Friday, October 22, 2010

Mainstream Media “Puffing” Obama/Democrats Ahead of the Election

Mainstream Media “Puffing” Obama/Democrats Ahead of the Election
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

For the past few days I have seen a number of articles in the papers praising the Democratic Congress as one of the, if not THE, most productive Congress ever. The MsM has also lauded the Obama Regime for the host of “accomplishments” from the Office of the President.

It is pure political pabulum. Down on the farm, we have a different expression that more accurately describes what the Congress and the Obama Regime have actually done to America and Americans. It has to do with bovine droppings. It is, in my estimation, more correct than the pathetic, sycophantic, mewling of the left wing press.

As the doe-eyed, salivating, press corp, falls all over itself trying to hoist their failing socialist President and their liberal-socialist Congress up in the eyes of the public (whose intelligence they have so grossly underestimated) they create a comical picture, yet, one laced through and through with pathos. They are a pitiful sight.

Back here on earth, Americans actually see through the propaganda spewed by the Mainstream Media. (And the MsM does not understand why we have stopped buying their newspapers and turned our TV dials away from the broadcast networks to a news network that actually tries to present news in a “fair and balanced” manner)

Look, the plain truth is this: Sure Obama and his henchman on The Hill DID pass a lot of legislation. Unfortunately for them -- it was the WRONG legislation! It was NOT what the American people wanted and the American people are about to toss them out on their backsides to make just that point.

A drowning man needs a life jacket tossed to him – not an anvil. The Obama Regime and the liberal-socialist Congress have been tossing anvils at an alarming pace. The American electorate, about to be crushed by the weight of those anvils, protested loudly, but was ignored. They/we resent the heck out of that.

It also tee’d the American electorate off, dearly, when the GOP tried to slow down the Democrat’s anvil production and were constantly referred to by left wing writers in the MsM as the Party of “NO!” When a drowning man is sinking the last thing he needs is more weight. The GOP should have been the party of “Hell, NO!”

To be so smart, the left wing is among the dumbest critters on earth. They STILL do not understand the American people do not want the socialism they are hell bent on ramming down the collective (pardon the pun) American throat. Like children who refuse to accept THEY have made a boo-boo, they blame the ire of the public on the Republicans, on the Tea Party, on anybody and everything – but themselves. See, they are SO MUCH SMARTER that the great-unwashed American public, THEY feel we (the great-unwashed) should be thankful to have caretakers, such as themselves, watching over us. They simply cannot fathom why we do not want a Nanny State government like our cousins in Europe. They have either forgotten, or have chosen to ignore, the fact that Americans are not like their cousins in Europe. Had our ancestors not been different -- there would be no America and American Exceptionalism would not exist.

Oh, forgive me. I forgot. The left wing does not believe in American Exceptionalism! My bad!

If you have been following the news from Europe lately, you know what a socialist government can do. Look at the riots in Greece and most recently in France. THAT is what the liberal-socialists in the Democratic Party want for America. That is what they intend to transform America into. And THAT is why they have to be stopped -- and the sooner the better for America.

While Obama and the Mainstream Media work feverishly to motivate the youngest, most politically uneducated, voters in the country to flock to the polls on November second to save their tenuous hold on power, conservatives are leaning forward, eagerly awaiting the hour the polls open to cast their ballots for a FREE America. Personally, I intend to be the first, or among the first, to cast my ballot on the morning of November 2nd. I can hardly wait!
J. D. Longstreet

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