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The Republic of the North!

Note from Ed: We wrote this piece back in April of 2006. It was posted shortly thereafter. So, if some of the material appears dated, that is because IT IS.

We also posted this same piece again in June of 2007. Looking around us today, we see that nothing, much, has changed, so we felt it might be a good time to post it again. And...may we be so bold as to suggest that we Americans ought to wonder, seriously, WHY nothing has changed.

While we are asking these things of ourselves, maybe we should also ask... how the hell we wound up with two Presidential candiates, from different political parties who are determined to see that the situation, along our southern border, does NOT CHANGE NOW! Looking deeper, still, ought we not ask ourselves if we are truly prepared to cast a precious ballot in favor of either of the candidates when the future of, the security of, and the union of, this country is at stake?

We live in perilous times, dear reader. We have dispatched our tiny military to fight and die in foreign wars to secure two other countries and we are pouring millions into those countries, when all clear thinking individuals know that the moment we pull our precious military out of both those countries they will revert to their former state of "strongman dictatorships" or a nation ruled by "religious fanatics".

Now, I am not besmerching the US Military's role in those middle Eastern nations. And I have never quavered in my support of the war in Iraq, nor in Afghanistan, and I do not do so now. But, it seems to me, we need a "National Home Guard", federally funded, to secure and patrol the southern border, yes, and even the Northern border, too. Our Border Patrol is simple overwhelmed. They cannot do the job that is required today. The invasion from the south is simply overruning the Border Patrol. We need 100,000 to 150,000 US troops on that border to secure it. (I know that is approximately the same number of troops we have in Iraq at the moment!) By securing it... I mean stopping anything that comes across it, "unauthorized", and not coming through "authorized crossing points" and even THEN allowed in ONLY with the proper documentation. That will, of necessity, mean the troops will have to be authorized to use their weapons and use "deadly force", if needs be, to prevent "unauthorized incursions" into our country.

What we have is the massive "breaking and entering" of a sovereign country, on a scale never before seen by mankind. Plus, we have known, for a very long time, the ultimate goal is the retaking of lands, by Mexicans, which the US bought... and paid for... a very long time ago. You won't see that fact reported in the MsM... if at all.

The "Republic of the North" is not some wild conspiracy theory. No. It is actually happening... right now... right in front of our eyes. Mexico is exporting their poverty stricken citizens into the great "money cow" to the north and reaping approximately 1/3 of their national financing from the millions upon millions of "Yankee dollars" those illegal aliens from Mexico are sending back to their "Mother Country". All the while, the drain on our resources is devastating to the US economy.

If the federal government will not act to provide the troops to patrol the border, isn't is about time the border states and neighboring southern states form state militias, arm and train them, and place them along each particular state's portion of the border?

Let's face it. The fence will not be built in time to do any good, if it is ever built at all, which is my fear, frankly. The fence could be nearly completely finished by now. No, I am not kidding. Americans can do almost anything, and in record time, when we set our collective minds and backs to it. The problem is, our own government does not want the fence built and they do not want to secure the border. Otherwise, the fence would be up and the border would be secured by armed US troops with orders to shoot interlopers.

So, go back a couple of years now and read the piece below. It may shed a new light on what you know, and what you have come to believe, about the security, or lack thereof, of our southern border with Mexico. ... J.D. Longstreet
April 2006, June 2007

The Republic of the North! (And You Thought I was Kidding!)
A few months ago, I ran a post in which I made reference to “Aztlan” an area made up of the Southwestern States of the US and the Northern States of Mexico as a new and separate nation. Many readers thought I was just blowing smoke!

Ok, so now comes news that just might prove that we weren’t as far off base as you may have thought.Now they call it the “Republic of the North”.

You can read all about it at:

If you look at the map you will quickly see that the area referred to as the Republic of the North is composed of : the southern part of Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California as well as Mexican states of: Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Sonora, and Baja California.

When one looks at this huge piece of land, one is first provoked to laughter, until one realizes they are actually doing what must be done to acquire this chunk of real estate and establish a new nation. Their plans are to grow in numbers until they have the voting power to force an affirmative vote, of the electorate of those states, which happen to be in the US, to secede. It would be no real problem to force Mexico to allow those northern states, which are a drain on its treasury to leave... especially, if the new nation forming was to be friendly to Mexico. I worry that the "Republic of the North" is just a cover for their real aim which is AZTLAN!

Take a look:

Others wish the new AZTLAN to encompass even more of the western US.

Take a look:

I, frankly, don’t believe the people of America have the passion, anymore, for this land, for their country, to go to war, if necessary, to stop them from simply stealing a huge chunk of our western and southwestern states. Those who are proposing this secession are doing so openly and they are counting on the US allowing them to simply ‘take’ those states. I wouldn’t bet against them.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the US Supreme Court ruled, way back in 1869, that the US could not be broken up by secession, again. But, you see, in the 1860’s the US was composed of REAL men, and REAL women, with the "stones" to go to war for what they felt was right. We have grown soft and we have grown lazy and it would simply be too much trouble to stop anyone wishing to take a full one third of our country away.

Doubt me?

Well, look at you newspapers. Check the TV news. Check the news on the Internet. It’s happening… right now… right before our eyes… and we cannot get our Congress, nor our President, to do anything about it!

Now, do you still doubt me???

Look, those Mexicans, stealing across our southern border, are not assimilating into the American population. They are remaining apart. They continue to hold fast to their language, Spanish, instead of adopting the language of the land they say they wish to become a part of. The latter is proof, so far as I am concerned, that the illegal immigrants have no intention of ever becoming a part of the American citizenry. They see America as a huge money tree and they can sneak across the border and snatch as much of the fruit of that tree as possible before being discovered and forced to go back home.

I ask you, do we really want citizens who broke the law to get here in the first place? They are already criminals. To bring even more criminals into our midst makes no sense to me… at all.

So… where’s the fence? Where’s the wall along the border with Mexico. Where is the armed military to patrol that border?

If that fence gets built you can bet it will be built with the money of private US citizens who wish to secure their country and not by one dime from the federal treasury... not from the crowd of Yo-Yo’s we sent to Washington to represent us and insure our safety.

We need a national fund drive to accept donations toward building a border fence and we need to get it started right away… the sooner the better.

Dear Readers, it would appear that, if we are to save our country, it will be up to us, the lowly private citizen. If the Government is not going to work with us on this, then they damn well ought not work against us!


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Frank said...

After the "Civil War" didn't the Federal government make it illegal for a state to seceed? They took away the states' only means of showing that they were, well at odds with the Federal government. I wish the states could and also that Ohio would lead the way.

Longstreet said...

Yes. 1869 I believe it was. Ohio nearly seceded in the early 1860’s with the intention of joining the Confederate States! Would have been great!

By the way there is a strong secession movement in Vermont right now. I don’t see how they have a prayer, but they are working at it.

I'm not into secession movements. My ancestors were. I feel their motives were honorable, then. However, there are a number of secession movements around the country today. I see no chance of any succeeding, though.

Best Regards!


Longstreet said...

One other thing..........

I think one of the things the modern day secessionists are counting on is the belief that the US will not go to war, again, to prevent a state, or section of the country, from seceding. They MAY be right!

Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

I would like to secede from the Union (European Union that is!)

Longstreet said...

Charlie, I was really surprized when the UK joined the EU. I really didn't think it would happen. Shows how much I know, huh?