Friday, August 17, 2007

How to Lose a War!

How to Lose a War

At the risk of sounding negative toward our military… and… at the risk of being accused of putting our military down… something needs to be said.

Simply put, we are in the mess in Iraq, today, because we have tried everything, in Iraq, but fighting a war!


The Left in this country has sold America the limp-wristed idea that everyone is just alike and we can all just get along. Well the truth is, that’s a lie! BUT, it’s a lie they have sold and that Americans have bought. Why? Because if fits into the world view of the anti-war folks who manage to actually touch reality when some one shoves the barrel of an AK-47 up their nose!

Look, I am long past believing we are going to win the war in Iraq. First, the democrats cannot allow that to happen… and they won’t. Second, there is no desire on the part of Americans to actually win a decisive victory. As I said above… they want to join hands in a circle and sing Kum Baya while the world goes to hell in a handbag.

I hate to tell you this folks, but that attitude is going to get America relegated to the dust heap of history and it may very well get you, and your family, killed.

To do what needs to be done in Iraq and Afghanistan, we need to actually fight the war. So far we have not done that. We have been too busy nation building. The US has absolutely no business trying to nation build. Our Military needs to be about the business of destroying nations.

To actually fight a war… we’re going to have to get our hands dirty. We are going to have to do things they most of you think civilized human beings don’t do. I’m here to tell you the civilized human being who wishes to remain alive will do whatever it takes!

When the US actually decides to fight a war in Iraq, two things will happen almost immediately: One, we will win, and two: we will take far fewer casualties while we are winning.

But we have two problems today. One: our government does not have the testosterone to fight a war through to victory… and two: the generals in our military today are emasculated. They need to be sent packing and “fighting generals” put in their places. And finally… fire every lawyer working for the military. Get them the hell off the battlefield and out of the war planning rooms. Sometimes fighting a successful war means you have to do things that civilized society finds unacceptable. But that should never stop us from doing those things… if… doing them will bring us victory.

But, the sad truth is, we don’t have leaders willing to lead anymore. We don’t have leaders with the steel in their backbones and love of their country in their hearts. When you order men into war, or lead men into war, you need both those things. We don’t have them anymore.

The bottom line is… unless we Americans are prepared to do the dirty, ugly, unthinkable thing on the battlefield, we have no hope of winning. Our enemies already know this and they are exploiting it to the utmost. They are calling America a paper tiger and they are right. We are a shell of who we were just a generation ago.

The enemies of America are prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat us. No matter how dirty, how ugly, how inhuman (and unhuman), it might be… they have no qualms about doing whatever it takes to win. And they will keep coming until they win or we annihilate them. Since the US, as we know it today, is not prepared to annihilate an entire people, then we are sure to lose. Our enemies know that. They are prepared to continue this war for as long as it takes to bring America to her knees. THEY know they have already won.


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Frank said...

When you order men into war, or lead men into war, you need both those things.

Both things being a viable threat and honesty in the reasons for going. Those sir are the 2 things lacking here. Sadam had NOTHING repeat NOTHING to do with 9/11, Sadam had NO repeat NO WMD. All he had was oil fields we needed to privatize. That sir is not a justification for war. Bush is a traitor to this country and an enemy of the constitution, and an insult to anyone with an I.Q. over 70.

Have a great weekend....

Frank said...

Oh and a third thing needd, and exit strategy!

Longstreet said...

Where is all that oil this war was about???

Don't get me wrong... I could support a war to take the oil! I mean, as long as the libs in this country wont let us get our own oil, oil we already own, then we are gonna have to take it from somebody! Who better to take it from than from our enemies?

I just tanked up my truck this morning and, for the life of me, I do not see the benefit from all that Iraqi oil we are supposed to have invaded that country to obtain.

Hope you have a great weekend, too, ole buddy!

Best regards , as always!


kip152 said...

As a liberal, our expectation, when the war started, was that competent leaders would get the troops and money they needed, and put them to good use. None of that has happened.
Bush could have sent in 500,000 soldiers over there - if he had reinstituted the draft. Bush could have paid for all the equipment, training, and care the troops needed - if he had had raised taxes.
The war would have been long over if we had a strategy for success - one that included diplomacy in the region, and a solid government in the new Iraq.
The Bush Administration is responsible for us losing this war.

Debaser said...

Our military should be in the business of destroying nations? Pre-911 Afghanistan fit into the category of a destroyed nation. What came of it?

I agree with you that the war was never fought to win, but that's not the Democrats' fault. They were not in power in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, or 2006.

You need to both fight to win, and THEN nation build or you just have a failed state that really is breeding ground for extremism.

In other words, we had no business being in Iraq in the first place. Bush and Rumsfeld dropped the ball in Afghanistan by fighting a limited conflict, failing to secure the countryside, and also by cozying up to Musharraff who is allowing the Taliban to stage in the western part of Pakistan.

The American people and the rest of the world would've been behind a full effort in Afghanistan. Why didn't our leadership take advantage of that?

Frank said...

The American people and the rest of the world would've been behind a full effort in Afghanistan. Why didn't our leadership take advantage of that?
Because they got the pipline for unical and then needed to liberate the oil fields of Iraq for 5 big oil companies to boost their profits globaly.