Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Will Obama's European Tour Backfire on Him?

Will Obama’s European Tour Backfire on Him?

There is a very good chance that the Obama’s European tour will backfire on his campaign here in the states.

Those of us who live out here in the real America, in the so-called “fly-over” country hold very little love for, or admiration of, the European nations. Many of us come from families that fled the European shores to get to America. Unlike the “Euro-crats” we do not look to Europe for leadership in anything, especially not politics.

Here in the Mid-Atlantic States the word Euro-weenies is often heard in describing the European nation’s leadership. Plus, it comes as no surprise that the leftist news media will be covering every step Obama makes while skipping from one photo-op to the other. In fact, the entire trip is a “photo-op” and it is bound to damage Obama’s campaign here in America.

Americans who populate the northeastern coast and the western coast of the United States are, well, different from the remainder of America. It’s sort of, well, like two separate countries. For those of you not familiar with the way America was settled, suffice it to say that we ARE two different peoples. Here in the southeast, for example, we are of Scott-Irish and German descent, mostly. We do not view Europe, any part of Europe, with covetousness of any degree… especially the Scots and the Irish and even more so the Scot-Irish. So, we will see Mr. Obama’s European love fest as repugnant.

So far as America being “loved” by Europe, or any other part of the globe… we could not care less. In fact we take it as a complement when the Europeans dislike us. It is then that we know we are doing things the right way, the correct way, the American way.

Seeing thousands of Europeans thronging the streets and fawning over Mr. Obama will cost him a lot of votes, especially here in the Carolinas.

And then there is the foreign press. We say ”foreign press” as opposed to the Obama fawning “domestic press”. Already, some in the Israeli press are raising questions about Mr. Obama’s qualifications to even be a candidate for President as a result of questions about his place of birth. You’ll find that article at:


Don’t you find it the least bit interesting that our domestic press corp seems to have little or no interest in running this story to ground? Ummm. Wonder why?

Add to all this Mr. Obama’s credentials as an, er, “intellectual” and it frightenes the bejesus out of us. We have seen the damage to this country from former regimes of intellectual presidential administrations. My friend, and fellow blogger, Alan Caruba has an excellent piece on this very topic. We strongly recommend you read it. You’ll find it at:


Look, you may not like it but the fact is… most Americans who consume the daily tripe, hailed as news, and spoon fed to us by the mainstream media in this country, shake their heads in astonishment and wonder just how stupid the media must think we are. We KNOW what the domestic press is doing as they cover the Obama European photo-op as the morning dew covers a lovely green pasture. We also know what lies under that dew hidden by the glistening grass.

The point is…. only those who wish to be impressed by the current demonstrations of European support for Obama will be. The remainder of us will grin, shake our heads, and get on about our business. And come November… we won’t vote for Mr. Obama.


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TexasFred said...

Lo and behold, from that 1 visit, he became the most knowledgeable guy that ever walked concerning the trucking industry, all from 1 visit to a POS country truck stop and having visited with a few log haulers that had the fenders falling off of their trucks.

That’s about the best equation I can think of for Barack Hussein Obama and his trip to Iraq and Afghanistan, he’s made one trip, talked to a few people and now he’s qualified to lead the most powerful nation on earth and be the commander in chief of it’s military.

Obama is either the most brilliant politician of our time, and the most adept *quick study* the world has ever seen, OR, he is a liar and a fraud of Biblical proportions.

I think fraud and liar are the correct choice...