Sunday, June 15, 2008

Invasion from the South

(August 2005)

How is it that Washington cannot feel the anger of the average US citizen toward any relaxing of the immigration laws, especially toward the Hispanics who are flooding our country and bringing out health services, and educational services, and welfare services, to the breaking pint? How can Congress and the President not know this? How?

Common sense dictates that they must know this. So, why are they continuing to refuse to secure our southern border and return those illegal Hispanics already inside the US back to Mexico… or their country of origin? Instead, they now want to make those who are already here illegally… legal? Are they nuts??? (Oh yes. You can expect the Amnesty Bill to be back in 2009!... Ed)

There is at least one Congressperson in touch with her constituents… Sue Myric, the Congresswoman “from Charlotte”, NC. She introduced a bill in the US House, would will allow police and the US Government to deport any illegal caught operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Now, this is a bill most Americans can get behind and support.

North Carolina is overrun with illegal Hispanics. A friend of mine is an interpreter for the Police and Sheriff’s Department in my small town in NC. The jails are filled, nearly every weekend, with intoxicated Hispanic illegals. They can get a legal NC operators license and drive the roads… unable to speak English and unable to read the road signs… thus endangering other motorists. When arrested, they are unable to communicate with police and that’s when my friend is called in. The experiences she has had with police and illegals is hair-raising.

Now, North Carolina is one state out of 50!

I’m a conservative republican… but I have three things bothering me about the Bush Administration: The lack of concern over the security of our southern border with Mexico, the creation of a Palestinian state, and not prosecuting the war in Iraq aggressively enough. You DID notice which one I placed at the top of my list… didn’t you?

I understand at least one, maybe more of the southwestern states, which have common borders with Mexico, are considering building a fence/wall the entire length of their border with Mexico and presenting the bill for said wall/fence to the Federal Government. Frankly, I don’t think they’d have any trouble getting the citizens of the fence building state as well as other states, such as North Carolina, to contribute toward the building, and maintenance, of that wall/fence.

Something has to be done. If the Federal Government will not do it’s constitutional duty of securing the borders of this country, then we need to clean the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, in DC, and elect people who WILL get it done!

Will the Federal Government wait until concerned citizens form armed Militia Units to secure the southern borders? Will federal troops engage the Militia of US Citizens who are engaged in an act of national security, thus violating the Posse Comitatus laws? Do you see what a mess we are in… and where this mess, unaddressed, is heading?

We have a serious national security issue with our nation’s southern border. It will be handled, one way… or the other. The federal Government would be well advised to take charge and secure that border. Citizens of the South have a long history of taking care of problems… their own way, when the authorities choose to look the other way. No one should be surprised when armed Southerners decide enough is enough!


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