Friday, April 11, 2008

Is Barack Hussein Obama Toast?

Is Obama toast? My friend, and fellow blogger, Alan Caruba, thinks so... and I tend to agree. Caruba has written a piece well worth your time and your consideration. You'll find it at:

So far in the campaign, only democrats have been unloading on Obama. After the democrat convention, the GOP will take it's place among those unloading on Obama. Some folks are going to be totally surprized at what comes to light before the election in November. And... I would be willing to bet, there will be democrats, in the democratic party hierarchy, feeding information to the GOP to assure Obama's defeat.

What? You don't believe that could happen? Which planet do you live on?

Look, let's be honest for a minute or two: Neither political party is happy with it's candidates for president. I have become convinced the GOP really doesn't want to win in November, and... as I have said for over two years now, McCain is a sacrifical lamb, at least he was meant to be... before the democrats decided on party suicide!

There are some serious, serious, problems facing our nation in the next 4 to 8 years. Some very serious actions will need to be taken, by the administration in power, and much of what will be necessary is NOT going to be popular. Neither party wants their name attached to it. Nevertheless, one of the parties will be unlucky enough to win the Oval Office in November.

Let me give you an example: On the top of the list of unpopular things is the Iraq war. The dems had not expected to inherit that war. They have tried every legal means within their power to minimise it and get the troops home. They were unsuccessful. So, come November, it will become "the democrats war".

Now, here's what you need to understand: The democrats are not about to have "DEFEAT in WAR" added to their resume! We all know the democrat party cannot be trusted with national security, that is a fact well known to everybody. They have no desire to go down in history as the party which lost the war in Iraq and caused America to suffer the worst military defeat in it's history! Nosiree! Ain't gonna happen.

So, what's going to happen? The dems will have to continue the war at the same level... or at a level of increased intensity. All the while they will have to deal with Iran and the remainder of the Middle East... plus... the global war on terrorism.

And then there is the economy. I don't even want to go there. Why? Because we are going to be taxed out the whazoo!

Point is... all the anger now directed at George Bush will be re-directed at the democrat president and his/her party.

Those of us who have been around the block a few times are aware of what is happening and we are dumb-struck at the ignornce (of the American electorate) of the facts on the ground as they pertain to the next few years in our history as a country.

The "brainiacs" in both parties are well aware of all the above and they are worried witless about it.

The bottom line is... both parties are scared to death they might win in November!


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Frank said...

If a Republican wins the presidency after the Debacle of this moron, I will never ever vote again, because the American people will have proved themselves to be retarded as a nation. I am already checking into options to drop my citizenship and stop supporting this country in the form of taxes.

M. Simon said...

Alan is a long time friend of mine from when I used to write at Sierra Times.

Loved your line about neither party wanting to win in Nov.

BTW I do think McCain will do well enough in office. He is a right wing Democrat. Which makes him only some what insufferable. He gets the war and that is totally important.

Obama has the "black riots" veto. He has a lock. The Ds are so screwed. Heh.