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America Is Not Fair, Boo Hoo! ... J. D. Longstreet

America Is Not Fair, Boo Hoo
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


About 165 miles due west of me, as I write, the democrats are having their "Obama Love Fest" otherwise known as the Democratic Party National Convention, but known by conservative Tar Heels as the "Communist Convention."  It is one of America's largest gatherings of Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Leninists, followers of Engels,  plus their associated rabble in the streets, which include assorted freaks, anarchists, commies, and fruitcakes. All of this is taking place just a few short miles from my hometown -- and it makes me sick!  

The Democratic Party National Convention is about as popular to Tar Heels as a really intense case of chlamydia -- and it is about as unpleasant.

This week we are going to hear the word "fair" used over and over and over by the
Red Flag of Communism
communists who, long ago, gained total control of the Democratic Party.  (If you are a democrat, you need to take a close look at your affiliation with that political party.  It is not your father's Democratic Party.  It is now a communist organ and it is set on destroying your country.)  

I have heard the democrats (ad nauseum) calling for fair taxes on the rich, calling for a fairer society, etc., etc..  It makes me want to toss my cookies!

Look. "Fair" used in the context -- within which the democrats use it -- is nothing more than a code word for socialism -- and Marxism and/or communism.  All three,  Socialism, Marxism, and Communism are the same thing.  Socialism is the entry level stage for all-out communism.  It is considered "low" communism.  That's where America is today. 

If you are one of those standing in the streets of Charlotte, NC, calling for a fairer society in America, or calling for the well-off in America to pay their fair share in taxes, demanding a fairer shot at, well, everything, then, YOU are calling for a communist America.

I have some startling news for you!  WE already have a COMMUNIST AMERICA.  Yep.  America is in a stage of "Low Communism" today.  It is, as I said above, referred to as "socialism." 

I know some of you actually believe communism works because you were taught in college by communist professors that it works.  You were probably taught that its failures have always been due to man's inability to understand and apply communism.  It's all bovine AND equine scatology.

A question:  For those of you demanding the rich pay a "fair" tax -- what the hell is FAIR?  Huh?  Are you so ungodly dumb that you don't realize that if you confiscated everything the rich in America have -- it would not make a dimple in the country's debt?

Useful idiots.  That's what the hierarchy of the Democratic Party thinks you are -- useful idiots.  And as long as you allow yourself to be used by them, then, yes, you ARE useful idiots to the power brokers who stand aloof, clear of the fray, reaping the rewards of YOUR foolish behavior, not to mention YOUR LABOR. 

The tiniest bit of research will disclose that under communism, there ARE two classes -- the lower class and the party elite.  Guess who gets all the benefits of your labor.  Now -- guess which class YOU are in.

America is NOT fair.  It was not designed to be fair.  It was designed to allow a person, so inclined, to try for, to attempt, if you will, to claw his/her way up to whatever he/she defines as success.  Fair had/has nothing to do with it. 

You want fair?  Then you want communism. It is as simple as that. Communism doesn't lift the lower class up.  NO!  It brings the upper class down to the level of the lower class.  That way, everyone suffers equally!

Some commenter I read on a blog, a few days ago, made what I consider an astute and accurate observation. He said that "America's government schools are turning out idiots faster than reality can educate them."  Truer words were never spoken. That man, whoever he is, was spot on.

American scholars, these days, are not educated -- they are indoctrinated.  The central planners in Washington do not need an educated proletariat.  They need more useful idiots and they are manufacturing them every day. Like a cookie cutter in a sweets factory, our nation's schools, colleges, and universities are stamping out indoctrinated "useful idiots" every few months.  For the most part, they haven't a clue what socialism and communism is.  But they know they like it -- A LOT -- and they just  KNOW it is the RIGHT thing for America -- whatever it is.

We are a little over 60 days away from the most important election in the history of the world.  I say "the world" because the person making the decisions in the Oval Office is making decisions that will affect the nations of the world -- not JUST the United States.

Some time ago Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran said the following:  "Israel will not be destroyed by the sword, but by the vote."  Change one word and it reads "AMERICA will not be destroyed by the sword, but by the vote."  THIS is the election that could, very easily, destroy what's left of the greatest nation in the history of the planet.

Obama's communism is systematically deconstructing America and, as he promised, he is "fundamentally changing" us from a free society to a people enslaved to the government. 

If you think things are bad today in America, believe me, it is only going to get worse if Obama is reelected.  The word "apocalyptic" could  realistically be applied to the "Last Days of America Under Obama."

No, America is not fair, but until recently, she was FREE -- and free is always better than fair unless, of course, you desire slavery!

J. D. Longstreet 

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