Friday, October 15, 2010

Tea Party Terrifies The Mainstream Media

Tea Party Terrifies The Mainstream Media
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

In less than three weeks Americans go to the polls determined to change the federal government back to a responsive, responsible, government, which actually HAS the consent of the governed.

The Mainstream Media is flat-out “hacked-off” by this unparalleled behavior by the people they, too often in the past, have counted as sheep to be led by their left-wing propaganda which they have spoon fed the masses with their pabulum presses and mediocre “news” broadcasts.

The American public is NOT responding and NOT behaving as it is supposed to, and they are frightened.

See – this Tea Party “thing” was never supposed to happen. Nosiree! Just as they have for decades, the American public was supposed to act -- and re-act -- based upon the propaganda fed them by the Mainstream Media. Not THIS time.

It seems the MSM had not factored in an extremely important part of Americans lives today. The Internet.

No longer are Americans shackled to their TV sets at 6:30 PM, or their newspapers at the breakfast table. Now, with the Internet, Americans are plugged into news from around the world on a 24-hour basis. Often the news is “raw.” In other words, it has not been filtered through editors.

And then there are the “citizen journalists.” Oh, THAT is a term the newsies absolutely HATE! For years now members of the MSM have declared there is no such thing as a citizen journalist. All the while those citizens journalists were plying their trade 24 hours a day on the Internet, directly under the noses of the MSM. In other words, those news amateurs were doing the jobs of the MSM. While “raw” their reports were reaching hundreds of thousands of readers hours, and even days, before those same reports appeared in the print and broadcast media.

It did not take the public long to learn there was a constant source of news right at their fingertips anytime they wanted it. That was when the MSM learned they were in BIG TROUBLE!

Then something called a “Web Log” was born. The two words were soon contracted into the single word “Blog” and those who wrote in those “Blogs” became known as “Bloggers.”

The problem with the bloggers was, and remains, that they tend to tell their readers, right up front, where lies their bias. Bloggers do not tend to proclaim themselves non-biased. In fact, they oftimes go out of their way to make it clear to readers whether they are conservative, or liberal, right wing, or left wing. Turns out that was a smart move. It also turns out that readers are comfortable with that knowledge. They can go directly to their favorite conservative blog, or news source or their favorite liberal blog or news source and not have to wade through all the “blather” from the political philosophy they abhor.

Then there is the communications afforded by the Internet which is instantaneous, 24-hours a day 7-days a week. Americans could, for the first time, have a never-ending conversation with each other about anything they wanted.

As it turned out, many Americans wanted to swap political ideas. They began to form into online communities. That’s when the American electorate really found its power.

Soon after the election of 2006, Americans found their government had gone rogue. “Rogue” in the sense that it was no longer responsive to the wishes and desires of the electorate. As the months and years passed the Congress became less and less connected to its constituents. They simply forgot or chose to ignore the fact that they govern with the consent of the governed.

That was when the American electorate decided to use the power they had (with the Internet) to form a resistance movement which would confuse the legislators efforts and if not render them impotent, then certainly slow them down in their efforts to transform America into some sort of excremental socialist nightmare.

Today the landscape of the cyber sphere is littered with portals for all kinds and sorts of political philosophies and organizations. If not the most powerful, then certainly ONE of the most powerful turned out to be the Tea Party.

Demanding that the United States be returned to its status as a constitutional, representative, republic the Tea Party grew with the ferocity of a wind swept prairie fire until it became a juggernaut of like-minded Americans with one goal in mind: to rescue America from the clutches of a government drunk on power.

The power of the Tea Party has influenced primary elections across the country and are now set to rearrange the US House of Representatives and, quite possibly, the US Senate, as well, while plans for the drive to retire the US President loom dead ahead.

There is little to prevent the Tea Party from becoming a third powerful political party in America should the new Congress fail to live up to their expectations in the next few months. It is possible they could replace the Republican Party just as the Republican Party replaced the Whig Party a century and a half, or so, ago.

All of this can be traced back to the arrogance of BOTH political parties in America and to the elite Mainstream Media and their continued support of left wing politics.

The Tea Party reflects the unique American trait of revolution based on the ballot box rather than the cartridge box.

No matter what your feelings about the Tea Party happen to be, this is an important and historical moment in American history. It has shaken the world of the Mainstream Media to the core. They are confused and frightened. They still don’t get that this is America and when American feel their freedom is under attack, they will, as ever, fight back.

J. D. Longstreet

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