Thursday, October 14, 2010

Judge’s Ruling Mirrors America’s Decadence and Decline

Judge’s Ruling Mirrors America’s Decadence and Decline
The Path to the Draft!
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

America’s moral decline has been obvious for decades to those Americans who actually make an attempt to maintain civility and morality not just in their religious lives, but in their “workaday” lives as well.

Now we get rulings from the courts, which demand that some of us accept those things our religion teaches us are abominations -- the worse kinds of sin.

Are we so stupid that we have to wonder why America is in such trouble?

Could America’s trouble stem from it’s forsaking the deity that had extended the arm of protection and guaranteed the prosperity and progress of a nation I am personally convinced was founded as the last hope for a deteriorating world?

America has deteriorated from a nation held up as a shining example of what a God-fearing nation ought to be to a nation so mired in decadence that we have become the sort of nation to which WE USED TO SEND MISSIONARIES!

Look, we murder our babies and refer to it as “The Right To Choose.” We accept homosexuality and refer to it as “Tolerance.”

Many of our mainline religious denominations have gone over to the enemy. “Under the same management since 33 AD” no longer applies. Having found that following the dictates of God and the Scriptures is uncomfortable and inconvenient they have forsaken their mission on this earth and become no more than social clubs espousing leftists political philosophy from their pulpits such as environmentalism, liberalism, political correctness, (which is rooted in Marxism), and moral relativism. It would seem the modern mainline denomination churches now stand for everything -- but the Christian faith.

I have heard it said that if God does not destroy America, then he owes an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah.

What leads me to reverse my collar and climb into the pulpit with this tome? Another judge legislating from the bench. A judge’s ruling that Americans MUST accept a life-style many of the Judeo-Christian faith believe -- and their faith teaches -- is one of the worse sins a human being can commit is, or, at least, OUGHT to be, an affront to every American who subscribes to the Christian faith. Unfortunately, subscribing to the Christian faith and living the Christian faith are two different things in today’s America.

Yes, I understand the judge’s ruling applied to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of the US military. But do not be so naive that you kid yourself. This ruling will, most certainly, come to apply to all civilian endeavors as well.

This ruling will destroy our military just as it will bring dissension, discord, and eventually, dissolution to any civilian organization to which it is applied. For evidence, all one has to do is consider the mainline religious denominations which have accepted homosexual leaders and now permit the ordination of practicing homosexuals as pastors. They are crumbling from within while those religious denominations that insist upon remaining true to the scriptures are thriving and growing in vast numbers. After having tossed the scripture, upon which their churches were founded, out the window, they wallow in self-denial as they struggle just to have enough attendance at services to fill the choir, let alone the pews. They are, as the scriptures tell us: reaping what they have sown.

I left my denomination when it went over to the enemy. If I were an active member of the US military today, as soon as my current enlistment was up, I would leave the military, as well.

The US military is at war. They are fighting and dying every day. This is certainly NOT the time to force them to implement a new social policy on the fighting forces, which everyone (but the left) knows is going to cost the USA military additional lives on the battlefield.

The political left has never understood the sacrifice the people of our military make to insure the continued existence of the left’s unhappy lives. They have extreme difficulty understanding how anyone would willingly give their life for their country. They give lip service to terms such as “respect” and “honor” but I suspect they have never made the connection between those words and their application and practice, as they pertain to the US military.

If this judge’s ruling is allowed to stand, and I see no reason to suspect otherwise, as any appeal will be before the 9th Circuit Court, the most liberal court in the land, then we suggest the Commander-in-Chief order a 45 day period in which any US service member, not wishing to serve alongside homosexuals, be allowed to request and receive an honorable discharge and leave the services forthwith.

Of course, that will not happen.

If I were a recruiting officer today, I would request reassignment to some other duty. But recruiting won’t be a problem for long. The draft will have to be reinstituted in a few short years.
J. D. Longstreet

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