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More Dangerous Than Terrorists!

(From March of 2007)
Democrats More Dangerous than Terrorists to US!
By: J. D. Longstreet

A nightmare come true is a two year old with a loaded gun. The toddler will wave that thing around and take great delight in watching everyone flee or jump for cover. Try to take the weapon from him and he will not defend himself. He will burst into tears AND relinquish the weapon.

What I have just described for you is the Democrat Party in charge of the US government. They are waving their power about, bullying anyone who will allow them, and when accosted… they complain loudly that anyone who does not flee or seek immediate cover is attacking them. Rather than defend themselves and the US they will cower and allow this nation's enemies to broach our borders and wreak havoc here in the US.

I watched Nancy Pelosi waving the speaker’s gavel around, when she was sworn in, and I thought then it would be apropos if the gavel was taken away and a baby rattle was placed in her hand instead!

I have often described the Democrat leaders in Congress as "old hippies and flower children" from the 60’s… and they are, but I’m beginning to think I was overly generous. The US House of Representatives resembles nothing so much as it does a kindergarten these days. If there is an adult present, one is hard pressed to find him/her.

Those of us who have been casting ballots in the US for over 40 years have learned who to trust with the security of the nation and it became clear to us, early on, that it isn't the Democrats. When pressed by another country’s military the Democrats will turn tail and run. Need proof? Just look at the various moves in the Congress to micro-manage funding for our troops serving in Harm’s Way in Iraq. Some Americans soldiers, some American Marines, some American Airmen, and quite likely, some American naval personnel, werebe killed as a result of what the Democrats did in the US House.

The actions of the US House has already emboldened our enemies. For now they KNOW they were rkight all along. The Democrat controlled government of the US will open the doors to this land… and let them in. All they have to do is keep their war efforts at a minimum and wait til the troops are taken out of Iraq. Then they can over run the country, as the North Vietnamese did in Viet Nam, and then it is on to concentrate on the Great Satan, in the Great Satan's own front yard.

Now let me tell you the dirty little secret the democrats are not telling their supporters: US troops are not coming out of Iraq anytime soon, in 2008, 209, or even 2010. The US has built a huge military installation in Iraq, at which the US intends to maintain a continual military presence there into the future... as far as the eye can see. US Troops will be continuously " forward deployed" there as well as the war fighting material they need. If Iraq is turned completely over to the terrorists the conflict there will become a regional conflict and no one wants that… not even Iran, and Saudi Arabia, or even Syria.

Everyone with a lick of sense knows that even if we pulled every US soldier from Iraq today, it would only be a short while before those troops would have to ferried right back into Iraq.

So what if the Iraq war turns into a Middle Eastern Conflict? Well, do you own a car, a truck, heat your home in winter, and buy groceries from a grocery store? OIL, dear reader, OIL! The Middle East is the storage tank for the world's OIL! Without it economies will collapse in a matter of months! Sure, the US has it's
own oil but the lefties won’t let us go get it. So... China is gonna set up rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and suck that oil right out of the seabed and most likely sell it back to us a inflated prices! How smart is that?

America wanted the wimps of the left in power and we got ‘em. Boy, how we got ‘em! Now, our own stupidity is going to beat us severely about the head and shoulders with something called reality. And… the reality is… The dems can’t govern effectively, they cannot “secure” the nation as they have never, in their entire history, proven themselves strong on National Security, they have no concept of military power and it’s use, they do not understand force, nor the application of force, and they are filled with a raging lust for power. Once they have it, as has been proven already in the US House, they become drunk on it and weave about crashing into things like the Constitution and Freedom. They may not crush them but they certainly will damage both. Their ineptitude at governance glares at one, as does a neon sign at midnight.

Already the Democrat’s have cozzied up to the Environmental Movement’s far “nut wing”, the global warming crowd, which has become the new home for the Commies of the world. Why dos this not surprise this ole country boy?

It has become clear that the objective of the Democrat Party is to create as much confusion and derision in the government, and the country as a whole, as they can and still be able to manage it. Their intent seems to be to keep the fires of that discontent stoked until at least November of 2008. It is an old ploy, right out of the history books, but it IS effective, especially when used on an uneducated society such as the “Public School Educated” American society.

For all intents and purposes, America has just entered a period we may well see recorded for future students of America as “The American Dark Ages”!

And the American Electorate turned the lights out!

J. D. Longstreet

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