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Karzai in Talks with Taliban to end Afghanistan War?

Karzai in Talks With Taliban To End Afghanistan War?
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

We have seen AP reports in the past few days that report the Afghanistan government is talking with Taliban leaders to end the war in Afghanistan.

The top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. David Petraeus is reported to have said: "There are very high-level Taliban leaders who have sought to reach out to the highest levels of the Afghan government and indeed have done that … "

Petraeus is also reported to have said: “Reconciling with Taliban leaders is being "pursued by the Afghan leadership at the very highest levels.”

(You may read the entire AP Staff Report at CNSNEWS.COM (HERE).)

OK! So now, the obvious question(s): What the hell are we fighting for in Afghanistan?? And: Is the Obama Regime behind the Karzai/Taliban talks as a desperation move on Obama’s part to cut and run from Afghanistan?
I have seen very little reporting on this in the press and I must tell you I find that appalling!
BOTH these questions are extremely important.

Look, too many American lives have been lost in that that woefully backwards land for the Obama Regime to command our troops to cut and run and effectively hand the country, lock, stock, barrel, and government to the very forces we have been fighting and shedding American blood to squash.

I am no diplomat (obviously), but it seems clear to me that Karzai’s very life is dependent upon US forces remaining in Afghanistan and finally defeating the Taliban. Inviting the Taliban to become a part of the government of Afghanistan amounts to handing over control of the government to them (the Taliban).

If the Obama regime stands by and allows this to happen, then the lives of all the military service personnel (Americans and others) killed since that war began will have been lost in vain. That is unacceptable. At least it OUGHT to be.

“Waheed Omar, a spokesman for Karzai, denied that President Barack Obama's stated goal of beginning to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan in July 2011, if conditions allow, spurred the Afghan government to set up the council or reach out to the Taliban.” (SOURCE).

Sorry, but I am not buying it. The whole things smacks of exactly the type scenario that fits, “to a tee” the way the democrats would slink off a battlefield.

What happened to the democrats “Good War?” What happened to the democrats (and Obama’s) “The RIGHT war?” Remember when George W. Bush was President and Obama was a candidate -- that was the way the democrats described the war in Afghanistan?

The limp-wristed liberal democrats have no clue how to run a war. They do not understand the military and the certainly do not understand the application of military force. They don’t have an inkling what it does to a proud military force when their Commander-in-Chief declares victory and yanks them from a battlefield in the middle of a war.

Ask a Vietnam combat veteran about winning every battle but losing the war in Vietnam. Go ahead. Ask them. Let them tell you about the stigma they carry with them the remainder of their days on this earth.

Consider what this will do for the morale of the Islamofacists we are fighting around the globe. It will reinforce their belief that America is a “Paper Tiger.” They will be emboldened to escalate their terrorist war on Americans costing more and more American lives.

Look, when a nation confronts evil in it’s purist form, that nation cannot turn its back on the fight. Evil will not back down. To defeat it, it must be destroyed – and destroyed completely.

Obama either does not know, or does not care that backing down from the enemy in Iraq and in Afghanistan is an open invitation to the Islamofacists to bring the war to the American homeland. Make no mistake about it. They will do exactly that.

Remember this when a suitcase nuke is detonated in Washington, DC, or New York, or some other major US city.
THIS is why, my non-American readers, the American people do not trust a democrat president during wartime. Somehow, America forgot, as they were caught up in the mad rush to elect the first black President of the United States.

American voters need to remember this when they head to the polls on November 2nd, too. The US desperately needs to relieve the democrats of power in our government and replace them with conservatives who understand that America is in a fight for its very life with the Islamofacists. Americans need to understand; too, this fight will go on and on and on as long as there is one single nutcase terrorist left alive on this planet. Dropping our guard for a single instant invites disaster of biblical proportions.

Dear reader, all of this simply underscores the importance of the November 2nd, Mid-Term Election. It is too important to overestimate. The lives of thousands of Americans are at stake. The freedom of the country is under attack by the liberal-socialist democrats who subscribe, some unashamedly, to the teachings of Marx and myriads of other communists.

I cannot stress enough that the American constitutional republic is facing its most dire threat ever. President Obama has proven he is not up to the task of President. He has certainly proven he is not up to the task of commanding our military as the Commander-in-Chief. Our current Congress, both the Senate and the House of Representatives, has proven it is not up to the task of protecting the country and insuring its continued existence. Why, they won’t agree to even construct a measly fence to provide a small measure of security along our southern border with Mexico. THEY MUST GO – or America will go!

I have avoided broaching the subject of the impeachment of President Obama but, I must tell you, if we learn Obama’s Regime, in any way, encouraged the talks between the Afghanistan government and the Taliban, then we strongly suggest an incoming GOP controlled Congress has a duty, I repeat, HAS A DUTY, to the American people to begin such proceedings immediately after the swearing-in ceremonies.

The insult to the American military by the Obama Regime must not be allowed to pass unchallenged.

We urge you to “Remember in November” and vote accordingly.

J. D. Longstreet

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