Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Democrats Scared that Hillary WILL Win Nomination!

Democrats Scared that Hillary WILL Win Nomination!

She is, quite likely, the most feared democrat of them all. No so much by republicans, as by democrats!

Yes, republicans fear the Clinton Machine. They would have to be complete idiots not to! But her unfavorable ratings do not cause republicans to lose sleep at night. On the other hand democrat candidates, for lesser offices throughout the country, have been losing, and continue to lose, lots and lots of sleep… and with good reason. Those unfavorable ratings of Hillary’s are not just from republicans they’re from democrats, too. She is just not liked by a hell of a lot of people from all walks of life and from all the various political parties.

Consider this: Suppose you are a democrat candidate for the state legislature in your state. With Hillary at the top of the democrat ticket, you would have a perfectly legitimate reason to worry. People don’t like her. Americans, democrat and republican, have a terribly difficult time voting for someone they don’t like. So, a democrat candidate must worry that democrats who don’t like Hillary simply won’t turn out to vote, thus giving the advantage to his republican challenger.

And then there is the other side of the coin.

Republicans love Clinton about as much as they love AIDS! She and her husband are the epitome of everything the right teaches its children to fear and avoid. The Clintons are evil personified to the vast, vast, majority of republicans… and conservatives of any political party or movement. They will feel it is their patriotic duty, even their religious duty, to get to the polls, somehow, and cast a vote against her. Conservatives crowding the polling places could cause republicans to win… not just the presidency, but many, many, of those races for various congressional seats, state senate seats, and Houses of Representatives seats, and so forth. So, democrat candidates have a real problem this election cycle.

Democrats fear the Clintons. The Clinton Political Machine can crush the political aspirations of any democrat who doesn’t go along with the wants and desires of the Clintons. The political landscape is littered with the political bodies of politicians from the left side of the political spectrum, which, for whatever reason, did not do as the Clinton’s demanded. Their vengeance is swift, sure, and brutal.

The GOP would do well to NOT count on the dislike of Mrs. Clinton to carry the election for them. Instead the GOP would be well advised to see to it that Mrs. Clinton has a polar opposite running against her. Give the electorate a clear choice. Sell it as a choice between good and evil.

Many Americans have not forgotten the shame the Clintons brought to the White House and to the Oval Office. Conservative Americans most of all.

It is no secret that conservative voters are not happy with the slate of candidates the GOP has presented, so far, from which we are expected to choose a nominee. Democrats, especially, are counting on a low turnout, by republicans, at the polls, in November of ’08, to elect their nominee. However, if Hillary is that democrat nominee, conservatives won’t sit out the election no matter who the republican candidate turns out to be. Plus, there is the hovering specter of Fred Thompson, out there, looming over this election cycle as the preferred conservative candidate… even though he has not officially announced.

It will be a fairly easy thing for Mrs. Clinton to clinch the democrat nomination. But clinching the national election is, altogether, another thing.


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Frank said...

You are right I hate her ALMOST as much as I hate this administration, as in I wouldn't waste good urine on one if I saw one on fire infront of me. But I don't think she is evil, at least not as evil as Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, shoot this whole administration and anyone who is blind/dumb enough to support or even acknowledge them as human beings.

kip152 said...

Recent history is on Romney's side, after winning the Iowa Straw Poll.

Longstreet said...

Romney will not carry a single southern state.