Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain Should “Shut-Up” and “Butt-Out” of North Carolina’s Republican Business!


McCain is saying the NCGOP is “out of touch with reality”. I submit, Mr. McCain, it is YOU, sir, who is out of touch with reality!

You folks in the McCain Camp seem to have absolutely NO IDEA just how FURIOUS at McCain Tar Heel Republicans are! Hell no, we’re not listening to you Mr. McCain! And we won’t! This is OUR state and you, sir, have zero input into how we run our politics here.

No need to remind us the GOP is the "Party of Lincoln". Many of us here are trying so VERY hard to forget that. Many of us here will turn a five-dollar bill over so that Lincoln’s portrait is facing down before we hand it to a cashier. Many of us will ask for five “ones” in exchange for a five-dollar bill just to get Lincoln’s picture off our person and replace it with the five portraits of a fine Southern gentleman.

Mr. McCain, you would be well advised to spend no time, and none of your precious campaign treasure, in North Carolina… because… you, sir, may have just lost this state in the General Election in November.

And finally, Mr. McCain, as far as this Tar Heel is concerned, you are not welcome in our fair state. You have insulted us… deeply. We have very long memories and I can assure you, sir, your insult will not be forgotten by May 6th, nor by November. In fact, your insult to REAL Republicans in North Carolina, will NEVER be forgotten.

McCain Should “Shut-Up” and “Butt-Out” of North Carolina’s Republican Business!

Someone on John McCain’s staff really needs to take him aside and explain to him that we folks in North Carolina do not take kindly to being dictated to by anyone, especially a liberal RINO!

McCain hurt himself yesterday and continues to inflict wounds upon his campaign which may very well come back to cost him the votes of this state in November.

The ad the NCGOP will begin running on Monday is none of McCain’s’ business. The republicans in North Carolina decided to run the ad… and they will… whether McCain likes it or not!!

Look, Tar Heels are not at all pleased with McCain as the Republican Party’s nominee in the first place. In my case, I have no intention of voting for McCain either in the primary or in the general election in November. However, many NC republicans are going to hold their noses and vote for him, anyway, because the possibility of Hillary, or Obama, becoming President of this country is just too horrible a thought to bear.

So, McCain was already on thin ice before he shot off his mouth about the NC GOP’s decision to run the ad. He has only turned off even more republicans in my state and if he persists he may lose this state in November because NC republicans who are already fed up with the spineless national republican leadership will just decide to stay home in November to “teach the GOP a lesson”.

You can see the ad for yourself here:

Now, how stupid is it to bite the hand that feeds you? Very stupid, indeed…and that is what McCain and his camp are doing!

Now, you begin to see why I refuse to support McCain. He will NOT FIGHT! What does it say about a candidate who does not want the office he is running for enough to fight for it? What does it say about what he WILL fight for… or, even more importantly, what he WILL NOT FIGHT FOR! McCain’s mouthing off about NC’s decision to actually fight for the office of Governor of this state has riled a lot of North Carolina Republicans. Include “yours truly” in the “riled” category!

McCain needs to stay out of the North Carolina GOP’s business.

The RNC needs to stay out of the North Carolina GOP’s business.

McCain PO’ed a lot of my fellow Carolinians in South Carolina in 2000… and it cost him dearly. Now he is making the same mistake again, this time with the Old North State. McCain is quickly becoming "persona non grata" in the Carolinas!


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Frank said...

If McCain opposes that add I have just raised my opinion of him... That add is pure B.S. Look at what Hagee has said about the Catholic Church...... It does not address one issue that affects this nation. That add is shamefull, McCain has worked with Obama in the senate and each man knows each others real character. I think God is getting America, we had Bill who signed the late term abortion law and then God repaid us with George W. Bush, biggest moron in American history. Can't we as a nation put all the B.S. adds behind us and talk about real issues.... The economy, oil prices, healthcare, social security, the war, veteran's benefits, etc.