Friday, August 15, 2008

The Military Vote

The Military Vote
by: J. D. Longstreet

Some of you may remember the big push, by the Democrats, during the legal blow-up over the 2000 election, to not have the Military vote counted.

Why do you suppose the Democrats hate and fear the US Military as they do? Is it possibly because they judge the US Military by using themselves as the measure?

Look, the US Military is far and away Republican. They vote that way, too. There’s a good reason for both. Democrats seem to have a real problem with feeling their country is worth defending. Therefore they see no reason to put themselves in danger… especially when the Republicans, they hate so much, will take on the task and protect the Democrats at the risk of THEIR (Republican) lives. See? It’s simple!

Why does the Military vote Republican? See the paragraph above!

Since Vietnam, the US Military has had close encounters with the Mainstream Media of the US. They are now aware that the MSM is the voice of the Democrat Party. Plus, with TV available to our men and women at arms in far off battle zones, they can see and compare the news we, here at home, are getting… to what they, on the ground in that theatre of war, are seeing… and taking part in. They have seen the lies and the distortions told about them, and about the US efforts in Iraq, and they have been the butt of remarks (By a leading Democrat) questioning the mental capability of our military. Guess what. They haven’t missed any of it… and… in November… they will have a chance to unload… at the ballot box! And the Dems are worried. Deeply worried.

I have thought for a long time now that Democrats should be barred from military service in the US Military. They’re a bad influence on the real Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen.

Another thing: I saw some figures a few days ago, which did not surprise me, but are very telling. Forty some odd percent of the US troops, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, hail from just eleven Southern states. (Remember how many southern states there were in the Confederacy? Answer: eleven.) Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Southerners have always answered their country’s call, whether it was the USA or the CSA. Soldering is an honorable profession. The Scot-Irish ancestry of much of the South produces some of the fiercest war fighters in the world.

When I was a boy, the South was solid Democrat. That came from the time prior to, and during, and the awful so-called Reconstruction Period after the Civil War. Many Southerners connected the Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, with the War of Northern Aggression and recoiled, even at the mention of the word “Republican”.

So… what changed? The Democrat Party changed. In the decade of the 60’s the Democrat Party adopted much of the Socialist Party’s platform and the South left! The Republican Party saw the South was ripe for the picking and amended their ways and adopted much of the Old Democrat Party platform. Then, being a Southern Republican became a whole lot more palatable to Southerners. Then came President Richard Nixon, and the Southern Strategy, and the South was gone from the clutches of the Democrat Party.

Southerners are fiercely loyal to their country. As I said earlier, it makes no difference if their country is the USA or the former CSA. It is their country and they will not think twice about defending her anytime, and any place, on this earth.

This, then, brings us back to the US Military today and their vote this coming November. Care to guess for whom the majority of their votes will be cast? It’s a “no brainer”. The Democrat Party knows this and they will make every effort to keep those votes from being counted just as they did in the 2000 election.

The GOP must be prepared to bock their efforts. For a herd of Democrat lawyers will be let loose to throw legal monkey wrenches into the election process.

They must be stopped. This election could very easily be about the survival of the United States as a free country.

J. D. Longstreet


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Frank said...

Memebers of the military on the battlefield are donating 6 times as much to Obama than they are McCain according to the center for responsive politics a non partisan group... So a vote for McCaqin would be a stab in the back to our troops... and it was the Republicans who caged veterans serving abroad and challeneged their vote.