Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That Nagging Feeling

That Nagging Feeling
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

It is a sad commentary on politics in America when an American cannot trust his or her own political party. Unfortunately, that is exactly where we are as the end of democrat dominance in Washington looms.

Anxious voters are asking themselves, and each other, if the GOP will have the intestinal fortitude to take the fight to the democrats -- and ALL The Way To The Wall, if necessary. THAT is the question nagging conservative voters especially those who are involved with the Tea Party movement in America and those republican voters who support the Tea Party movement. It is that “nagging feeling” I referred to in the title to this piece.

I must tell you, in my opinion, this is the GOP’s last shot at governing as a serious political party in America. Conservatives have found their power and their voice and over the past few months they have been eagerly learning how to use their voice and their power.

If the conservatives in America hand over power to the republicans in November and the republicans do not respond by standing up for conservative issues and pressing forward the conservative agenda, then MS Palin is correct, the Republican Party is through. Oh, there will be two political parties at the top in Washington, but it will be the Tea Party and the democrats with the GOP as a third party.

That nagging feeling I have includes the worry that the GOP still does not understand just how serious we conservatives really are. I don’t think they understand, I mean REALLY understand that conservatives in America are ready and willing to go to the mat to restore America to the constitutional, representative, republic the founders of this nation intended. We will defend her from the liberal-socialists who intend to transform America into a socialist state.

It has been said that freedom in America stands on four boxes: the soapbox, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. It is a truism that has been forgotten over the years but it is a truism, nevertheless.

The sovereignty movement within the states has involved half, or more, of the states reasserting their sovereignty from the reins of the federal government. The people of those states are serious. They are not “playing around.” No matter which political party is in power, they had better understand that the people of America have had it with an all powerful federal government inserting itself into every aspect of a citizen’s life. We are, as they say: “ … Mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

The GOP will have one shot, one shot, mind you, to get it right. They had better not screw this up! They have to repeal ObamaCare, lower taxes, and get America back to work – and that is just for starters. They had better understand that Obama will fight them every step of the way and they had better be ready to fight, even if that eventually means shutting down the government. Yes, I DID say shutting down the government. A GOP Congress can use the power of the purse to bring pressure to bear where it is needed and they must not be afraid to do so.

Conservatives understand that we are in a fight for the very existence of America as a free country. We intend to live free.

I don’t think the GOP understands, yet, how fervently conservatives are invested in the idea of a free America. But they are about to.

WE have seen how quickly a country can go from the top to the bottom under the leadership of a liberal-socialist government.

The democrats seeded the cancer in America that is socialism. It continues to eat away at the very life of our country by killing liberty after liberty, freedom after freedom, and smothering the life out of American’s desire to achieve, overcome, and excel.

Since the democratic takeover of our Congress in 2006 we have become a mediocre country. The socialists in our government have denied, and continue to deny, American exceptionalism. They have been diligent in their efforts to turn America away from God and toward the state for everything. A free America cannot survive as a godless country.

Religious conservatives, especially the evangelical Christians, will happily tell you they will be going to the polls to vote their religious faith this November. They will be voting against the Obama Agenda and the Liberal-Socialist Agenda of the Democratic Party. They have come to understand that all the things the scriptures warn them about is embodied in the Obama Regime and the agenda of the Democratic Party. Many will tell you their religious faith compels they vote against the democrats and their “agenda from Hell.”

As I write these words, it is two weeks to the Mid-Term Election on November 2nd. I have heard the speeches. I have heard the promises. I have heard the pledges from the GOP. Yet, that nagging feeling persists.

Oh, well. Maybe it is just my natural paranoia, or, maybe, it is just good, old, common sense niggling at the edges of my politically induced indifference. You know … the urge to throw up one’s hands and turn one’s back and just walk away. But this time, THIS time, the stakes are way too high.


This time we stand and fight. If the Republican Party is incapable of representing the conservative agenda in Congress then it is time to replace the GOP with a new political party that will.

J. D. Longstreet

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