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A Warning to America! ... by J. D. Longstreet

A Warning to America!

by: J. D. Longstreet


Sometimes it is necessary, in order to get an objective look at a problem, to rely on the conclusion of someone detached, someone far enough away from the problem to see the “big picture”. Sort of like the expression, “you can’t see the forest for the trees”, we American may be too close to our own problem(s) to actually SEE them. Well, someone, far enough away, half a world away, actually, has taken a look and has seen America’s problem and has even written a warning to the people of America about it. Her Nome de plume, or pseudonym, is Gemma Meyer. Ms. Meyer is, or was, in fact, a journalist in South Africa. She is married to a former “conservative” member of the South African Parliament. When she wrote this piece, back in 2005, she was still living in the country of South Africa.

The title of Ms. Meyer’s article is: “A Warning for America from South Africa”. It is right on target. As you read Ms. Meyer’s work, you will recognize the things she warms America about. You can’t help yourself. It’s all there… right in front our eyes, but, for the most part, Americans simply don’t see them. Well, that’s not exactly true. SOME of us see them. SOME of us TRY to sound a warning, ourselves, to our fellow Americans but we are shouted down, called every vile name in the book, castigated publicly, and generally “made fun of”. Nevertheless, America’s problems persist, frankly, because of the blindness of the majority of Americans. Make that: “willful blindness” … for nothing else comes close to explaining how we have allowed this to happen to our beloved country.

I’d like to recommend that you read Ms. Meyer’s article and see for yourself just how “on target” she really is. You’ll find it at:


Did you catch yourself glancing, from time to time, to the top of the article to assure yourself of the date it was written? I did. It was written three years ago. I couldn’t help but feel a certain sense of, well, desperation, to realize that since she wrote this piece America has had three more years of circling the drain.

When is America going to wake up? WILL she wake up? Will she wake up in time? Or, will time run out? We have been sliding down that slippery slope at an every increasing velocity since the 1960’s. We’re not losing our freedom. We’re not losing our country. No. We’re giving it all away.

We have compromised and compromised until we have little left to compromise. Yet, we have two presidential candidates, right now, who are BOTH believers in compromise. They make a big deal of their willingness to compromise. What is needed is the testosterone to stand up on our two feet, like men, and shake our fist in the face of our enemies and say, NO MORE! This is it! We are done giving you what you want just to be left along in our comfortable little cocoons.

The wolves have been gathering in an ever-tightening circle. They are closing in one step at a time. And we Americans don’t see it. Instead we continue to feed them while telling ourselves if we give them what they want they will be our friends. We have chosen to forget one of the laws of Nature. Wolves are what wolves are. They do what wolves do. Even a wolf, thought to be domesticated, is liable to turn and leap for the throat of the person who supposes he is the wolf’s master. Yes, wolves do as wolves have always done… because they ARE wolves.

America’s enemies are gathered against us. They are tightening the circle. Even now they are among us. Sadly, a look in the mirror will reveal the identity of America’s worst enemies.

J. D. Longstreet

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