Thursday, November 30, 2006

“Global Warming’s” Predictions for Hurricane Season 2006 Flat Wrong!"

I would like to gloat! I really would! But this ain’t my first rodeo, so… I won’t!

Why, you may ask, am I so ecstatic?

Glad you asked!

Today is the last day of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.


So, all the Grandees, of the Global Warming Movement, stuck their collective foot in it, again! I take great pleasure in that… anytime it happens, but doubly so when they miss the hurricane predictions so badly.

Remember… all the dire warnings of Super Storms and the destruction wrought, by same, which would wipe out our coastal cities and casualty rates and the amount of damage done, in dollars and cents, would be off the scale. Remember all that? Well, those of us who live in Hurricane Alley remember. We said then, and we say now, it was then, and it is now, a lot of bunk.

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So, why am I not gloating? 'Cause there is next season to worry about! That’s it in a nutshell!

So… we had a light season this year. Next season may be a recorder setter! That is the way of hurricanes.

Hurricanes have battered the coast of North America long before man ever got here, long before the Global Warming People glommed onto it as a scare tactic to frighten people into believing their mantra, and, truth be told, as long as this globe spins and the waters of the Atlantic heat up each spring and summer, we will continue to have hurricanes. Some years will be worse than others. Some storms will be stronger than others. And… the prognosticators will continue to beat us, about the head and shoulders, each year, prior to the opening of hurricane season in June, with their pronouncements on how many storms there will be… how many will hit the mainland, how many will make landfall along the gulf coast, and how strong the storms will be, etc., etc. It goes on and on. All the while those of us living here, with the huge bulls eye painted on us, just wait and prepare. This year we were blessed. Next year, we may be creamed by a “record breaker” in ferocity.

Hurricanes will humble you… at least those of us with any sense, at all, will be humbled by them. When you are watching the approach of a storm, which has many times the energy of the atom bombs dropped on Japan, you tend to develop a little awe… and if you are smart, you will be humbled in their presence.

I have been in this neighborhood for 42 plus years. In that time I have been struck by hurricanes from the east, from the southeast, from the south, and even from the southwest. Then, in the winter, the winter version hits us. We call them nor’easters because their strong winds come from the northeast.

You’ll have to forgive us if we don’t put a whole lot of weight on the findings of some scientist in a sterile laboratory somewhere as it pertains to our region and the chance of a storm hitting us. There are just too many veterans of hurricanes living among us… and… if there is such a thing as a hurricane expert, it is surely they, not the scientists.

So, if you must, continue to follow the “sky is falling” warnings of the Global Warming crowd. But discount what they say about global warming causing stronger hurricanes and more frequent hurricanes. If you want to know the truth about the deadly, impersonal, storms, talk to the true experts... the people who have lived for generations along the southern and gulf coasts of the US. Ask THEM about the storms and watch as they stare out across the waters of the Atlantic looking, for all the world, as though they could actually see the western beaches of Portugal and the Straits of Gibraltar. When they speak… listen to THEM!


During the so-called Medieval Warming Period form 800 to 1200 AD, the earth experienced the increase in global temperatures. In fact, the ice, on what we now call Greenland, had thawed and disappeared. The Vikings even migrated there and named it Greenland because of the lush greenery on it’s shores.

The oscillation of global temperatures is normal. They rise and then they fall. We have warming (warm) periods and we have cold (ice age) periods. Many scientists believe we have about reached the apex of the current warming period and are about to begin the long down hill slide into a cooling period or another ice age. I subscribe to the latter theory... except, I believe it will get a great deal warmer, than it is currently, before we begin the next cooling off period.



Frank said...

Elninyo (Spelling) came early, it prevents hurricanes from forming... Quite literaly it blows the tops off of them as they form. Why do you think it has been in the 60's in my area this week? I kinda like the idea of global warming except for all the wild life that will go extinct. If all the coastal regions flooded and we made all the people in those areas, "go down with the ship" by not allowing them to migrate inland, I could wind up with nice beachfront property right here in Ohio..... Can you say, "skyrocketing property value!" and good bye to Rush... even all his hot air would keep him afloat too long.

Longstreet said...

My high yesterday was 77.1º. Supposed to be the same today. I'm saving fuel dollars!

Don't forget you'd get a longer growing season, too. Bumper crops, etc.

Longstreet said...

Frank, I have placed an update on this post you might be interested in.

Frank said...

Frank, I have placed an update on this post you might be interested in.

I've seen that before..... Yes, I know that's why Greenland has it's name. Some people fear that we may help push the warming cycle be past the point of no return and wind up like Venus or something. Personally, I am too spent to actually care anymore we have idiots on one side who say it doesn't even exist and nut cases on the other who says it is the end.... personally I just wish they'd all shut up and let nature run it's course and if it is the end "Halleluhia" peace at last.

Nick said...

Hey Frank, if we (I'm in Louisiana) go down, you might have to pay a bit extra to drive your vehicle and heat your home.

I wonder if the warming period during Medieval Warming Period was caused by oil exploration and people driving SUVs? That's what Al Gore keeps telling me is causing the warming and destruction of the earth.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

everything is cyclictic

Frank said...

Hey Frank, if we (I'm in Louisiana) go down, you might have to pay a bit extra to drive your vehicle and heat your home.

I think I was being sarcastic, Longstreet isn't too far from the coast either. But to continue on with the sarcasim, It would cost less for fuel in the long run, for 2 reasons, 1.) after 1/3 (rough guess) of the poulation is gone (herd thinning) there will be less people using fuel and 2.) The oil refineries would be rebuilt closer to my local, since I would be closer to the see, See my "Beach front property" comment.

Nick said...

Well, your #2 is a misconception. Location of refineries really doesn't help price. We have refineries here but our state gas tax is higher than other states in the U.S. that have no refining capasity.

Longstreet said...

We need MORE refineries...a LOT more!