Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Propaganda Machine

The Left Coast’s Propaganda Machine


Are you as sick of the "Hollywood Air Heads" and their smarmy remarks about Conservatives and the President? Not to mention their lack of knowledge (a more sensitive way of saying: their ignorance!) of how the REAL world works!

Here at the Longstreet Mansion, "Magnolia Twins", we don't allow films with those lefty Hollywood types to be shown or watched. Well, most of the time. Truth be told, it's damned hard to find anything out of Hollywood, which is not, made by leftists, is leftist in nature, has a leftist message or is just plain in your face leftist propaganda!

The protagonists in many of Hollywood's fantasies are there on our/your screen portraying a conservative in action, word, and deeds, but behind the camera they are slightly to the left of Joe Stalin!

I have gotten so strict about not watching, or buying, their products that we have a very slim libaray of films, indeed.

I've even noticed that when I do watch a film with a known leftist in the staring role, I unconsciously pull for the bad guys to take him out! Hey, I mean, this is fantasy, right!

I've had people remark to me that they hate paying to see or listen to a musical concert and then be treated to a half an hour of leftist propaganda from the stage. They paid their money to be entertained... not insulted!

Now, I'm going where angels fear to tread: Did you ever wonder why Joe McCarthy and even the Un-American Activities Committee thought it important to investigate Hollywood??? Do you STILL question why? Because... if you do... you have a very real disconnect between what is real and what is fantasy. Yes, there were communists in Hollywood! To say otherwise is akin to saying there are no leftists in the Democrat Party.

In this section of the country, we have often joked that if the state of California suddenly broke away and floated out to sea, we'd hardly notice... and we certainly would not mourn the loss. Why do we have such distaste for everything California??? Because of Hollywood and all the leftists movements which have been born there and exported to the remainder of the country.

I sometimes long for the days of the big Hollywood studios. Back then; you would not have had actors on stage spouting anti-American hate. You would not have had American actors overseas spouting their hate and dislike of their own country. You would have well behaved people, at least in public, and during public performances… or... they would find themselves out on the street, out of work. The studios didn't put up with that sort of thing. There were actual “morals clauses” in actor's contracts, and so much more.

No longer. Anything goes.

I like movies. I like good stories. I like reading. I am a voracious reader. Currently, I am 13 books deep into a series about the Pre-Columbian Native Americans here in North America. What can I learn form reading books on ancient peoples? The underlying fact that I picked up, almost instantly was, that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The human animal... is the human animal... no matter what time period he may hail from. We act the same way, we have the same likes and dislikes, and politics... way back then... was as rotten as it is today! I have learned that we are STILL tribal, and we still make war on one another. The difference is that we have invented more efficient instruments to inflict death on one another than our ancient forebears had.

And there were the cynics, even then. There were those who felt themselves above the fray, better that the common man, wiser than the common man, and they did nor hesitate to express his disdain for anybody not like him. See, nothing has changed, at least, not in the human animal.

But, we feel so superior to our ancient forebears. But, we are not. We are just like them. They had their clowns then, too. The difference is… they thought they were crazy and relegated them to the outskirts of their societies. Today we elevate them to positions of prominence and we support them by buying their products which they palm off on us a "art".

But, then, we have to ask ourselves, do we really HAVE to buy their …uh… “stuff” and support them?

J.D. Longstreet

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