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Iran to Help Obama with Reelection? ... J. D. Longstreet

Iran to Help Obama with Reelection?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Two stories are making the rounds on the 'net.  One says Obama and Israel have made a deal for a surgical strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. SOURCE:

The other says Obama has made a deal with Iran -- within the framework of which -- Iran will announce it is suspending its endeavor to create a nuclear bomb. 

The story goes that Iran was visited by a US delegation (led by a woman) recently, and a deal was struck with the Iranians to the effect that if they would make such an announcement, the US would not strike them -- and would continue to stand in Israel's way, as well. 

The story goes on to say the US delegation told the Iranians -- flatly -- that a Romney Administration would take an entirely different approach to Iran's building of a nuclear bomb.  SOURCE:

Now, I have NO IDEA which story is true, or if either is true -- or false.

The point of this article is to demonstrate how the entire world is affected by a US presidential election.

The Obama Administration has apparently been attempting to withdraw America from global leadership.  It was a deliberate attempt to create a lowered profile amongst the nations of the world.   The idea, as best we can discern it, was that if America voluntarily removed itself from the global picture, the other nations would not hate us as much -- and -- might even learn to love us.

Yeah.  I know.  The naivete of the Obama administration is simply off the charts.  But understand, this is the basis for Obama's "lead from behind" policy. 

It is simple-minded and it is infantile. 

America cannot simply become invisible - nor should she.

THIS is the naivete of the political left that calls for banning the bomb, and most recently is embodied in Obama's move to reduce America's nuclear arsenal. 

It is the naivete that drives the motley crowds protesting Wall Street in the streets of our cities.

It is the same naivete that withdraws security at a US Consulate in a country brimming with terrorist who hate America. It resulted in terrorists taking advantage of that naivete by murdering America's ambassador to that country, and murdering three more Americans, and destroying the consulate and a so-called safe house,  as well.

It is a naivete that fuels the belief that anything less than a show of strength will make our enemies love us, or, at least, hate us less.

It is a naivete that cost American lives all over the world.

Like you, I have no idea if the Obama Administration is negotiating with Iran to announce a temporary suspension of it's nuclear enrichment program in exchange for America not striking Iran's nuclear facilities,or not.  BUT -- with the next debate to be centered on US foreign policy, Obama desperately needs SOMETHING he can take to the debate table and point to as a foreign policy success. 

It is extremely telling that we would even entertain this report as something to be considered.  It just demonstrates, at least for me, how we have come to expect such underhanded tactics from the Chicago pol currently seated in the Oval Office at the White House.

With practically any other President of the US, this scribe would have brushed off this report as the figment of someone's overactive imagination. But not with the Obama Administration in power! 

For four years we have been served a steady diet of conceit, duplicity, concealment, misdirection, and just straight-up lying through their teeth... and that's just to the American people!!  Lord only knows what kind of double-dealing Obama has been involved with internationally!

We mentioned, just days ago, that, in our opinion, if Obama saw his chance for reelection in danger, all bets were off.  We specifically pointed to a heightened threat to terrorists world wide from Obama directed drone attacks -- just to run up Obama's score and make him look "tough" in the eyes of the voters. I STILL think that suggestion is viable.

In over seven decades of life in America, I have never seen a President so desirous of a second term -- and so unqualified for it.

The political left is still in denial after having seen the REAL Obama on the last debate stage with Romney.  That was not Obama on an "off night."  That was the real thing. 

We all saw a man out-thought and outspoken (extemporaneously) by Mr. Romney.  We all saw a man of average intellect as opposed to the towering intellect of a genius we had all been assured Obama possessed.  Recently, another writer said we got to see, for ourselves, the emperor had no clothes -- once he was standing beside a man who was, indeed, clothed.

The thing is, dear reader, the Obama Administration is a bunch of amateurs, unfortunately, who believe their own PR. The President, himself, has said that HE sometimes believes his own BS.

This is a dangerous bunch -- not just to America, but to the world -- and we need to be rid of them.

In a little over three weeks, America will get a chance to bring some stability back to America and to the world.  I, for one, intend to be there when the polls open to cast my vote.  I'll be voting for "change" and stability, and good sense.
J. D.Longstreet

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