Friday, August 31, 2007

New Orleans Should Have Been Abandoned After Katrina!

The first rule of “hole digging” is: when you find yourself in one… stop digging!

In New Orleans, not only are we still digging, but we are digging faster, and deeper, and with the money of the American taxpayer!

Let’s look reality in the face, shall we? New Orleans will NEVER be saved! The city is doomed! The American taxpayer can pour the nation’s entire treasury into that sump hole and it will never be enough!

Even the Native Americans would not build their villages and camps on the ground upon which much of the city of New Orleans sits today. Why? Because it is sinking! It has been sinking, for only God knows how long. They city has been doomed even before the corner stone of the first building was laid.

Location is only ONE of the problems with rescuing New Orleans. The overriding problem… and the one, which ensures the city’s eventual demised is… the people… not just the people… but also the attitude of the people.

New Orleans is as close to a third world country as you are likely to find within the borders of the United States. As long as the citizens of the US continue to flood that wasteland with money, it will suck up every dime and demand more… much as they are doing now. A century from now, New Orleans will still be sucking from the Federal Teat and complaining that not enough taxpayer largesse is coming their way.

Now… here is the almost unbelievable situation as it really is: No matter how much money, no matter how many man-hours of labor, are poured into that swamp… none of it matters. New Orleans is on track to be struck again… and flooded again … with the same results as Katrina, only… at the cost of even more taxpayer money! It is not a question of IF it will be hit by another hurricane, it is a matter of WHEN. It could be this 2007 hurricane season, or next, or the next… but it will be destroyed… again.

And another thing, if you have deluded yourself into believing that those folks who would not leave, who would not get out of the path of Katrina, will surely leave and get out of the path of the next storm, I have to tell you… you are sadly mistaken. What we all saw when Katrina struck, and the citizenry of New Orleans did so little to protect themselves, their families and their property, is the result of generations of people depending on the Federal Government for their livelihood, for the food on their tables, and for their safety. That kind of dependency breeds “helplessness” to fend for oneself, or one’s family, and we all saw where that leads when disaster strikes. A poor, bewildered, huddled mass of “helpless” people pleading for help, unable to help themselves because they don’t know how! They’ve never HAD to fend for themselves, they have never HAD to take responsibility for themselves… and suddenly, ALL THAT is required of them… and they cannot respond.

Essentially what has happened is…. New Orleans has been adopted as a ward of the Federal Government… FOREVER! My grandkids will STILL be paying for the upkeep of New Orleans long after I am dead and gone!

Soon after Katrina, I suggested that the city be abandoned and a NEW New Orleans built on higher ground. Oh, but you say, that will destroy the ambience of New Orleans. Yes, it will. But, I have to tell you… I ain’t big on ambience when I’m paying for it with my taxpayer dollars!

Seems to me we have two viable options in dealing with New Orleans: One raze the city, bull doze it, and rebuild on higher ground, … or… two: give it back to France, along with a few hundred billion US dollars to boot. The latter would be less expensive for the taxpayers of the US than continuing to pour money into a completely hopeless, helpless, city. Rebuilding the nation of Iraq will turn out to be less expensive. At some point we will abandon Iraq. Unless we can convince France to take New Orleans back, we’re stuck with it!

It is not only an all too expensive project; it is not only a fool’s errand, it is embarrassing, as well.


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Anonymous said...

Another flag draped patriot willingly turning their backs on their own citizens. What kind of patriot is that? New Orleans is there at this moment. You can't wish it away. Are you going to help us or abandon us? Either way, be honest with yourself. One of those stars in the flag is us.

Frank said...

You know, just out of respect sir, I ask you please to shut off the corporate media for a change. Louisiana has already been abandoned.
By the red cross who took 50 million in donations from Kuwait, that was designated for Katrina relief and building themselves new offices in New York with the money, which sir is theft from the victims the money was for.
They have also been abandoned by The Road Home Foundation that was set up specifically to deal with people who had flood damage to repair flood damage that would cover pretty much the lower 9th ward. Well sir money earmarked for that was sent to people who had wind damage, doesn't sound bad, but when you figure in the poor areas had the flood damage and flood insurance is an add on most of those people couldn't afford while wind damage, as I know you are aware of is not a "special rider" on homeowners.
By F.E.M.A. who has these people living in trailers where the formaldehyde levels are toxic and they won't test these trailers for it, because once they admit there is a problem the clock is ticking on how long they have to fix the problem. Nice cut liability at the cost of lives.
And sadly by their neighbors.... My girlfriend's neighbor's husband (her and him moved up here after the mess). In the beginning I said this was their (Big Governments) chance to change the ethnic/political landscape of the area. But back on point. This gentleman had to go down to help his cousin and her children because they are in a F.E.M.A. camp in the Baton Rouge area and the white kids in the area throw rocks and pick on these children relentlessly. The K.K.K. is on a big up surge in the area... (isn't the K.K.K. a terrorist group, shouldn't the Feds. round them up under the patriot act?) but anyway people who by the grace of God have live life a little better off than others act like pigs. I guess that it's true; some are blessed while others are cursed.
God Bless.

TexasFred said...

TexasFred’s » Anger, Sadness Mark Katrina Anniversary

Some places aren't WORTH saving...

Anonymous said...

But some people are still not giving up on New Orleans. Especially since this is their home they loved so much.

On a lighter note, I hope you don't mind, LongStreet if I could recommend you as part of Blog Day2007. If you want to know what it is, check this site out.


Fetiche said...

Longstreet is correct.

My beloved has called New Orleans "a sinkhole of depravity in a deathtrap location." The people driven from it by the hurricane have made very little effort to rebuild their own lives and homes. They seem to think it's everyone's responsibility but theirs.

Is this America, where people are expected to live with the consequences of their decisions and look after themselves with a little help from their neighbors? Or is it the socialist hellhole I risked my life to escape?

Shay in NOLA said...

You seem to forget about the MANY people who call New Orleans home who work and pay taxes and had the sense to get out before the hurricane hit and who HAVE returned and HAVE rebuilt their homes. As Americans we deserve to choose where we live we should not have to abandon our homes - what of those who live on fault lines or in tornado alley or in the path of volcanos - should they leave their homes as well and move some place you see fit? The government IS responsible because our city was flooded because of faulty levees made BY the government - not because of the hurricane. Get your facts straight.