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Clinton in 2016 ... J. D. Longstreet

Clinton in 2016

A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

I'm afraid King Henry II's remark concerning Thomas A'Beckett:  "Won't somebody rid me of this troublesome priest!?"  rang inside my cranium as I watched Bill Clinton address the conclave of Democrats in Charlotte last week.  Sorry.  I couldn't help myself.

The Clintons are (to conservatives) akin to a repetitive venereal disease on the body politic that just continues to recur.  No matter what one tries,  it stubbornly returns time after time. It can be beaten back into remission for a while, but soon it will be back wreaking vengeance on its host.

I thought from the very first report that the Obama cabal was making an effort to coax Bill Clinton into appearing at the Democratic Convention that they must have lost their collective minds.  Then we learned he had been formally asked to place Obama's name in nomination as the official candidate of the Democratic Party for President of the United States.

My jaw dropped.

We have known for sometime that the Obama campaign was in trouble.  More trouble, in fact, than the campaign -- or the mainstream media -- let on. But we had no idea Obama was so unsure of victory that he would call in an old adversary to try to rally the troops, the democratic base, that is, to come to his (Obama's) aid.  But that, dear reader, was exactly what happened.

Now, right here, I'd like to make an important observation.  The fact that a rogue like Bill Clinton is still held in such high regard by the Democratic Party tells you everything you need to know about that political party.

Bill Clinton -- Impeached President of the US
For the record, Bill Clinton, a Democratic Party President, was only the second President of the United States TO BE IMPEACHED!  Got that?

You're not going to hear that from the Mainstream Media.  You are not going to hear it from a democrat -- and -- even more troubling is the fact that I didn't hear that little factoid mentioned by a single republican, either.  If it was, I didn't hear it.

Not only does it tell us something about the Democratic Party, it tells us something about the Republican Party, the entire body politic in America, and about America itself.  What it tells us is, frankly, not good.

Normally, an impeached President, whether found guilty or not, is marked forever.  President Andrew Johnson was -- and still is -- forever blemished even though he, too, was not found guilty. Back in my school days, as a wee lad, it was one of the first lessons I learned in American history. In those days, of course, Johnson was the ONLY American President to have been impeached.  And it stayed that way -- right up 'til Bill Clinton.

Some may recall that President Richard Nixon came within a hair's breadth of being impeached. But after pressure from the republicans he resigned in disgrace and went home to California to live out his days in relative obscurity.

See, when a republican is disgraced, he IS DISGRACED!  Not so with a democrat.  He is only disgraced for as long as it takes the democrat controlled mainstream media to rehabilitate him. In Clinton's case the MSM was -- and remains -- in love with him and his rehabilitation began immediately at full throttle.  

President Richard Nixon -- NOT impeached!
Dick Nixon was never invited to speak at a republican convention.  I have no knowledge that he was ever even asked to make a stump speech for a republican candidate anywhere in the country after is resignation. 

Heck.  I LIKED Nixon.  He was, in my opinion, one of the finest foreign policy presidents the US has ever had.  BUT, when he disgraced himself and brought shame on his party and the country, he was quickly moved off the stage and into the shadows to live out his life.  It was the price one paid, in those days, for disgraceful behavior.

That no longer holds true.

The morals of America are in the toilet. If there was any doubt of that, at all, observing the fawning of the democrats, the mainstream media, and yes, even a few republicans over Bill Clinton last week should have erased it..  It was pathetic -- AND -- it was disturbing at the same time.

Even more troubling to this scribe is the strong possibility that Clinton will be back in the White House as a resident in 2017.  His title:  How about "First Husband?"

Look. There can be no doubt, whatsoever, that the democrats are pressuring Hillary Clinton to run for President in 2016.  I am convinced that if there had been a chance that she would not run, then her husband, who owes her more than any husband can ever pay a wife, would NEVER have taken to to stage to endorse Obama as he did last week. NEVER!

No, Bill Clinton went on that stage for two reasons.  One -- because he loves the spotlight, nay, he is addicted to it, and Two -- he is beginning to lay the groundwork for Hillary's Presidential campaign in 2016.

Oh, Hillary will play coy for a while.  That is expected.  I understand she has even said she is done with politics, but I don't believe it.  Not Hillary.  She craves the Oval Office even more than her knave husband did. 

And Bill?  Well, Bill wants nothing more than to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I mean, just look at all the trouble he could get into with his prior knowledge of the place.  Then, too, he would be writing the rule book for all "First Husbands" to come in the future. How could he possibly NOT want that?

As much as it pains me to say this, I am convinced, at this point, that another President Clinton is in America's future. 

J. D. Longstreet

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