Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Take the Olympics Back to Greece… And Keep Them There… Permanently!

Take the Olympics Back to Greece… And Keep Them There… Permanently!


Those “non-political” Olympic Games are SO political they are a hot potato which has become nothing but a gigantic soap box from which the hosting nation publicizes it’s brand of despotism! It has become a humongous propaganda engine… and very little else.

I lost interest in the Olympic Games along about the time Mark Spitz won all those metals (seven) at the Munich Games in 1972. Oh… yes… that was the year the “Black September” took the Israeli athletes hostage, inside the Olympic Village, and murdered eleven of them before the incident was brought to a bloody close. That was 36 years ago. Nothing much has changed, except that we, as a country, are at war against the terrorists.

The Olympic Games are a farce. (In my humble opinion, of course.) It is unrealistic to expect a communist nation, or a socialist nation, NOT to use the games as a means to place a “pretty face” on their heaps of dried bones. For behind their facade is nothing less than an accumulation of “whited sepulchers”.

Of course, democratic nations use the games for propaganda purposes as well. And that makes my point!

A little honesty, please! The BS about the Olympics being non political, etc, etc, is just so much “bovine scatology”. Nothing more!

So, now Hillary is calling on President Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in China. “Nanny Pelosi”, Speaker of The House, has also suggested the same thing.

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Do you see the appeal of the games as propaganda machines? The Democrats cannot stand letting a chance, like the opening ceremonies at The Games, go by without taking their shot at their own form of propaganda! (Remember President “Jimma” Carter boycotting The Games during his administration???) I will not be surprised if voices from the Republican Party are raised, demanding the same thing, at any moment.

The Games have become a worldwide three-ring circus. They have no value, any longer, as a diplomatic forum, if they ever did.

So, I suggest doing one of two things: Stop The Games… or… return The Games to Greece, their country of origin, and allow them to remain there for as long as they survive.


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Frank said...

Since it is our duty to spread Democracy globally then it is our duty to invade communist China, much like we did Iraq, oh wait the Chinese army would crush our puny army by sheer numbers alone, not to mention the superior Asian intellect. We can't bully them much like the playground bully won't pick a fair fight.... Nice Commander in Thief we have....

Longstreet said...

Frank, at this point in history, the economy of the US and China depend on each other way too much to go to war with each other. Besides, if we wanted to fight we have had an excuse for a long time. Taiwan.

Then there is always the question of who would prevail. Last time we fought, the US fought China to a draw with a tattered, patched together military which was all we had left after the cut backs followimg WW-II. We sent a bunch of green National Guard troops into Korea and nearly got them wiped out before,we got some properly trained and properly led troops ready to field.

So, the question of who would prevail in a war between the US and China is certainly an open question.

I don't ever want to see that happen. Someday it might, but not now. We depend on each other way too much.

Best regards!