Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Commies Are Thinning the Herd
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

It is said that "green" is the new "red."  Red, in this case, denotes communism.

The environmental movement, the greens (or Greenies), is sort of like a watermelon.  Like that delicious melon, the environmental movement is green on the outside, but red on the inside. 

And they really don't like homo sapiens.  If fact, they seem set upon a goal of eliminating as much of the world population of homo sapiens as they possibly can.

As a homo sapien myself, I find that disturbing and more than a little irritating, frankly.

The concern I have for these less than illuminated intellects has dogged me for some years and on more than one occasion I have written about these concerns.
Have you noticed the common thread running through all the dire warnings and predictions and prognostications coming from the Greenies?  Sure you have.  You couldn’t miss it… unless you have been mesmerized by the hypnotic avalanche of Marxist propaganda re-labeled as environmental concern and thrown at you from all sides day in and day out. 

Well, OK.  There is always that ten percent who do not get the word, as we used to say in the Army.  So here is the message buried in plain sight in all the green propaganda:  Humans must go!  The planet must be cleansed of all human life!  Humans are parasites on the earth and must be eradicated! Genocide!

Whoa!!!!  That’s heavy, man!  Yeah, it is. And it was in your face all the while and you did not see it!  The Greenies view the human race as a toxic virus to the earth.

Look, we have, what, six billion plus humans on the earth right now?   It is an ungovernable lot.  There are too many people to rule.  So, like all good disciples of animal husbandry, the Greenies know the remedy:  the herd needs thinning.

The Greenies/Commies have been preaching to us for decades that man is the cause of all the bad things happening to "Mother Earth."  

Look at this:  "Nearly all the experts agreed that it is "very likely that anthropogenic greenhouse gases have been responsible for most of the unequivocal warming of the Earth's average global temperature in the second half of the twentieth century." That comes from an article at:

Or this:
"There is essentially no disagreement among accredited climate scientists that global climate change is caused primarily by human activity."
That comes for an article at: http://wiki.answerscom/Q/Is_global_warming_caused_by_humans_and_their_activities#ixzz28ivef83K

Yes,  we're told by those enlightened Global Warming know-it-alls that scientists ALL agree that Global Warming/Climate Change is caused by man. 

We get it, already!  Global Warming is all Man’s Fault!  GEEZ!


Now, these are just a couple of samples of thousands, if not millions, of articles out in the ether, in cyber space, on the ’Net.  And these are quite tame. 

The point of all this, in my opinion, is that the Greenies believe there are simply too many people on the planet to govern.  And, yes, it is highly improbable they will tell you that. That would force them to openly admit to their advocacy of a one-world government. But it is, nonetheless, item number one on their their agenda.

Since I believe the goal is to actually bring all the nations of the world under one governance, then crowd control is called for… and necessary.  The most efficient way to thin the herd is to have the herd participate in the thinning. Better yet, encourage them to do it themselves!

“How the heck do you do that,"  you ask?  “Any number of ways," I answer. 

For instance -- bar the use of DDT and allow Malaria to kill millions in third world countries. Or convince the inhabitants of the earth they are running out of oil and instigate “Oil Wars” around the globe, killing off more thousands and eventually millions.  Add to that worldwide famine caused by burning the food crops to produce a product, we are told, will take the place of petroleum based fuels, even though the “powers-that-be” understand the product is not now, nor ever will be, able to produce the energy necessary to take the place of energy from oil. But… that doesn’t matter, because the end goal is to kill off millions through starvation.
Then there is the super-stealth method of thinning the heard -- family planning -- or as you and I know it -- abortion.  Just kill those babies by the millions and you never have to feed them, cloth them, or try to govern them. It’s working!

OK… so I'm paranoid!  What difference does it make if you ARE paranoid, or not, if they truly ARE out to get you???

The ultimate goal, it seems to me, is to bring the earth’s population down to a manageable level so that a single government can control the planet.  (And before you ask… NO, I am not wearing a tin foil hat… and YES, I DID take my meds this morning!)
This whole Global Warming/Climate Change movement reminds me of a movie made back in 1973 titled:  “Soylent Green”.  The movie is set in 2022.  (Just ten years from now!!) An overpopulated earth is starving and must depend upon government manufactured food items called Soylent Green, Red, and Yellow to exist. But in the midst of a murder investigation, a cop discovers the secret ingredient of Soylent Green.  It is the flesh of other humans. The government had discovered a way to “thin the herd” by allowing the herd to do it for them.

The world is filled with “useful idiots."  They will do anything for public recognition and adulation.  They will even serve those who would destroy, even THEIR OWN WORLD.  They will lead movements to convince their fellowman that mankind is destroying his home planet.

Yes, they ARE idiots… but… they are USEFUL to those who pull their strings!

There is no denying the impact the Greenies have had on our society, especially here in America.  Perhaps the most egregious poster child for the green movement/communist movement in America is the US Environmental Protection Agency.  In my estimation, they have done more harm to our society that any good they may have done for our environment. 

Among the first actions I'd like to see a new president undertake in 2013 is the abolishment of the EPA.  (To be instantly followed by the abolishment of our domestic Gestapo, the Department of Homeland Security!)  But I won't hold my breath in hopeful anticipation of either.

I've never understood what attracts some people to movements/causes that demand their own death and/or the deaths of their fellow human beings. (A caveat, of course, would be service in the military of one's country.)

When you understand that the Greenie philosophy is really the communist philosophy, you begin to gain insight into the REAL reason behind the entire movement: One-world government.  Not JUST a one-world government -- but a COMMUNIST one-world government. They refer to it as "global governance."

Just remember the watermelon when you see the Greenie slogans on posters, on TV,  even on labels found on the food, appliances, automobiles, practically everything you purchase.  The "green" is just camouflage for what's inside.  The "red" of communism.

J. D. Longstreet

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