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The Agony of Defeat ... J. D. Longstreet

The Agony of Defeat
Arrogant Democrats in Disarray After Obama Defeat in Debate
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


It was a long time coming but FINALLY Romney is showing some fire in the belly! It blazed in the first debate with Obama and it utterly flummoxed Obama and angered the democrats. 

It was a beautiful thing!

Conservatives have been BEGGING for Romney to begin swinging hay-makers at Obama.

Even more enjoyable than seeing Obama's lunch eaten by Romney was to see the deflation of the democrat spin doctors, pundits, and apologists.   They had bought into their own PR and their own propaganda and when it turned out to be untrue, they were totally dumb-founded.  Apparently, they actually believed the golden-tonsiled Obama would simply sweep all before him with his stratospheric oratory.  Uh-uh.  Doesn't work that way.

Making a speech and debating are two entirely different things.

I've been a public speaker since I was nine years old.  But, to this day, I will not take part in a debate.

Both public speaking and debating are "learned" talents.  Few are good at both.  Even less are great at both.

We all should understand that these so-called presidential debates are not true debates.  They are more akin to duel press conferences with a limited number of interrogators.  In many ways they are much simpler and much easier than a true debate.  Unfortunately, we learn less about the debaters than we would if these talk-fests were true debates.        

The leftist media, better known as the Mainstream Media, had the stuffing knocked out of them at the first debate.  That, too, was a beautiful thing.

Was it Obama's Waterloo?  Only time will tell -- and there is precious little left 'til November 6th.

The question now is -- will the "October Surprise" even save Obama? 

No, I have no idea what the October Surprise is, nor even IF there is one scheduled. But -- if there is --  I wouldn't be surprised if the handlers of Mr. Obama spent a great deal of time after the debate trying to reach a consensus as to when to spring their "secret weapon" designed to lock in victory for Obama on November 6th. (If there isn't one, I'll  bet they are scrambling to come up with one, post haste!)

Under the circumstances, especially after Obama's national embarrassment in the debate,  if I were a Middle Eastern Islamofascists terrorist, I'd be finding myself a nice, deep, hole in the ground -- somewhere -- and I'd crawl in it -- and stay there until after November 6th.  There can be little doubt it is now "D" day for terrorists! ("D" as in DRONES!

The next debate is on foreign policy and Obama is in desperate need of some success, heck, ANY success!   Let's face it -- "I killed Bin Laden," just isn't enough to provide insulation against the truth of Obama's utter and complete failure in the foreign policy arena.  Romney has enough ammunition on Obama's pitiful record to counter any assertions of success Obama might make and trounce him many times over.

Now it will be the job of Romney's handlers to be darned sure Romney is loaded for bear when next he and Obama meet on a debate stage.  If there IS a second debate.

Even Obama's MsM support went wobbly after his debate night performance.  Many of them pronounced, in exasperation, that it seemed obvious Obama did not want to be on that stage with Romney.  I happen to agree with them. Obama really did not want to be there.

What happened to Obama's "the smartest man in the room" aura?  It certainly was not apparent in the first debate.

I can't get past the notion that what the world saw in the first debate was the REAL Obama -- not the inflated image created by the media and PR specialists.  No longer is he the empty slate upon which one could write his/her expectations, hopes, desires.   What the world saw was an empty sock puppet without a puppeteer.

I actually think a second debate is questionable, at best.  

Look.  How difficult would it be for a "tail-wags-dog" scenario to be implemented that would require the President's immediate -- and continued -- attention, therefore making it impossible for Obama to participate in a dinky little side show like a debate, anyway?   The answer:  Not very.

In the first debate, the world saw a man unused to being confronted by someone -- ANYONE-- disagreeing with him.   Surrounded by sycophants, as Obama is, he had no resistance to the zingers propelled at him by Romney.  And it was obvious.  Obama seemed to shrink right before the eyes of the world. 

Obama was, no doubt, humiliated.  A humiliated narcissist will seek retribution.  I suspect the second debate (if there is one) will be a real scorcher. 

There is just no way the democrats can allow Obama's pitiful performance in that first debate to stand.  Sometime, between now and the next scheduled debate, the democrats campaign against Romney can be expected to to dive to new and formally undiscovered levels of pure "dirt."  Be assured, after the revelation that Obama is simply not capable of matching wits with Romney, the Democratic Party will feel compelled to do what Obama obviously cannot.  It's going to get nasty.

The message has gone out: It is time now for the GOP to strike while the iron is hot.  It is time for conservatives who may have been waiting on the sidelines to get in the game.  The democrat opposition has been set back on its heels and is reeling.  The battle has been truly joined now.  And this scribe, for one, is ecstatic to finally see the real fighter, we had longed for, step onto the stage and deliver blow after crippling blow to the left's champion of socialism/Marxism.

Not to put too fine a point on it but -- it was a beautiful thing!

J. D. Longstreet

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