Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yes, We CAN Drill Our Way Out of This Mess!

Drilling Our Way Out of This Mess!

You know what is frustrating? Having a problem and having the answer to that problem within reach but being prevented, by the government, from utilizing that answer to solve the problem. Now… THAT is frustrating! And it happens to be right where we Americans find ourselves today.

We don’t have enough oil. Well, actually we DO have enough oil. Only… the government won’t let us get at it. You see, we have this bunch of intellectual midgets in charge of the US government, currently, and they are driving our country to ruin… and loving every minute of it!

Look, if you think the American economy is bad now… you ain’t seen nothing yet! And, listen up, citizens of the world! If America goes down… you go down, too.

Oil is the fuel that powers the American engine of democracy. It drives everything about this republic. The business of America is business. We’re a capitalist society. If business suffers, America suffers. Businesses closing down because of high fuel costs, means Americans out of jobs. Americans out of jobs means higher unemployment rates and a bigger drain on the US treasury, which means, inevitably, higher taxes for all of us, which means some more small businesses will have to close their doors because they cannot afford to stay in business, which means more Americans out of jobs… and the cycle continues. No matter how you dissect it, the business of America IS business. Without it, we will implode and fairly quickly.

We are on the edge of the precipice these days and we have no leadership in Washington we can count on to do what is truly needed. Since the dems took over the Congress, America has slowly ground to a halt. Their emotion based decisions and feel-good messianic tendencies look good on paper (to some) but are totally worthless when there is an attempt at implementation. Common sense has no place in a world of “make believe” such as the liberal democrats are busy constructing.

Those of us who live out here in the real world can’t survive on the good intentions of a Congress so out of touch with reality as the one we have now.

Out here in the real world, we need oil. We know we already have sources of oil on lands owned by the people of America to satisfy those needs and yet the vacuous ninnies in DC deny us that oil… thereby forcing us to purchase the oil we need from nations that hate us and “soak” us, for every penny they can squeeze out of us, for a barrel of oil. The fault for the godawful prices at the pump, to run our vehicles, can be laid at the feet of the US Congress. They have done this and… they are doing this to America. See… they are going to save us from ourselves. They are going to save the world from some non-existent global warming, which, in our opinion, is another scam dreamed up by an international cabal of con men. (Just my opinion, you understand.)

The US needs oil. Sorry, but that is a fact of life… well, life, as we know it, anyway. Without it, America will implode. We won’t be able to produce and transport food from the farm to your table. Medicines, LOTS and LOTS of medicines depend on petroleum. Take a look at the labels in the clothing you are wearing… chances are very good that the fabric is made, at least partly with a petroleum product… even the shoes on your feet.

Financially… well, I really don’t even want to go there. But, we will venture to say America will have a recession on a scale much larger than anything Americans living today have ever experienced. It will be crippling nationally AND personally. Looked at your 401K lately??? I have… and I shuddered.

We have the oil we need. Plenty of it. Off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, on the outer continental shelf, in ANWR, in shale rock in our western states, in Tar Sands, but our “leaders” have put drilling off shore and in federally controlled lands off-limits. Why, we have enough shale oil available to us to give the US an oil reserve of three times that of Saudi Arabia! That’s JUST in that oil bearing shale rock in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Estimates on the amount of oil in that rock go as high as 2 trillion barrels. Some say that is more oil than we have used since the first well was punched in the Pennsylvania soil in 1859!

So, why are we not going after all this available oil? You can lay the blame for that squarely at the feet of the US government. Our government has succumbed to the global warming hoax and being the good liberals that they are, they are going to save us from ourselves by taking us, and our standard of living, backward in time to an era prior to the American Civil War.

We need to rattle cages in Washington, DC! This is totally unacceptable behavior by our government and they need to hear it from America’s citizens and they need to hear it loudly and unceasingly until we drive the message home. We need oil, and we want our OWN oil, and we want it NOW.

Yes, WE CAN DRILL OUR WAY OUT OF THIS MESS! But we have to start now… RIGHT now!


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