Sunday, July 27, 2008

The New/Old Worldwide Religion

Sweeping Away Christianity with the New/Old Religion

by J.D. Longstreet


“Environmentalism” is the new worldwide faith, the new religion. It has millions of adherents and is growing by leaps and bounds every single day. At the center of this new faith is a single deity. Mother Earth! Yes, adherents to the new religion of Environmentalist worship the Earth. We used to call that paganism, but that is an article for another day.

This new religion has woven itself into the churches and pulpits of the old Judeo-Christian faith and is eating the foundation of the church right out from under it. Many of the mainline denominations in America have actually adopted the articles of faith of the new religion, Environmentalism. Many churchgoers today will say that environmentalism is a “good thing”. They will defend it by asking: “Didn’t God, Himself, give mankind stewardship of the earth, to care for it?” They ignore the fact that the Creator never said for man to WORSHIP the earth. And that, dear reader is exactly what the environmental movement, the New Religion, does.

Environmentalism is a “feel-good” religion based on a myth! It is in direct conflict with the Judeo-Christian faith. It is a Pagan religion and Christian churches, and Christian men and women, should have nothing to do with it. It stands against the tenets of Christianity and is, at it’s very base, blasphemous! Yet, millions upon millions have accepted Environmentalism as their savior, or, the savior of their planet. Somewhere they lost their grasp on reality and have forgotten it is not the earth, which needs saving. It is they.

You know, a fact is a fact. It makes absolutely no difference whether you, or I accept that fact. It remains a fact, a truth. No matter how much we try to ignore it, or work around it, like the elephant in the room… it is always a looming presence. Facts are like that.

Why do I bring this into this piece? Because the fact that environmentalism, as a religion, is being ignored, even though it is standing there, naked, in the middle of the room. It is a truth, which will not go away, no matter how much, and how often, the adherents to the New Religion deny it. In fact, the truth remains!

As an adherent to the Christian faith, It has always amused me that some people find it difficult to understand that one cannot buy, nor earn, in any way, one’s salvation. It is a gift. There have been those, down through the centuries, who have tried, with all their might, to buy, or earn, their soul’s salvation only to be thwarted in their efforts… because they cannot accept a “no strings gift”. And that is what makes Christianity so difficult for the human animal.

Now… there is the New Religion, which allows one to buy, and earn, ones salvation. The fact that the salvation one earns, or buys, is totally useless… is of no concern. It makes adherents “Feel Good”. Plus, they can ignore the command of God that “Vengeance is Mine” and they can wreak as much vengeance, as they wish, upon their fellow men that choose not to fall in step with their new Environmentalism Religion.

Man must suffer for his crimes against nature. That is their rallying cry. They demand sacrifice(s)! Turning civilization back a couple of centuries is one of the sacrifices they demand! And, like lemmings, they rush together toward the cliff and into the sea.

There is rarely anything as dangerous as “the arrogance of ignorance”. We have it manifest before our very eyes in the Global Warming Movement. It is all a part of the New Religion.

But, you see, the New Religion is NOT new! It is, in fact, the Old Religion! It is nothing more than worship of the earth as the ancient pagans observed it centuries ago. They were swept away then, by truth, and the New Pagans will be swept away this time, as well.

J.D. Longstreet

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