Monday, September 10, 2012

Long Live King Obama ... J. D. Longstreet

Long Live King Obama!
King of America!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

As distasteful as it may be, I think we need to look at what we can expect if, heaven help us, Obama is reelected.

First we must understand that Obama has had his fill of the Congress of the United States.  After all, the Congress is only the voice of the people of this country.  So, what do THEY know, right? Nah. Congress is just another speed bump -- like the Constitution.  

So, in my opinion, America should brace itself for a king-like President who will, in actuality, rule America by decree.  Obama will simply forget Congress, except as a whipping boy, and he will issue Presidential Executive Order after Presidential Executive Order and will, for all intents and purposes, become the "Dictator of America."
Obama can order things done by Executive Order but the Congress holds the strings to the purse and if they don't like it, they can simply cut off funding, or see that no money is earmarked to finance all those "things" Obama will order done and created. 

If the election ends with Romney winning the popular vote and Obama winning the electoral vote, things will be even worse.  The divide between the President and the people of America will grow wider and deeper and ... bitter.  The divide between Americans will become exponentially wider and more difficult to bridge.  The little civility we have left will be tossed out the window. Americans can expect civil unrest to be the order of the day. The country could (possibly) become ungovernable in fairly short order.  (One has to wonder if that explains the government's purchase of all that ammunition and spreading it around among various government agencies in diverse parts of the country.  Are they expecting this??)        

If you don't like gridlock, you'd better strap in because -- you ain't seen nothing yet. 

Problem is ... it's legal.  And, for me, that's a HUGE problem.  The margin for misuse and/or abuse of Presidential Executive Orders is just to great to trust modern day American presidents with that power.  The days of personal honor, when a man could be trusted with that much power, have long since passed. We desperately need to limit the President's power to use executive orders to circumvent the people's Congress.  Otherwise, what do we need a Congress for?  As we may be about to learn -- all America REALLY needs is a king or dictator. 

Now, for a moment consider this:  If Obama wins reelection, he will have a Congress far more conservative than it is today,  In fact, there is even a slim chance that republicans may control the US Senate as well as the US House of Representatives.  If that turns out to be the case -- their mission will be:  "Stop Obama."  And they will make every effort to do just that. 

Things may become very tedious at times what with a Commander-in-Chief of the world's most powerful military being thwarted by the mere voice of the people exercised through THEIR Congress.  One can only hope we don't turn on the TV for news over breakfast and find tanks surrounding the US Capital Building.  Just because it hasn't happened before does not mean it CANNOT happen.

In my opinion, if America has ever had a President with the capacity to take over the entire government, by force, Obama is that President.

We need to understand that if Obama is reelected, the employment situation will not soon improve, if at all.  In fact, I think it will worsen.  Businesses and corporations will not just sit on their money, they will get as much of it out of the country as possible and, too, they will move their businesses, manufacturing plants, and service industries, offshore.  They will relocate them in countries far more friendly to business. Let's face it.  They would be foolish not to get their money and their business outside the reach of a unpredictable dictatorial regime such as that expected under Obama 2.0.

So -- there go the jobs.

How, then, will Obama deal with the unemployment issue.  He will, I expect, recreate FDR's old WPA ... The "Works Progress Administration."  He will claim it is necessary to put people back to work and to repair and rebuild the nation's infrastructure. Understand -- Obama can recreate the WPA by Executive Order.  He doesn't need Congress to do it. And I believe it is a part of his second term agenda.

With the stroke of a pen, he will have created millions more federal employees sucking taxpayer money out to the US treasury like a giant vacuum cleaner. 

Between 1935 and 1943, the original WPA created eight (8) million federal jobs.  In 1935 the budget for the WPA (in 1935 dollars) was 1.4 billion dollars a year.  I have no clue what that would be in today's dollars -- but suffice it to say -- it would be a hell of a lot more today!

And this is just the beginning.

With no future election to impede Obama's agenda, he can wield the power of government pretty much at will with virtually no one to stop him.  With no one in Obama's way, America will resemble "Venezuela, North."  Obama can then move, as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela did, to make himself President for life.

If you think all this is some sort of fairy tale, you might want to check yourself, hold that thought, and get back to me in a couple of years.

Knowing what we already know about Mr. Obama's penchant for the use of Presidential Executive Orders, is there ANY reason to believe he will not use them, wholesale, to move his socialist agenda for America into  high gear?  I can't think of one, either.

J. D. Longstreet   
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Hal Boogie said...

This is sheer ignorance at best. I can't believe you waste time write this bullshit online to persuade the weak-minded with fear, uncertainty and doubt.


Willard won't win Whitehouse!

OBAMA 2012

Longstreet said...

Thank you, kind sir, for the compliment and for sharing your foresight into the outcome of the coming election. You have been extremely helpful in making my case for me.

Your tolerance of the opinion of others and the respect you demonstrate for those who choose intellect over intimidation seem to reflect the near panic condition so prevalent on the left side of the political spectrum in America today.

But, please DO calm yourself. We have yet a ways to go before America makes her choice. Unlike you, sir, I have no idea how America will vote, but I pray God sanity will prevail and America will have a different President January 20th, 2013.