Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Third Clinton Administration

The Third Clinton Administration


So, how’s the primary shaping up in NC?

It’s an Obama win. No question. The Clintons are about as well liked in the Carolinas as AIDS. But, there are those democrats who will vote for her rather than Obama, some because of race, and others because of … well, let me relate a recent experience I had with a friend.

My friend is a democrat. He told me in no uncertain terms that he would vote for Hillary in the coming primary because… he knows that should she win the election in November, her husband, Bill, would actually BE the President. You see my friend was truly impressed with the “job” Bill Clinton did as President.

To be honest, I had suspected this for some time, but to actually hear someone, a democrat, put it into words set me back on my heels for a moment. I wondered just how many folks will vote for Hillary believing that they are voting for her husband Bill?

Now here’s the truly frightening thing, to this writer… I believe they may be accurate in their deduction!

How difficult is it to believe that Mrs. Clinton will be able to ride herd on Bill from the Oval Office. Easy, you say? Wanna bet? Forget the Secret Service being able to control him. She’d have to have a platoon of US Marines to do that. Forget Bill giving up his, uh, “wandering ways”. I’ve known men like Bill Clinton and the ONLY three things that slowed THEM down was age, illness, or death. It’s an internal wiring screw-up somewhere in their DNA. They’re pitiful creatures, really. So terribly insecure they need constant love and adoration to feel any self worth. Look it up in the Shrink’s Encyclopedia and you’ll find Bill’s photo right there.

So, will Hillary win against John McCain? My gut feeling is that she will not. First, she is not going to get the chance… unless …something really striking happens at the Democratic Convention in Denver. (I’m still sorta expecting a brokered convention with a third candidate, possibly nominated from the floor, actually securing the nomination and becoming the democratic candidate running against McCain in November.

That many Americans see Hillary’s run for the presidency as a shot at Bill’s third term comes as no surprise, really. Many republicans have been saying it for months. There is some truth to it. Place Bill Clinton anywhere near the Oval Office and he WILL meddle. The Administration would be worst than the last Clinton Administration. Dope, bubble gum, and dare we say it… sex(?)… plus, the old “hangers on” from the previous Clinton Administration.

I have spoken to many republicans here in NC and nearly everyone has said he, or she, had rather have Obama as President than having the Clintons back in the White House.

No matter how the election goes in November, the Republican Party is finished. Yes, even if the GOP candidate wins the Presidency. The liberal left wing of the Republican Party is now back in control. You know, the bunch that kept the GOP on the backbenches in Congress until the Conservatives managed to take over in the mid-nineties. They’re back … and they have control… and they will lead the party right back to those backbenches.

I have been a registered republican since my 21st birthday. But, I cannot remain in a political party, which is nothing more than “democrat light”. There are millions more just like me.

I am currently searching for a new political home for conservatives. I have concluded the GOP is bent on going “the way of the Whigs” and will soon fade into obscurity.


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Frank said...

They’re back … and they have control… and they will lead the party right back to those backbenches.
I've heard from people in congress on Both sides that congress was never as split as it was when the Republicans controlled it under Bush. They'd have committes that the dems were in and the Republicans would have them in secret locations, all kinds of BS. Before that and when the Democrats controlled thay said they golfed together in the off time, families on both sides would go to dinner, they were "friends" and ammicable and did more for the Nation than the Party, as it should be. Personally after that fiasco if I were Nancy, I would have offered pardons to anyone who could make enough republicans disappear to land my butt in the whitehouse, and cleaned them out of the supreme court and congress, but hey that's just me and she's a chic and doesn't have the stomach for it and offered an olive branch..... we may be better off in the long run for her actions, but I would have got this country back on track immediately.