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Village Children As Responsible Adults? ... J. D. Longstreet

Village Children As Responsible Adults?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

You know, every time I see the Occupy Wall Street crowd making fools of themselves, I think --THESE must be the kids raised by a village!  They look like, sound like, and act like children who've had a, shall we say -- less than sound upbringing.

I submit to you that that is the causation of most of the crime and vandalism done to our towns and cities today.  It is also the root cause of street gangs rivaling the murderous gangs of the old west.  All because a village raised those kids. 

In actuality, it takes a mom and a dad to take responsibility for their offspring and raise those children in the way they should go.  It is the most important duty of every parent. As Solomon said: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is grown he will not depart from it”.  The scriptures also teach us that: “as the twig is bent, so growth the tree”! There it is, folks.  Child-Rearing 101!

Did you see anything about a village raising your child?  I didn’t either.  A village raising a child is strictly a socialist idea.  They know that if they can get hold to that young mind they can indoctrinate that child and create another leftist clone.  And they are correct.  They can.   It has happened, already. We have at least two generations of those people let loose on American society ... nay, the world!   

If you are going to bring a child into this world… be prepared to raise that child and teach that child what it means to be a responsible adult American.  Teach him, or her, the freedoms, the privileges, and most importantly the responsibility one has as an American toward his fellowman.

In my opinion, daycare has caused more damage to the American family and the American society than an nuclear explosion would have wrought!  Mothers, going off to work and dropping their children off to be raised by a stranger.  That stranger spends more time a week with their children than the parents do.  And parents wonder why they have discipline problems when they have their child at home? 

Think about it, dear reader.  The child is just a visitor in his own home.  His real home is at the daycare center! 

I remember that my mother decided she would go to work, soon after my younger brother was born.  He was a toddler and I was no more than five years of age.  My father's employer provided a nursery school for children of their employees, So, my mother and father dropped us off there on mother’s first day at work. 

My adventure with daycare lasted an entire day. 

By the end of that day, I had managed to cuss out the lady in charge of the place, got slapped across the face so hard that the full imprint of the lady’s hand was plastered all over the left side of my face -- and -- had a ruptured eardrum to boot… all because I did not like the way she was treating my brother. 

Like any older brother worth his salt,  I went to his defense.  The daycare lady decided she would treat me the same way she was treating my brother.  I rebelled and told her to take her hands off me and called her a "white-headed old Bi-ch”!  That’s when I got smacked.  

The lady was fired and my parents nearly sued the company… but for fear of losing my father’s job, they did not.  

Thus, ended my one, and only, personal experience with daycare!  I remain proud of it to this day!  And… I detest over zealous authority figures to this day and will to the end of my natural days. 

That was the end of daycare for my brother and me. Besides, with the reputation I earned for myself in that single confrontation, I suspect there was not a single daycare in town that would have allowed me near the place!

Yes, I was punished for my behavior, but not by my parents.  After all, I was doing what was required of me as an older brother. 

My punishment?  I have gone through my life with partial hearing in my left ear that is a constant reminder of my youthful infraction of societal rules. 

The lesson I learned?  When confronting someone larger than you -- be prepared to duck!  Honestly, I was a little slow in learning that lesson and earned myself a broken nose, numerous split lips, and broken front teeth on more than one occasion since.  What can  say?  I'm hard-headed!           

No, a village cannot raise a child properly.  Oh, sure, they can raise a child, but you get … well, what we have today, young barbarians!

Young parents, if you want your child raised properly, with the values you believe in, and with the core beliefs of your family, then YOU raise your child yourself!  If, on the other hand, you trust someone else’s values above your own, then you allow someone else to raise your kids.

It’s as simply as that.

J. D. Longstreet 

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