failure, the majority of people know that. Who is going to pay the companies to administrate it? it's a scheme for the brokerage houses, unless they are made to do as a free service to the government as a civil duty, for being allowed to do exist in this country.

Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

We in the UK have had a National Health Service since 1945. It currently runs at a lost of £623m per year. In 1997 the budget spent on health care was £34 billion, this year it is £70 billion and next year it will rise to £92 billion. If it costs the UK this amount of money to administer health care to 60million people the cost to provide a national health care system in the US will be exorbitant.

The underlying problem with this type of health care is as everyone pays into the system through taxes they all expect the same level of treatment. If you are unfortunate enough to need treatment and reside in an area where the hospital is balancing its accounts – fine. However, if the hospital runs at a loss you may end up waiting months for non-emergency care. You could always go private but then you are paying twice and the government doesn’t give refunds. Another issue is, as the ‘state pays’ should there be boundaries as to what level of care is given? Should someone who is clinically obese receive treatment for a heart condition if they do not reduce their weight? Should treatment be given to a cancer patient if they are terminal when the funds and time could be used on a patient who has a greater chance of survival?

Surely a move towards this type of health care system will be a step backwards. We are now seeing more privately built and run hospitals, which still are within the NHS, but are better managed. At least with insurance you know where you stand.

Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie

Longstreet said...

National Healthcare will be a HUGE failure, Frank.

Here in the states, people who have the money will seek medical care outside the system. They will get the best medical care available in the country. Everybody else will get very poor care. The last attempt at getting a National Heathcare program instituted... their so-called HillaryCare, made sure that did not happen by making it a federal offense to get any medical care outside the National Healthcare system. The government will have to do that because ... if they don't, Private hospitals... Doctor owned hospitals and clinics, will be making a killing. (no pun intended!) In the meantime, the national healthcare system will be over taxed and will stay on the edge of collapse at all times.

Look, anytime you make ANY service available for FREE, people will milk it for all it's worth... and then some. People wil be going to doctors and hospitals for ailments for which they wouldn't ordinarily seek medical attention, thus increasing the already heavy load on the system.

Ou taxes will be thru the roof and there will never be enough money for the Healthcare System. When the system reaches the saturation point... and it will, healthcare rationing will have to be instituted.

I mean, this is a system doomed to failure before it ever gets it's doors opened the first time.

I intend to fight it as long as I have breath in my body.

If there is any doubt in your mind... read what "Charlie" has written above.

I spoke with a Canadian registered nurse a few years ago. She was on some sort of contract to try to aleviate the nurseing shortage we were experiencing at the time. I asked her, point blank, to describe the Canadian National Healthcare System for me. Her exact words were:"It sucks!" Nuff said.

Best regards,


Frank said...

I don't care for your term "Hilary Care" and here's why: It is the same level of insurance that our Congress men and women, pesident, all their families and employees (staffers) get..... Uh wait, don't they work for us????? Don't you see something wrong with that? Why should they have it so good while so many less fortunate have nothing? Why should insurance companies gouge the beJesus out of us? If we can fix the insurance industry and either give everyone what their employees have or give our employees what the majority of people have. I believe these costs would be fixed if we stripped the entitled elitists in Washington from their perks and made them every day middle class like the rest of us. They are not royalty.

Longstreet said...

I would support stopping healthcare coverage, entirely, for our Congresspeople. Make them buy insurance like the rest of us. Plus, they should be paying Social Security, like the rest of us, and we ought to do away with the fantastic retirement packages they get!

I would support building dorms and cafeterias, for the Representatives and Senators to live in and eat in, while serving and pay them expenses only... with a limit on that! They want to serve? Then, damnit, let 'em serve!

Frank said...

Wa-oh 2 things in one day....... This is a first..... Atleast if they all used a cafeteria, I'd know where to pee in the coffee pot... (kidding)