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Florida SCV to fly another Giant Confederate Battle Flag at Interstate Intersection.

A Sons of Confederate Veterans group plans to erect a huge Confederate Battle Flag near the Intersection of two Interstate Highways in Florida!

This time next year, if all goes as planned, a Confederate battle Flag 30 feet high by 50 feet long will fly at the top of a 139 foot tall flag pole alongside the intersection of two interstate highways, highways 75 and 4, in Hillsborough County, Florida. This flag will join two others already up and flying alongside interstate 75 and along US highway 27 in Florida.

An article in the St Petersburg Times says:

“The Sons of Confederate Veterans wants drivers in the Tampa area to see the massive flag — 30 feet high and 50 feet long — atop a 139-foot pole, the highest the Federal Aviation Authority would allow. It would be lit at night.”

To read the entire story go here:

So what is this all about? Well, the bottom line is… it’s about freedom of speech. And… it’s about proud Southerners fighting back against those who would re-write our history and wipe out all trace of our heritage.

There are other giant Confederate Battle Flags alongside interstate Highways in other southern states… and, we understand, plans for many more are in the works.

In the spirit of “full disclosure”, as they say, let me establish, right up front, that I am a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. My confederate ancestors fought and died in numerous battles during "The War for Southern Independence". I am proud of that. I am proud that my heritage is one of warriors who were among the finest fighting men to ever tread the earth. I am proud they were among the 800,000, ill clothed, ill fed, and ill equipped men who held off an army of 2-1/2 million men for four years.

Every single member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has the same DNA, the same blood flowing in their veins, as did those gallant Knights of the South.

The Confederate Battle Flag is a soldier’s flag. It is a battlefield emblem. It never flew over a nation. It never flew over a slave ship. It never flew over slavery… at all. It did not exist until a need for a battle flag, that could be clearly seen in the smoke and confusion of battle, was recognized and the Battle Flag was created after the Battle of First Manassas.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are charged with standing guard over the good name of the Confederate Soldier and seeing that his valorous, courageous, conduct as a Southern Soldier is never forgotten. That is why the Confederate Battle Flag was chosen as the emblem of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. It is the flag beneath which the men we honor fought, bled, and died. It is their flag.

Yes we do get our backs up, when it is maligned, as it so often is these days. The real flag of slavery, the flag, which flew over slavery in the US, was “Old Glory”, “The Stars and Stripes”, “The Red, White, and Blue”, the National Flag of the United States of America…. not the Confederate Battle Flag! But that lie has been told so long, and so loudly, that, like all propaganda, it has taken on a life of it’s own and is now accepted by the blindly accepting, and totally unthinking among us as the truth.

We want our Southern Heritage preserved and passed on to future generations. We will make very effort to see that that happens. So do not be surprised when more and more of these giant Confederate Battle Flags are erected, on private property near interstate highways, where exposure to millions of Americans is all but guaranteed.

The story of the valiant warriors of the South is a story that needs to be told and told often, and the record set straight. Our compatriots down in Florida, and in other states of the Old Confederacy, have made a good beginning. It is now up to us, their compatriots, to see that the momentum is kept up and the emblem of the “Men in Gray” is displayed, in honor, as a tribute to their legendary exploits.

(Note: The Confederate Battle Flag is ALWAYS square! The rectangular version of the CBF is actually the "Naval Jack" which flew over the Confederate Ships of the Line...Confederate war ships. Just wanted to keep the record straight.... ED.)


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