Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Unpatriotic, Un-American Hollywood.

Unpatriotic, Un-American Hollywood.

Back in the days when Americans had a sense of shame, Hollywood, a part of the political left in America, had the common decency to refrain from attacking the US military, and America, while the country was at war. It just wasn’t done! Why? Because people who love their country don’t do that sort of thing. It’s called “patriotism”. For those of you on the left… you can find the definition of patriotism in any dictionary. But, then, if you have to look it up… what does that say about you?

Now comes word that Hollywood is churning out a number of anti-war, anti US military, anti conservative, and anti Bush Administration films… just in time for the ’08 election cycle. Will wonders never cease??? Who would have thought that Hollywood had so little class? The answer: Just about anyone who has seen Hollywood’s products of the past 20 years, or so.

Well, Conservatives are fed-up with Hollywood’s self-appointed expertise in diplomacy, and in politics in general. Their slobbering after the Clinton Administration was the beginning of their fall. Their rabid attacks of the current administration has underscored their vacuous, brainless, emotion-based hate of anything even approaching Conservative. Their hedonism is held up to the light for all to see, and they attack the light because the truth of who, and what, they are, nearly destroys them. They live in a close-knit environment of fellow leftists and they have come to believe that their view is the view of all Americans. How wrong they are! Yet, their limited intelligence shields them from the truth of their foolish image as seen by sane, intelligent, people. They make spectacles of themselves revolting to Americans who believe in their God, their families, and their country.

So, what motivates them? Fear motivates them. Fear that their Godless existence will tarnish their carefully molded personas and mark them with the “Mark of the Beast”.

No single community in America has done more to destroy this nation than Hollywood. None. Their efforts have lowered the morals of America’s youth to the lowest common denominator… and then lowered it some more.

No longer does the public believe they create movies for the sake of the art of entertainment. Now we know they create movies as propaganda, as “How To” instruction for all sorts of crime and debauchery.

Their utter disregard for morality is disgusting. When we think they have sunk as low as it is possible for one to sink, they sink even lower.

And now… they want to dictate, to average Americans, how their government should conduct the people’s business. They call into question the veracity of a President, and a government, duly elected by the people of the US, and undermine the war efforts of this country by propping up dictators and publicly slandering the US while visiting other countries abroad. They slander their own country while bowing at the feet of some of the world’s worst dictators.

While many of the top tier actors, and actresses, haven’t even a high school diploma, they know they are smarter than you and I because they can ACT AS IF THEY ARE. They have come to believe their own press releases!

Their disgusting, degrading, products have polluted the minds of our youth long enough. But they are not finished. Oh, no!

Now they are going after their own country, with renewed vigor, in a reinvigorated effort to exchange our democratic government for a socialist regime. The vast propaganda machine of the left is churning out the anti-American propaganda, which is coming to a screen near you very soon. Watch for it! And avoid it like the plague!

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Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

“Conservatives are fed-up with Hollywood’s self-appointed expertise in diplomacy, and politics in general.”

I became fed-up and bored years ago. Their ability to re-write history and offend just about everybody never ceases to surprise me. Historical accuracy and Hollywood rarely seem to coincide.

“Their efforts have lowered the morals of America’s youth” backs up a theory that I have held for years. Keeping to general population uneducated and oblivious to the outside world makes a population easy to control. Orwell’s 1984 is alive and well here.


Longstreet said...


By the way, is Pinewood still up and running??? I don't see much produced by them on this side of the pond anymore. Just curious.

Best regards!

Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

Pinewood is still there. They still turn out movies but it must be difficult for them to compete with the big budget Hollywood epic. I guess some of the storylines would not transfer over to the U.S. market.

The problem I have with Hollywood is their ability to change historical facts to make a ‘better’ movie. The majority of people are completely incapable of any independent though and believe that facts as they are displayed in the film. A prime example - Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart.” Wallace supposedly fathered a son by a former Princess of Wales who actually gave birth seven years after his execution - some pregnancy!

I will assume that you are not a fan of ‘Syriana’, which condemns U.S. institutions and industry, ‘Good Night and Good Luck’ about Ed Murrow and McCarthy or the 2004 remake of The Manchurian Candidate, where a U.S. multinational corporation resembling Halliburton replaced the communists of the 1962 original.

I should read my posts first – my grammar and spelling is appalling. And here I am ranting on about keeping the population uneducated!

Longstreet said...

You are correct about those movies. I didn't see them. I had read enough about them, and seen enough of their promos, that I was able to decipher what their propaganda would be, therefore I stayed away. Sorta makes one wonder what a "House Unamerican Activities Committee" would find these days!

I like a good story as well as the next guy. But, it seems to me that changing facts about a historical event so that a movie made about that event will be artistically more acceptable is a form of deceit.

We are about to be flooded with movies, over the next few months, which have one overriding purpose... and that is to sway the American electorate into supporting a Leftist agenda in the 2008 election. I think Hollywood ought to be required to tag those movies with disclaimers, just as US polticians must do, declaring the movie as a political message.
I'm not holding my breath, though.