Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thoughts of a Carolina Man!

Thoughts of a Carolina Man.


The writer below is a man I have come to admire. I have met him, briefly, a couple of times and taken part in events he as covered for his paper and I am familiar with the people and places he writes about.

Jeff Weaver, in my estimation, is a well-grounded southern man… a Carolina man. His writings represent the thoughts of conservative Carolinians from the small towns of the Carolinas… to the country folks who populate the hills, the piedmont, and the coastal plains of the state we share. His articles are always thoughtful, extremely well written (written, in fact, for “everyman”) and written with a velvet touch. Even when scolding, his touch is soft, yet firm and assertive. It is the mark of a true southern gentleman.

As I read the piece below, a few days ago, I was struck by the truth within and how Jeff so boldly splashed it across the page. He has opened a window for us to introspectively take a look at ourselves as we approach the primary election here in North Carolina on May 6th, and even more importantly the General Election in November.

On reliance upon government, Jeff says... "After all, if we can’t force ourselves to buy a little less gasoline, thus forcing the oil companies to drop their prices, then we certainly can’t be expected to think, and we don’t deserve the right to express ourselves.

Come to think of it, if we’re going to regulate the ability of a company to make a profit off a product which all of us need, but the consumption of which many of us can control, then we really need to have rationing of all our constitutional rights, along with everything else.

After all, the government should have to take care of each of us, especially if we’re too lazy to work for a living, or not driven enough to succeed because someone hurt our feelings once years ago, or people don’t like us, or we just plain can’t. Isn’t it the government’s job to make everything all right?"

We recommend you take a few minutes and enjoy what Jeff has to say in his piece entitled: “A Modest Proposal”. You’ll find it at:

See what I mean? He’s right on target. A modest proposal? Perhaps. But Jeff offers more than a modest amount of common sense!

Thanks, Jeff! Again, you made my day!


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