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Surprise! Surprise! They HATE US! ... J. D. Longstreet

Surprise!  Surprise!  They HATE US!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

As I watched a cable news show recently, the screen was split into six portions and each portion was showing live coverage of Islamic anti-American demonstrations in six different Islamic countries.

No.  I was NOT surprised.  Those people hate us.  Heck, I've known that for most of my seven-plus decades of life. 

I'll tell you something else, too.  All the "kissing-up" by the Obama administration is only making matters worse.

Two observations:

One:  Democracy is NOT for everybody. 

Two:  There is a place in this world for "strongman" dictators. (That split screen presentation of the riots proved it for me.)

Democracy and Islam do not mix.  Freedom cannot exist where Islam also exists.  It is akin to  mixing matter and anti-matter.  You will get a godawful explosion.

So far as the rioting of the Muslims, I could not care less.  The fact that they hate us doesn't concern me -- at all.  I believe most Americans, at least in the region of the country where I reside, feel the same way.  We view them as religious nuts and fruitcakes who, for whatever reason, have chosen to bow their necks to a political system that disguises itself as a religion. 

In my view -- they have chosen that way of life and we (the US) ought to butt-out and leave them to their misery.  It, apparently, is what they want.

I have to tell you, this kow-towing by our President and Secretary of State is unbecoming and, frankly, it is embarrassing to Americans -- well, to conservative Americans, anyway.

The American left seems unable to grasp the truth that apologizing, for whatever reason, is seen as a sign of weakness by the Islamic masses in the Middle East.  Our president continues to look flaccid, impotent, less than a leader in their eyes and they have interpreted it -- and continue to interpret his attitude toward their childish behavior -- as WEAKNESS!   To be honest -- so do I!

If it were possible to wall the Muslim nations off from the remainder of the world, I'd vote for doing so.  We isolate insane people from the remainder of society all the time.  Why not isolate insane regions of the world the same way?

You know what DOES frighten me about the Islamic tantrums?  The fact that the Islamic community in America is growing.  Pretty soon we are going to experience a movement on the part of Islamists in America to have Sharia law accepted by the American judicial system.  It won't be accepted because we have, at least for now, the constitution.  How long then, one must ask, before the bombings, the beheadings, the riots, the totally insane behavior of the Muslims begins in the US?

Let's be clear here:  The American people are watching all the Muslim insanity on their TV's and they know we have had a great influx of Islamic followers into our country over the past decades and, yes, we ARE wondering how long before we face that same sort of anarchistic behavior in our own country?

So far, Americans have been nice. But when another defecates in OUR house, we tend to take it personally and, you can be sure, we WILL react. 

Isn’t it just a tad ignorant NOT to expect this kind of concern from Americans -- a people whom Muslims have attacked many times, and, even now, vow to destroy?

I must tell you -- when someone tells me they intend to kill me and my family, I sit up and I take notice, and I do everything in my power to keep that from happening and… I sure as heck will not lend them a hand in my own murder, or the murder of my family, or my extended family, the people of America.

Eleven years ago this month Islamic fanatics brought us 9/11 -- the World Trade Center.  I can't forget that.  I don't want to forget that!

I was but a wee child when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  That still burns within me to this day.  9/11 will burn right alongside it 'til my dying day. 

Influenced as I am by past acts of terror against my country by Islamic fanatics, I bristle at the demands they make of my country.  I feel the same urge a little boy feels -- just before he kicks over an ant hill.  Just level it and walk away.

America needs, in my opinion, to simply accept that the Islamic nations hate us, viscerally, and always will.  We need to accept that the Islamic people are America's enemies and will be for eternity.  We need, as a nation, to accept that and treat them as an enemy at every opportunity.

We also need to recognize that we have a huge problem, here in America, with Islam.  I understand the First Amendment protection of the practice of religion in America, but what do we do when that religion is also a political philosophy/system and is a threat to the national security of America?

Look.  At some point, most likely sooner than later, America is going to run headlong into this problem.  We are going to be forced to deal with it.  The painful truth is that we will have to decide if we want an Islamic America or an America where one is free to practice his choice of religions -- so long as the practice of that religion poses no threat to national security.

As I watch the Islamic tantrums on TV, the choice, to me, is clear. America MUST find a legal way to ban the practice of Islam in America. If it requires a constitutional amendment then we had better do it -- and soon.

I understand the import of what I have said above.  But the choice is a stark one.  Either we protect ourselves while we can or the US will become an Islamic nation under Sharia law.

Take another look at those Muslim riots on TV.  See what they are doing in their own countries and to each other -- then tell me again why I am wrong.

J. D. Longstreet

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