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It's Obama and (O)Biden!

It is Obama and Obiden!
Is Biden Obama’s Dan Quayle?

by: J. D. Longstreet
Of all the bad Choices Obama could have made for a vice-presidential running mate, as we expected, he made the worst choice. Joe Biden is a Northeastern Liberal. So now the Democrat ticket has a Chicago liberal and a Northeastern liberal. I suppose that is what passes for “balance” on a democrat ticket… do you suppose? The support Obama had in the Southland, and much of the West, is certainly now in question. As a Southerner, I can tell you it did not help Obama’s chances down here and may very well hurt him, badly.

Oh, it’s not just the South, it’s all over. Joe Biden, is a caricature of the “Blow-Hard”, Wind-Bag” Senator, who has a tremendous amount of trouble making sure his brain is engaged before he puts his mouth in gear. Down South that is known, in some circles, as a “Smart-Mouthed Yankee”.

Biden strikes Southerners as the fast talking, used car salesman type, with the flashy grin, slicked back hair, always pushing to close the deal for his car, while telling you, all the while, what a useless piece of junk you are trying to palm off on him in the trade. You know the type.

But what was the team, searching for Obama’s running mate, supposed to do? They had the job of trying to find someone less experienced than Obama, which, alone, was a near impossible task, or, unable to do that, someone who would not expose Obama’s façade as the Messiah, the “Anointed One”. Seems to me, they were looking for a court jester instead of a running mate. And they found it in Biden. As time passes, Biden may very well turn out to be Obama’s Dan Quayle!

Obama, and his team, chose the one candidate the GOP has enough material on, already on file, to write volumes about his liberal record, his less than sterling self-control in debates, and his short-fused temper. Biden’s terminal case of “foot-in-mouth disease” has already supplied the McCain camp with tons of material, some of which was used in a campaign commercial shortly after Obama made the public announcement of his choice of Biden. McCain’s forces did not have to waste time vetting Mr. Biden. He has already been vetted several times over. His record is there for the entire world to see, such as this piece from the

“Joe Biden plagiarised Neil Kinnock speech”
Here’s the link:

Well, that WAS a little over 20 years ago. But who is counting? Huh? OK… SOME things you just don’t forget and that is one of them.

Here’s another:

“The ONE” chooses his Two: Biden Kinnock Copycat Windbag is VP Candidate . Here’s the link:

Joe Biden has been in the US Senate since the Nixon Administration… so there is a very long record to dig through.

If you are REALLY intrigued, you can take the Joe Biden quiz. You’ll find here:

Take a look a the political positions of Joe Biden at:

One of Biden’s less than popular positions, among southerners especially, is his stand on Gun Control:

Biden was given an "F" by the National Rifle Association (NRA) showing a pro-gun control voting record. He supports reinstating the Federal Assault Weapons Ban and voted against prohibition of lawsuits against gun manufacturers. He has voted to ban assault rifles and to end the "gun show loophole", stating that no one should be able to walk into a gun show and buy a gun more easily than they could at a normal store. (From: Wikipedia)

On immigration… Biden’s position is just as bad:

Biden supported the 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. He supports guest-worker visas, and the building of a wall along the border. He voted to provide Social Security to illegal immigrants and supports a path to citizenship.(From Wikipedia)

On LGBT Issues: Biden voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act and against the Federal Marriage Amendment. He supports states rights to establish civil unions and favors adding sexual orientation to the criteria for a hate crime.

And, of course, there is Biden’s position on abortion:

He’s for it! Biden votes consistently with the pro-choice forces on most matters, and is a strong supporter of Roe v. Wade.

OK, so these are just highlights. It gets better.

There is already talk among the “great unwashed” (Actually some insiders are worried about this, too.) that Obama has so little experience that should he, somehow, pull out a win, he will not be the “President-in-Fact”, only the “Front Man.” Those promoting this theory are sayimg that Joe Biden will be the REAL President. As I’m sure you know, this is a position the Left is so used to claiming for Dick Cheney, Vice-President in the Bush Administration. Some things have a way of coming back to bite you!

I usually tune out political commercials, having made so many myself, and listened to and watched so many over my nearly three decades in the broadcasting industry. But, I have to tell you, I’m going watch the McCain commercials from here on out. Obama and Obiden have handed the Republicans tons of material for really hard-hitting and effective commercials. Of COURSE, they will be pointed to as “Negative” ads! But, the fact is, that by far, so-called negative ads are true and no matter what anyone tries to tell you… they do work in favor of the candidate using them.

Now, if the McCain camp has any savvy at all they will be very careful to choose a pro-life candidate, a solid conservative, for the GOP vice-presidential candidate. That will ease some of the pain of conservatives already holding their noses to vote for McCain.

Much will be made over “the bounce” Obama will get from the Democratic Convention this week. And Obama WILL get a bounce. But, conservatives, fear not, it is usually short lived.

There is no doubt about it. The next nearly two and a half months will be a slug-fest.
It has not sipped the notice of Conservatives that no matter how this election turns out, the GOP has been changed forever. Conservatives have been effectively shut-out. In this scribe’s opinion, it is now up to political conservatives in America to pull out of the GOP and form their own party, the CONSERVATIVE PARTY, and stand ready to challenge BOTH the GOP and the Democrats in 2012.

J. D. Longstreet

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Frank said...

Biden has a record of standing up for the middle class, and is a patriot. On the other hand John McCain sold American Intel when serving in Vietnam. He gave flight paths, time of departures and altitudes of missions being flown over Vietnam. This led to the loss of many of our brave pilots. Here is a link to a site that has an interview with a us intelligence officer who served from Korea through Vietnam. There is also an article on how he left his wife while she was in the hospital after a horrific car accident, and filed for a wedding license before his devoice was even final. How come we had to hear every day about Kerry and his wife owning 4 houses and nothing about McCain and his 7 (I heard a count as high as 11) and he can’t remember the number either due to elitism or brain rot.
Well enough of that here’s some interesting links.

and on the other hand, maybe we should “jerk the steering wheel” of this country and send it on a different course, and just see if we are better off in 4 years…. To continue down this path is suicidal as a nation. Honestly my 401K and other investments were way better off under Clinton, and the stock market traditionally does better under a democrat…. Their tax policies inspire the wealthy to actually manufacture stuff instead of just buying and selling paper…..