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Imposition of the “Fairness Doctrine”, as Law, is Guaranteed!

Imposition of the “Fairness Doctrine”, as Law, is Guaranteed!

Think the Fairness Doctrine has gone away? Not a chance! If the 2008 elections turn out as I expect, with a Democrat takeover of the Legislature and the Oval office, the Fairness Doctrine as a federal law, not just an FCC regulation, will be the law of the land. There is no doubt about it, absolutely none.

Frankly, I see no way, at this juncture, that the Republican Party can salvage the mess they have made of things in Washington. There isn’t time, even if they had the inclination. They have yet to understand that we conservatives handed the Congress to the Democrats in ’06 as punishment of the Republican Party for being deaf to their conservative base and unresponsive to their entire constituency. To even hope they will do the right thing between now and November of next year is a pipe dream. They haven’t yet understood how they lost!

Think I’m the only conservative out here that thinks this way? If so, we recommend you go over and read the article by Joseph Farah at “World Net Daily”. You’ll find it at:

Farah hits the nail on the head!

After thirty years in the broadcasting business, I hung up my headphones and my mike and left the building. So, why am I concerned about the Fairness Doctrine and the damage it will do the broadcasting business in America? Two reasons: One: it will completely destroy the AM Band and change the entire face of broadcasting in America… on radio and TV. It will not stop with the “broadcast” media, either. The dems will lock in their “censorship” by extending the Fairness Doctrine to the cable business and the satellite business. They will have complete control over what you see, and hear, in America.

Two: they will then come after the Internet! Oh yes! The Internet is already in their sights. Blogs, like this one, will be gone! Millions of conservative voices will be silenced, immediately, under any form of Fairness Doctrine pertaining to the Internet.

The Fairness Doctrine is simply the democrat philosophy: “If you can’t compete with them… destroy them!”

What about the Constitution and the First Amendment? Why, they’re mere inconveniences to the democrats.

If we conservatives do not soon realize we have no friend in the Republican Party and stop depending on the GOP to do the right thing, we are going down in flames! The only hope for conservatives in t America is to pull out of the GOP and form a CONSERVATIVE Party! Until we do, we will continue to lap the dust from the boots of the republicans and humbly accept the occasional pat on the head from those who think of themselves as our masters.

We have had a recent demonstration of our power. The Immigration Bill… the Amnesty Bill… went down to defeat as a result of overwhelming force applied by conservatives across the land. We desperately need to consolidate this power into a political party, which actually gives a damn! The Bluebloods and the Country Club set are again in control in the GOP and they do not want us among them!

Conservatives cannot “effectively” fight the Fairness Doctrine from the GOP. We have to fight it on our own, as we did the Amnesty Bill. We defied the GOP on the Amnesty Bill and we killed it. We will have to defy them again on the Fairness Doctrine.

If there was ever a time in America for a Conservative Party to take root, it is NOW! If there was ever a time in America when a Conservative Party was needed… it is NOW!

We have the most powerful tool we have ever had, literally, at our fingertips. The Internet! If we don’t use it now, and get ourselves organized into a political fighting force, it will be too late when the Dems gain control in 2009. The Internet will be taken from us. You may choose to believe it or not, but, that is how seriously at stake freedom in America is today.

We conservatives have a small portal within through which we must pass, and quickly; if we wish to see our country saved from the ravages of the “socialist machine” in America known as the Democrat Party. Let’s not blow it! We won’t get this chance again. The Dems will see to that!


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