Sunday, April 27, 2008

Embarrassed that the US is a Member of the UN!

Embarrassed that the US is a Member of the UN!


Somebody, somewhere, the other day, remarked that simply because the UN is corrupt is no reason for the US to leave the UN. The writer suggested strongly that the US “fix” the UN!
The first thought to enter my mind when I read that was… “I wish I had a case of whatever that guy is smoking!”

The UN is irrelevant. It has made itself that way. It is corrupt, beyond measure, and it causes far more problems than it solves around the world.

The UN exists only to provide cushy offices and grand homes, for their officials, and… diplomatic immunity while they are here, on US soil. It also provides a headquarters for practically every enemy country on the globe to base their spying operations against the US. It is the only spot on the globe that bloodthirsty dictators can come together with total immunity.

I am embarrassed that my country, the US, is a member of the UN and I take every opportunity to plead with my government’s officials to do all in their power to get the US out of the UN.
There may have been a time when an organization, such as the UN (when it began), was necessary. NO longer. It has become the thing we feared most… an enemy of the US. And that enemy is perched on the riverbank in New York City. Yes, I know the UN owns the land their building stands upon, but the fact that it’s proximity, to US soil, is so close… makes me shudder with revulsion.

So what should the US do? First… get out! Look, we know who our friends are. They are the people we need to bond with in a mutual defense treaty, of some sort, and allow the UN to collapse of it’s own corrupt weight.

I am sick and tired of the UN, and the political Left, insisting that we get that proverbial “permission slip” from them to take care of problems in the world that affect the US. The US doesn’t need the UN and, I daresay, the majority of Americans do not wish to continue our membership in that disreputable organization.

If the US withdrew it’s funding of the UN, I suspect the UN would eventually have to close its doors. We pay 22% of all the expenses of the UN and we provide the finest troops in the world for their peacekeeping (?) missions.

Does the fact that the US pays such a large amount of the expenses of the UN bother me? You bet it does! If former Senator Jesse Helms, of North Carolina, was still in the Senate, I daresay that amount would be nearly cut in half, if we didn’t withhold payment altogether. The latter would suit me. Every time the US treasury cuts a check for the UN it just feels like aiding and abetting the enemy.

The UN does not reflect the values the American citizen holds dear. We have no business in an organization bent so completely toward our destruction. I understand we may be trying to live into the old proverb,” Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer”. That may be. But the UN is just too close for comfort!


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