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No National Conversation on Gun Control ... J. D. Longstreet

No National Conversation on Gun Control
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


That national conversation on gun control, the political left is calling for, has already happened and, apparently, the left missed it.  We call it: The American Revolution.  It resulted in something called the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution which, itself, was a result of that revolution.   American colonists fought a world superpower with guns they, themselves, owned -- and they won.

To even attempt to coerce Americans into giving up their guns or approving any device by the government to learn who has guns, what kind of guns, and the location of those guns is simply blowing in the wind.  To put it bluntly -- it ain't gonna happen!

Look, our friends on the political left may love big government, they may worship at the foot of the nanny state, they may embrace the all powerful central government that lords over them from the cradle to the grave --but -- those on the political right abhor that which the left favors.  We, rightfully in my estimation, see the threat to personal freedom and national freedom and we insist on maintaining the weaponry necessary to free ourselves from the intrusive government favored by the left with force of arms -- when that government becomes tyrannical, as it surely will -- if not checked by the very threat of forced extinction applied by those it seeks to enslave.

I really don't know how to make it any clearer than that.    There is NOTHING to talk about.  We are NOT giving up our guns and we will not agree to laws that infringe upon our rights as gun owners.  End of conversation ... PERIOD!

America was carved out of a wilderness by the gun.  Our freedom from Great Britain was won by the gun. We have managed to remain a free people, so far, with the gun, and today, as we realize the domestic threat to our freedom, we are relying more and more upon that very same tool, the gun, to act as a counter threat to those who would take away our freedom and "fundamentally transform" us from free people to slaves of the state.

I am a native of, and live in, the only region of America to be invaded and conquered by the government of the United States.  Many in my generation still feel, even today, as if we are an "occupied people."  Down here in the South, we understand what happens when the federal government takes everything you have, including your home, and your land, and even the silverware from your dining room -- by brut force.

The stories are handed down from generation to generation of southerners about the "War of Northern Aggression,"  "The War for Southern Independence,"  "The War Between the States,"  or the "Civil War,"  that laid waste to some 20 billion dollars worth of private and public property and directly caused the deaths of some two million people, most of whom were civilians. 

Yes, we remember the artillery shells deliberately fired into southern cities smashing and burning them to the ground and killing, God, Himself, only knows how many innocent civilians. 

We remember the planned destruction of whole districts and the horrible mass arrests of civilians, tossing landowners off their land with only the clothes on their backs. 

We remember the god-awful plundering by federal troops of the homes and businesses of civilians.  And we have yet to forget the many, many, murders of civilians, both black and white, by federal troops.

In my home state of South Carolina, federal troops deliberately set fire to homes, farms, churches, and even entire cities.  No southerner was immune from the atrocities of the federal troops. 

Walter Brian Cisco author of the book "States Rights Gist: A South Carolina General of the Civil War" says that " where ever federal troops  encountered Southern Blacks, whether free or slave, they were robbed, brutalized, belittled, kidnapped, threatened, tortured, and sometimes raped or killed by their blue-clad 'liberators.'"
It was the Black Flag campaign -- and YES, the "saintly" Lincoln AGREED with his generals to unleash that hell upon the civilians of the South in a strategy meeting in 1864.

The point is, dear reader, it already happened in the southern states of this nation and it could just as easily happen in EVERY region of this country.    

I highly recommend to you a book by Walter Brian Cisco entitled:  "War Crimes Against Southern Civilians." (It is available at Amazon.)  Once you have  read this book ... "...  you will have a more sober and true, and less self-righteous , understanding of our country." ... Clyde N. Wilson, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History, University of South Carolina.

Now, dear reader, do you really think we are ready to have a "conversation" about giving up our guns?  REALLY?

Just as there were two camps in the days preceding the American Civil War, there are two camps today -- as regards the gun and the American citizen.  One camp made up of folks who think Americans have no need of the gun, and those in the second camp who feel Americans and the gun are inseparable… and should be.  I, of course, fall into the second camp.

George Washington, the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and the first President of the United States said the following: "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government."

Once again, Americans are living through times "that try men's souls."  We sense that we are on the cusp of chaos and anarchy.  With the knowledge of our past -- and how Americans acted and reacted in such perilous times -- is it any wonder that the sale of firearms and ammunition has soared through the roof?   

Look.  When the government is purchasing millions of rounds of man-killing ammunition and failing to offer a reasonable explanation for it, and our President desiring to create his own presidential army, a Praetorian Guard of sorts, our economy wavering on the brink of collapse, the national anxiety level at record highs, racial tension practically on a par with that of the 1960's, rogue nations threatening to lob nukes on us, only a fool is unable to see (or refuses to see)  the wolves circling our camp. 

No, there WILL NOT be a national conversation about gun control, "reasonable," or otherwise.  Americans are just too busy surviving to take part in such a frivolous gabfest as that.

J. D. Longstreet


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