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Southern Politics

Originally Published April 27th, 2007
The Southern Democrat/Republican
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

There is a time-honored tradition in the South of registering to vote as a Democrat but actually voting for the Republican presidential candidate.

It makes no sense any longer to do that.

Back when the Democrat party controlled the South, prior to the Civil War, and again immediately after the so-called Reconstruction, the South was solid democrat. Why, even the Klan, and the Night Riders, were created by democrats.

Southerners are big on family, family tradition, and personal, as well as family honor. And to the Southerner it just seemed dishonorable to forsake the political party of your fathers.

Then came the 1960’s when the Democrat Party adopted much of the Socialist Party’s platform. Southerners, never the bumbling idiots other regions of the county made them out to be, quickly realized that Socialism and Communism were, for the most part, one and the same. There was a mass migration of Southern Democrats away from the Democrat Party.

Unfortunately, the Socialist/Democrats control academia in America and when the Southerner sent his son, or daughter, away to college, they almost always came home as new socialist democrats. Not knowing the history of politics in the country, and certainly not taught a balanced history of politics in college, these young people came home as freshly minted socialists. It caused great concern for their families because Southerners know that Socialism and Christianity cannot co-exist. Some Southern families were driven apart never to re-unite. Others simply accepted their child’s new found religion, socialism, and prayed regularly for their awakening before the fires of hell claimed their souls.

So… those young socialists are now the baby boomers with children of their own and, in some cases, grandchildren. They go to church every Sunday and worship and pray and… somehow… they do not see the marked irony in what they are doing. They are members of, and regularly attend, churches, which teach that Abortion is wrong, that Homosexuality is wrong, and… that it is the churches place to care for the poor and needy and not the government’s… and they continue to align themselves with the political party which supports these hellish ideas.

To make the problem ten times worse, many of the nation’s mainline churches have been hi-jacked by the same socialist who indoctrinated the baby boomer generation during their college years. Thus, all the trouble and turmoil in the Mainline Denominations today over the same issues supported by the Democrat Party.

So, what we have, at least here in the Southland, is a dichotomy of the Southern family into two opposed divisions. And it has been this way since the democrats became the Socialist/Democrats in the 1960’s.

By and large, though, Southerners vote conservative. Every election since the Nixon Administration that has meant voting for the Republican candidate, or some third party candidate, who hadn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

It was/is a difficult thing for a Southerner to cast a Republican ballot because the Republican Party is the party which imposed the so-called Reconstruction Era on our forefathers, which did far more damage to the South than the Civil War. But, when one considers that a large portion of Southerners see the Democrat Party as “The Party of Satan”, the Republicans don’t look so bad!
J. D. Longstreet

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