Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Global Warming HOAX Beginning to Unravel!

The Global Warming HOAX Beginning to Unravel!

We have said for sometime now that Global Warming is quite likely the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. As a result we have been called every name in the book... many of which cannot be repeated here, as this is a family site.

The purveyors of this make believe disaster have finally overplayed their hand. They have caused so much embarrassment among the REAL scientists of the world that; finally, those REAL scientists are fighting back.

Report after report has been released, in recent days, refuting the claims of increasing global temperatures caused by man’s activities on this planet. Striking a blow for sanity they are causing a real commotion amongst the world’s Global Warming Crowd.

There is an excellent article over at World Net Daily we recommend you read. Follow up on the sites it offers for additional info and you will come away shaking your head, in awe, at how gullible mankind really is.

You’ll find the article at:

Now, we have the task of re-programming our children with the truth and erasing as much of the Global Warming gobble-de-gook installed in their small brains as a part of their indoctrination in the Government schools as we possibly can. If I had children of school age today I’d be instructing them to completely ignore what they are taught in America’s schools concerning the Global Warming Threat and I’d be teaching them how to spot a “con” and not be sucked in by the complete avalanche of “pro-hoax” material fed to them in school, on TV, in the movies, and even in their textbooks.

Those of us who have held out against the worldwide hoax will never be recognized as preserving the truth. We will simply be ignored because it will be entirely too embarrassing for the hordes of human beings who will have to admit they bought into the hoax ... lock, stock, and barrel!

Powerbrokers have played upon man’s weakness for hoaxes since the beginning of time. The old traveling “Medicine Shows” with a self appointed “Doctor”, selling a “tonic” to cure everything from hangnails to cancer is a very good analogy in explaining man’s near desire to be flim-flammed. Believe me, it would not be so easy to fool the human animal if the human animal did not have a deep seated desire to BE fooled!

Look, I spent many years in the advertising business. I KNOW, first hand, how easy it is to sell anything! And I do mean anything! If you can fake “earnestness”, you are already half way home. Then you simply create a "desire” for what you are selling. That is the easiest part of all. You play on man’s greed and man’s need to believe that his fate depends upon himself. To motivate him, you simply lead him to understand that something he loves, or simply wants, is being threatened, or MAY be threatened in the future. Then you have him! It’s a simply, fundamental process. The purveyors of the Global Warming Hoax have played it masterfully.
But... there is a problem with all hoaxes.

At some point the hoax will be put to the test. It is at this point that the hoax fails.

The hoaxster is rarely punished. Why? Because to punish a hoaxster one must first admit that he, or she, was taken in by the hoaxster. It is just too embarrassing. The hoaxsters count on this to get away.

The bigger the hoax… the better… and the easier they are to sell to the public. What could be bigger than the destruction of the earth? Huh?


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Longstreet said...

I visited your site, sir. It is a very nice site. But... I found nothing in the content which would convince me that Global Warming is anything more than a world-wide hoax.

Best regards!


cube said...

During dinner, we often discuss our children's day at school. Many times the discussions involve deprogramming them about the "man-made global warming" nonsense. The schools are pushing aside worthwhile subjects to push this agenda. It's a terrible waste.

Climate change happens & it will continue to happen whether we like it or not.

Mystery Maiden said...

"The bigger the hoax… the better… and the easier they are to sell to the public."

Kind of like 911, JFK's murder... - but I guess you wouldn't buy into that lefty crap either, right? I don't see how encouraging more responsible environmental practices, especially in one of the leading countries in the world is a bad thing, but hey, I guess we've all got our issues to push - or de-bunk, in your case. It makes us feel important and gives us purpose in life, right?

Anonymous said...

When you do a Google search for “Global Warming,” one of the top two results that always pops up is the Wikipedia entry for this subject. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Unfortunately, most of the people that sign up and edit this article exhibit a clear pro-global warming. This means that everyone from school children to the media are getting this highly biased view of Global Warming, when they research this topic via a Google search. Fortunately, however, ANYONE can sign up on Wikipedia free of charge in less than one minute and edit this article. I would encourage everyone to sign up and contribute to this article, to ensure it presents the correct view of global warming.

-E. Zantryus