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The Miracle that would save America from Obama-imposed American Marxism ... Judi Mcleod

The Miracle that would save America from Obama-imposed American Marxism
By: Judi Mcleod

There’s a promise made over an unbeknownst open mic to outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on March 26, 2012, that awaits the outcome of November 6.

“This is my last election…after my election I have more flexibility,” President Barack Obama told Medvedev, indicating a chilling confidence that he would win a second term.

Prime Minister Medvedev, his replacement President Vladimir Putin, the reelection-bound Venezuelan despot Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and Obama-propped Egyptian president Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Morsi await the fulfillment of that not meant to be heard promise.

They are the enemy at the gate who will goad Obama on to the continuing destruction of America should the worst happen on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

We have been in the dark before but never has the dark been so dangerous as now when Marxism and radical Islam have joined forces to deliver world populations over to the One World Order-driven United Nations.

The world thought the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall ushered in the end of communism.  Few knew back then that Communism would join radical Islam to begin in earnest smothering the freedom of the West in 2008.

Even after four years of policies that bring America to her knees, Obama and Mitt Romney are running neck and neck in the polls.

We need a miracle for the most crucial election of our lifetime, and the miracle exists somewhere within the 77.7 million who declared themselves Catholic in 2011 (Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate).

The 77.7 million Catholics represent a significant 24.9% of the U.S. Census Bureau’s estimated population for last year and are the body of the church who has fought all forms of marxism, of which communism is one, for centuries.

Down through those centuries, the most epic stand against the curse of Communism could be the one waged over the courageous struggle to build the humble Nowa Huta church in post-war Poland.  This was back in the days when Archbishop of Krakow Karol Wojtyla, who was to become Pope John Paul II, laid down a gauntlet he never picked up again.

Readers can still see the full story in Pope John Paul II’s biography posted on the Vatican website,  thus described: “It is a small gem of a story, multifaceted and 20 years in the making.”

“Nowa Huta was a kind of test-tube town built by the Communists in the early 1950s, just outside of Krakow.  The town, part of Bishop Karol Wojtyla’s jurisdiction, was meant to be a worker’s paradise, built strictly on Communist principles, supposedly an enduring rebuke to the “decadent”, “spiritually besotted” Krakow, where folk insisted on worshipping in a real church.  The regime assumed, of course that the workers would all be atheists, so the town was built without grace of church or steeple.”

It didn’t take long, however for the workers to make it clear that they wanted a church.  Wojtyla loyally communicated their desire to the powers that be, and the regime immediately opposed it.

Yet the conflict wouldn’t melt away and neither would the dedicated Karol Wojtyla.

    According to the Vatican website, “The conflict became an intense symbol of the opposition between the Catholic Church and the Communist State. It was a conflict between the workers’ world that was supposed to be beyond religion–and the actual workers singing old Polish hymns that started with the words, `We want God.’ The Communist Party reluctantly issued a permit in 1958 and withdrew it in 1962.”

    But steadfast Bishop Karol Wojtyla was about to prove that there is more than one way to win a war.

    “Years went by and Wojtyla, joined by other priests met with authorities and patiently filed and refiled for building permits. Crosses were put up in the designated area and were then pulled down in the darkness of night, only to reappear weeks later.”

    States the Vatican website: “Meanwhile, Bishop Wojtyla and other priests gave sermons in the open field, winter and summer, under a burning sun, in freezing rain and snow. Year after year, Wojtyla celebrated Christmas Mass at the site where the church was supposed to be built. Thousands peacefully lined up for communion, but tension was building.

    “By this time, the Communists, local leaders, residents and Catholic Church had dug in, their positions seemingly intractable. The Communists’ compromise to allow a church to be built outside the town was ejected–until Karol Wojtyla, the realist, the negotiator broke the stalemate, persuading everyone that the existence of the church transcended all other considerations. The time to bend was now.

    “In May 1977, one year before he became Pope–almost 20 years after the first request for a permit–Karol Wojtyla dedicated the church at Nowa Huta.

    “What the worshippers were most proud of, and it was a symbol Karol Wojtyla helped make into a reality, was the giant crucifix that hung over the altar. It was made out of shrapnel that had been taken from the wounds of Polish soldiers, collected and sent from all over the country to make the sculpture for the new church.

    “From the first day of his election, John Paul II’s pontificate raised concern in Central Committee headquarters. Canadian reporter Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun) put it this way: `I was the first Western journalist inside the KGB headquarters in 1990. The generals told me that the Vatican, and the Pope above all, was regarded as their number one, most dangerous enemy in the world.’”

    We don’t have to rely only on journalists to understand the full impact of John Paul II on the fall of communism. It was the Polish pope who rocked former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev to the very core of his atheist foundations. Gorbachev, who, with a little help from UN friends, was to someday go on to replace the Ten Commandments with the Earth Charter, gave this due to the Kremlin’s number one enemy: “It would have been impossible without the pope.”

    It took the Power of One to build the church in Nowa Huta with its magnificent crucifix built of shrapnel from soldier’s wounds.

Generations later it now falls to 77.7 million Catholics to save America from Obama imposed U.S. Marxism. and Canada Free Press reader Bob Preyss, who is working on a five-day Prayer Circle, a sort of Patriot’s Prayer Day starting November 1 and running right through Election Day, asked me if I could send a prayer.

The two-word prayer I send, is as meaningful today as it was back in post-war Poland.  My prayer for the miracle to save America from Obama is:  “Karol Wojtyla”.
Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.

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